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Private Riem 06-17-2012 06:52 PM

One year later: Matchmaking suggestions V2.0 -With pictures!
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Hello boys and girls. One year ago, I posted a thread containing various suggestions concerning the way players are matched with each other by the game.
After months of thinking, I realised the current matchmaking had some severe flaws that made teaming up and working with your teammates tedious.

If you want a quick summary of the idea presented here, please go take a look at the original thread, here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...25#post9855725
Or you can look at the TL;DR part, pictures have most of the information from this thread on them. I strongly suggest you read everything though.

Please note that these suggestions are for NORMAL DRAFT and RANKED SOLO-DUO and RANKED TEAM games. Blind pick is NOT affected.
I'm also sorry at the wall of text this is going to be (Along with the fact english is not my first language), but for this one year anniversary, I decided to be thorough.

Plan of this thread:
1- Problems with current matchmaking system for Normal and Ranked games
2- Suggestions I imagined to help with the previously mentioned problems
3- Deeper explanation of the suggestions along with pictures
4-TL;DR with info pictures

1- Problems with current matchmaking system for Normal and Ranked games
Teamwork is an important part of this game. Alone, a single player simply can't rival an entire team working together (Unless fed of course, but that's not the point). Because teamwork is so important, we are allowed to chat with each other to plan the game that is about to be played when paired with other players in the champion selection.

For the more casual players, or players leveling up, Blind pick allow them to quickly join a game, choose a champion they want to play and start the game.

For the more serious players but not necessarily competitive, there is Normal Draft mode, which allow players to ban specific champions and see the champions selected by the enemy team. This allow players to make use of far more strategy as they can counter-pick champions as to give their team the advantage.

And for the more competitive players, Ranked Draft is available. Strategy and teamwork is everything in this mode, as winning or losing increases or lowers your rating.
In Normal Draft and Ranked Draft, players have to make use of far more strategy and teamwork than in simple Blind pick games. However, the time players have to prepare and make up strategies is short, which limits a team's ability to cooperate properly before the game starts.

This is a problem. Players do not have enough time to set up with their team before a match.

Another issue that is becoming increasingly problematic is for some players to feel more important because of their place in the champion selection. Players think that because they are placed before everybody else, that they are better or that their opinion matters more and this usually leads to frustrated players forced to play a role they can't or are not willing to play (Like support for example).

In ranked, where the player order is based on Elo (Unless this was changed?), this could be true, however this still encourage players to be selfish and play whatever they want to play(Like players do in blind pick to an extent) instead of what the team needs most.

In Draft mode, when a player leaves champion selection, teams are randomly scrambled, which destroy whatever teamwork or strategies the previous team were planning.

And finally, when a player is not satisfied with his team, or that there is an afk or trolling player, the player is penalised for not wanting to play with players that would make the game less fun for him.

In short, the problems are as follow:

-Players don't have enough time to set up before matches.
-Players become selfish because of pick order.
-Players are penalised for leaving a team they would not enjoy playing with.
-Teams are scrambled when a player queue dodges.

2- Suggestions I imagined to help with the previously mentioned problems

To solves these issues, I tried thinking of a way to allow players to set up before the match even starts, similar to how teams can set up in a lobby before a match.
What I ended up with is a complete rework of the way matchmaking is made.
For solo queue:

Currently, the system automatically groups players together and sends them directly to the champion selection.My idea, would be to group them together in a lobby before sending them to champion selection.

This new "Public" lobby would have brand new functionalities to help teams set up properly, like the ability to "ready up", choose what champions one player is willing to play and even choose on they are planning to play, vote kick problematic, afk or simply uncooperative players and even the ability to freely leave or join another lobby, should a player not like the players he has been paired with.

For friends and teams:
A "Private" lobby is available if a group of players want to play together, similar to the lobby we have currently.
For Normal Drafts, the lobby leader can invite up to 4 players to join his team. For Ranked Drafts, a lobby leader can invite a single friend, or create a special "Team" Lobby that will only allow team members to be invited.

When the teammates are ready, they can make the lobby public, and if the team is not full, the matchmaking will automatically put players of similar skill level in the lobby, now public.

When all 5 players are ready, the matchmaking will automatically pair them against an enemy team of similar skill and the champion selection will proceed as usual.

3- Deeper explanation of the suggestions along with pictures
Main goals of the new lobby system:

By grouping the players in a lobby before champion selection, the players now have access to the time they need to prepare, set up strategies, jump on a voice-chat program, plan bans and filter problematic players. Players can choose to either go solo and join a Public lobby, create a Private lobby to play with their friends or a specific Team lobby for their Ranked team matches.
Lobby Creation Private Lobby

-What happens to lobby leaders?
When a player creates a Private Lobby, they can invite friends and make the game public. When the game is made public, the previous lobby leader loses all his rights. Once public, nobody can be invited in the game. If a friend of the old Leader or the leader himself is kicked, whoever he had invited to the lobby is not kicked.

-The ready button
The ready button is added so players can show to the rest of their team that they are ready to proceed to champion selection. A player that is ready can still change settings, chat and votekick. Players can "un-ready" at any time as well.
In a Public or Private Lobby, when all players are ready, the matchmaking will automatically put them into the queue while the system looks for another team of similar skill.

-The Vote Kick and the ability to leave the lobby
An idea that was problematic in the beginning. People theorised that teams would abuse the system by simply kicking whoever would not fit whatever role left, similar to a champion selection where players would be able to kick each other. To prevent this abuse and to make sure the system fits the role it was meant to fit, there is a limit of 3 vote kicks per lobby along with only needing 3 votes to kick somebody.

Furthermore, any player can leave the lobby at any time, at no penalty. If a player simply dislike his teammates, he can leave the lobby and go do something else, or automatically join another lobby. Kicked players suffer no penalty either.
Public Lobby & Votekick

-Changes to Champion selection
If a team makes it to champion selection and somebody queue dodges, the team that is a player short go back into the lobby while the matchmaking finds another player to replace the one that left. The team that was not missing a player is put back into the queue so they can be paired against another team. (This also solves the issue of repeated leaves allowing teams to start banning each other's champions).

Players leaving in champion selection will suffer the same penalty they currently have, which is an increasingly longer time before being able to rejoin the queue.

-The Available Champion menu and the Planned Champion
This menu is available to players to allow each other to cooperate and prepare an appropriate team composition. Players can show their fellow teammates what champions they are willing to play in the pool of champions they own, and choose one of those champions as their "Planned" champion. This menu is completely optional and players are not forced to use it.

Currently, the number of displayed champion is locked at 16, which is the minimum champions required to play Draft Mode games. However, if a player decides to select more than 16, the button used to add champions can used to show the complete list of champions they are willing to play. Clicking a champion in the "Available" list will select that champion as the "PLanned" champion. This selection does NOT affect champion selection and is only there as information for your teammates.
Screenshot Lobby Info Champions
Setting up your own champions Team member champion list

The only problem with this system is that it would increase the time spent between games.
If you are any serious with your games (play Draft mode) you should not mind spending another minute making sure you can work with your teammates.

4- TL;DR with pictures
I added most of the information about the system on these pictures in case you don't want to read everything (I strongly encourage you to read it though)

5- Limitations to prevent abuse.
Possible abuses that can be caused by this system:
-Normal draft: 3-4 players create a lobby and repeatedly kick people from it for fun, OR a player tries to get the best team possible by abusively shuffling through lobbies.
Solution1: Input a limit to the number of lobby a player can create/join in a certain amount of time (10-15 joins per hour/game). This will greatly reduce the possibility to simply create new lobbies to troll.
-Draft and Ranked: Players looking at each other's profile to judge each other's skill level.
Solution2: Remove the names entirely from the lobby, only leaving your name and whatever friend you invited, showing the names again during champion selection.
-Ranked: Players leaving and joining lobbies hoping to end up on friends they know so they can "pub stomp" teams with less teamwork.
Solution: See 1 and 2, the lobby would lessen the impact of a team of 5 random players vs a complete team. Yes the premade team would have an advantage, but through teamwork the pubs still have a chance to win.
-Draft and Ranked: People votekicking everybody for the fun of it
Solution3: Limit the number of votekicks available per lobby.

Finally, if a player fails to ban or pick a champion, he should be automatically booted off the queue with a dodge penalty.

In closing, thank you for reading this (Or looking at the pictures) and I hope you like my suggestions, if you do, +1 my post, maybe bump the thread.
If you have more suggestions, or disagree with my suggestions, please feel free to post.
[Edit: I realised a lot of this might not be as necessary if Riot decides to add a voice chat to the lobby/Champion selection/Game ]

Because some people are lacking reading comprehension, I'll say it again

[EDIT: 100 upvotes!]
[Edit: 300!]
[Edit: 400 upvotes, still being ignored by Riot.]
[Edit: We've pass'd the 600 upvote mark. Thanks everybody!]

GeneralStan 06-17-2012 07:00 PM

Outstanding suggestion

iSpiderMan 06-17-2012 07:06 PM

Bump, Riot needs to see this asap

Filoupin 06-17-2012 07:06 PM

Nice work

sumuru 06-17-2012 07:18 PM

Nice work dude i apply

LatinSnake 06-17-2012 07:32 PM

Bump in the name of Demacia!

Impressive work btw

Falconk 06-17-2012 08:51 PM

Impressive I really do like this.

draggona 06-18-2012 08:52 AM

Great work hope riot has a look at it!!

dufy7 06-18-2012 08:53 AM

really nice idea, riot should check it

TheUlf 06-18-2012 08:56 AM

These are pretty good suggestions. With some investigation and tweaking, this could really become a good implemented feature. +1

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