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Gotov 06-17-2012 08:13 PM

Urflevel password?
What is this setnourflevel password?

I saw someone post it in a thread

First person to give me the passphrass gets 10$ rp when servers come back up.

Demonicdemise 06-17-2012 08:14 PM

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Lead Death 06-17-2012 08:14 PM

First rule of urflevel, dont talk about urflevel

xDanielWang 06-17-2012 08:14 PM

They spelled it wrong. It's actually:

Gotov 06-17-2012 08:15 PM

awwwh please :c i wanna no it.

slee 06-17-2012 08:15 PM

there is no urf level, bro

Healsforhugs 06-17-2012 08:15 PM

it doesn't work right now anyway

HentaiKawaiiGuy 06-17-2012 08:15 PM

Liar there is no urf level what are you talking about...

Mappy 06-17-2012 08:15 PM

no seriously, there is no such thing as urf level.

Gotov 06-17-2012 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by Healsforhugs (Hozzászólás 25524299)
it doesn't work right now anyway

it did i typed it in it doesnt let you log in. I just want to know the command. I'm into that kind of stuff

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