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NicoliRabbit 06-21-2012 11:09 AM

Bloody Rabbit Online: 25$ Free LoL 1v1 Tourny #2
Hey our first Tournament went great so we are gunna start a new one ^_^!

Where: Online!

When: Brackets will be posted on the 23rd of July, and matches will happen through that week.

Fee: There is none! its free! just sign up and get ready to play until your fingers bleed!

First prize 25$ cash, Donations of prizes or a bigger pot is always welcome!

Tournament Set Up
: Athletes must register on the Bloody Rabbit Forum (http://bloodyrabbitesports.freeforums.org), this is so you can see when the brackets are posted, as well as co ordinate with your opponent to schedule your match before the end of the week. After your match has completed, Athletes must post their Match results in the appropriate forum and will be advanced accordingly.

Disputes: Bloody Rabbit highly encourages recordings of matches, in order to clear up and disputes or misunderstandings that arise, if no documentation is present it is much, much harder to determine the truth, so please gather as much evidence as you can when submitting disputes!.


How Matches will be Played:

*Player 1 Bans First* Player 1 is the person higher on the bracket.

ˇ Total of 4 bans per player.

ˇ Bans will take place in a 1-2-2-2-1 order.

. After Bans, you will proceed to a blind pick. The Bans will stay the same for the 2nd game, but you will do another blind pick.

ˇ All games will be first to First Blood, which means dying to a tower or jungle creeps does not count. Having first blood awarded to the player will count as a kill and a win.

o Note: Keep in mind that if you kill a Karthus or Kog'Maw and then die to their passive: you've gotten firstblood and won. Similarly, if you are Yorrick and you have been killed then come back to kill your enemy with your ultimate: you have been first-blooded (you lost). Pay attention and make sure to take screenshots.

ˇ If First Blood does not occur, either summoner may win the game by destroying the enemy's second tower of the mid lane.

- The matches shall be 1v1, in middle lane, jungle and both bases.

- Matches are best of 3 and will be referred to as a "MATCH"

ˇ All of the matches are played over a 1 day window and will be referred to as a "ROUND"

- Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand-Final rounds will be best of 3.

- Each summoner have 4 champion bans every match.

ˇ Champion bans will take place in the pre-game lobby with the top (or left hand) summoner of the bracket starting first and banning in a 1-2-2-2-1 order.

ˇ Banned champions stay banned for each match (i.e. Champions banned at the start of game one stay banned throughout all games.

ˇ Bans can ONLY change between rounds (new opponents).

ˇ Beginning at Quarter-Final round, each game will have new bans and picks (final 8)

ˇ From the Quarter-Finals on, each summoner will only have 30 seconds between each ban and pick. If either summoner fails to ban in time, they lose the ban.

Additional Match Rules:

ˇ All matches are to be played with even teams, means if you have spectators: they are not permitted to have a global passive of any sort. If this happens, restart the match with the same picks/bans.

ˇ If a player picks a banned champion, that player loses the game.

ˇ If teams are uneven for any reason the match MUST be restarted before either summoner attacks a minion.

ˇ Going into top and bottom lane is not allowed. Screenshot to provide as evidence to support your case.

ˇ Manipulation of creeps in midlane is permitted such as Sona, Aegis of the Legion etc. However, manipulation of creeps in other lanes is not allowed, neither is farming them.

ˇ There are no restrictions on the jungle creeps including the Dragon (no Baron Nashor).

ˇ There is no restriction on use of Recall.

ˇ Only spectators are allowed to stop minion waves in top and bottom lanes from pushing towers

ˇ Banned items: Guardian Angel, Wriggle's Lantern, Madred's Razor (no ban on, Madreds Blood Razor) Banned summoner spells: 1) Spectator - CV's 2) Players - Revive, Teleport, Fortify

Sign up list
LAB DanteHawke

NicoliRabbit 06-22-2012 08:54 PM

Sign up list updated

EternalAUDACITY 06-22-2012 09:39 PM

can I still get into this?

NicoliRabbit 06-23-2012 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by EternalAUDACITY (Hozzászólás 25962781)
can I still get into this?

Absolutely! brackets arent posted till the 23rd of july : D

xXIKillBob 06-23-2012 01:27 PM

when does the matches start

NicoliRabbit 06-23-2012 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by xXIKillBob (Hozzászólás 25998052)
when does the matches start

23rd of july matches happen throughout the week, only one match a week

NicoliRabbit 06-23-2012 06:41 PM

Sign ups updated! thanks for all that are interested : D

xXIKillBob 06-23-2012 06:41 PM

What is the link for the brackets

xXIKillBob 06-23-2012 07:16 PM

and btw, I'm the wdfagji person just so you know

Edgeworth 06-24-2012 01:05 AM

i cant find the brackets on the bloody rabbit forum

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