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Gringo 06-16-2012 04:11 AM

Australian LoL Players
RED POST: We got a Red post! Finally, after all this time!

Thank you all for the support on this thread, 1600 upvotes and counting is a tremendous feat. Thank you all for bumping, thank you all for viewing and replying and thank you to Chris from Riot to replying on such a delicate topic.
I love you guys, keep going!
Well, if you haven't noticed yet Australia is growing in numbers on the League of Legends NA Circuit. This is a good thing, us Aussies aren't allowed to compete in the tournaments because apparently, our fan base is too small. The same goes, to create a new server and headquarters, apparently we don't have many numbers. Well, we do and let me tell you, it sucks having to connect to a server halfway across the world to be able to play this game. We really need a server here, we sometimes suffer severe lag because of how far away the server is to connect to. The lowest ping we can actually get is around 175-190. And the average ping right now, is 250-300+ which is borderline un-playable.

Hear us out, we're not kidding. It's no fun, at all.

So many times, I've been banned by the LeaverBuster system for disconnecting. Shameful it looks on my part, when really it's the ping that's disconnecting me. I've lost some of my Ranked matches to the d/c's too. I can no longer play skillshot champions.
Lee Sin, Ezreal and Blitzcrank are all out of the picture. Cannot hit a Lee Sin Q due to how much delay there is, sure I'm good at timing with the delay but it really throws me off. Ezreal is a nono due to how much skillshot abilities there are, I just can't play him. And Blitzcrank's mighty grab can no longer be used to it's expectations. I've missed so many grabs that could result in a kill.

Originally posted by Bletzkarn on 20/12/2011

"I played LoL during my stay in Las Vegas and had time to experience 20 latency, as compared to my usual Australian Latency of 200-220ms.

Let me first state that there is no way that an Australian can experience a low latency without actually moving to another country, so many of them do not know any other game other than LoL at 200ms.

For my first game in America I chose to play Lee Sin and the difference was amazingly obvious. His Q flew out instantly, his E went off as soon as a pressed it. Before hand I just considered the delay his cast-time. How wrong I was.

This latency of course affects all spells and I noticed myself playing a lot better as all skillshots, stuns and escapes are a lot easier to use, as is last hitting. I feel like I've been playing at a massive disadvantage for over 2000 games and I only have just realised it.

Now that I'm back in Australia it's hard to play LoL without noticing all the situations in which I die, where I shouldn't. For instance your reaction time is naturally slowed down by 1/5th of a second. Flashing before the enemy stuns me isn't enough, I have to flash 220+ ms before him in order for the flash ensure my escape.

1/5th of a second sounds like nothing, alls I can say is it is, it really is. I have many other examples, all skillshot champions are far easier to play, and the game is far more responsive. (Attack orders, move orders etc). The game just feels very Sluggish, like playing a game with FPS lag, with its differences.

My biggest desire would for the Australian + New Zealand region to get its own server. LoL is a very popular game and hopefully the population is large enough to make this viable. Most Australians put up with it, out of ignorance I'd assume, however as far as ranked ladders go I'd say they're at an extreme disadvantage."

Originally posted by Illkryn
"I recently went to LA on a holiday, being an Australian, of course I took the opportunity to play League of Legends with a much better ping.

Usually I pull 200 ping at best, but while in LA I was getting as low as a 16 ping. The difference was insane, while I may not be a particularly skilled player when I went to America I was an 1100 elo player struggling to get out. The moment I turned on LoL in LA I went straight to ranked and to just have things so responsive and lag free. I quickly rose to a peak of 1414 elo in about 4 or 5 days of playing, this of course raised my confidence for when I was going home. Upon arriving home, I turned on LoL like usual and all I could do was lose and lose. Being back on a ping of 200 compared to just being on 16-18 was just disgusting, my elo has just steadily dropped since then. Just proving to me how much of a difference the ping makes to Australians."

Yons said in LoLA chat that we (I forget if he said HE or WE) find out (I forget exactly, either/or) by or at the end of this month whether or not we get a server.

And apparently there will likely be a free champion and/or skin and/or boosts for anyone who transfers (99% sure he said free transfer) if it is made.

BIG EDIT: Well, I realised on this thread, that I don't have enough STRONG information. So I've decided to nail some of the pieces together and glue them into a process that will make this thread better and easier to value.

Low Ping.
No peak time patches.
Same time zone for Oceania. (Around a few hours difference)
English language.
Local support within area.
Being able to play locally with friends, without any connection issues.

Loss of friends from NA circuit.
Possible long queue time.
Ranked issues.

No average LoL player from Oceania, plays with celebrities. So needn't worry.
Possibly an Account Transfer System. Switch accounts from one server to another, no legitimate sources yet.
Money wasted, spent on skins and RP. Well, Riot if they go along with this, will SURELY make a transfer system. They will get more numbers to the servers, taking the other Aussie LoL players away from bad routed servers and putting them into an Oceanic one. The more money will be in profit, by new/previous players either new and ready to go for the game, and previous players who were tired of the severe spikes they recieved when playing.
It's a win so far. I suppose, this could work out if they and us ALL use the correct procedure.

300k players, (estimate) from NZ and Australia. This does NOT include the neighbouring vicinites/countries. The amount of players near Australasia could be anything. We have no statistics, Riot won't release any figures.
If there was an average amount of players each day, in the same time zone with a few hours difference here or there, we'd almost have the same amount of people playing at the same time every day, and without problems.
We have an Australia HoN server, why can't we have a League of Legends one?
We are economically stable, we can hold one. We have a great gaming community for League in Australia, and it can be brought up further with the use of an Oceanic server.

Come on Riot, hear us out. We want a reply, thanks for everything to the support and to the Riot Team for keeping this thread up still :D

EDIT #1: 100 Upvotes! Thank you guys! Much appreciated! Feels so good.

EDIT #2: 250+ Upvotes! Wow! Thanks so much guys, the support is tremendous!

EDIT #3: 300 Upvotes. Extrodinary!

EDIT #4: 400+ Upvotes. Thank you so much.

EDIT #5: 500 Upvotes. Half way to 1000. Let's do it.
I thank all of you, for your support throughout this entire thread. Love you guys heaps

EDIT #6: 600 Upvotes. Thanks for the support guys, GG!

EDIT #7: 900 Upvotes. WOO! 100 more, let's do it.

EDIT #8: 1000 Upvotes. YEAHHHHHHHH! We did it, 1000. :D

EDIT #9: 1100 Upvotes+. We've gone from a measly 100 and officially gone over by 1000 and more. I had the intention to write this thread for a reason, so me and all of you could play our beloved game on fantastic ping. This thread, hopefully will pull through and excite the rest of the world, as they watch the Australian/Oceanic stampede arrive. :-)

EDIT #10: 1200 Upvotes+. Not long now, I guarantee Riot members have seen this, only a small amount of time until we get what we need so dearly. Keep it up guys!

EDIT #11: 1300 Upvotes+. So many more posters, 1300 is a great number! Let's keep going. Not long now !
P.S; I haven't forgotten about any of you. All of your bumps, even the small posts. I thank you very dearly from the bottom of my heart, I truly do. 1000 people haven't seen this, 1000 are humbled, and 1000 are excited. This is reaching the bare end, I promise you this server is coming, and it's happening now.

EDIT #12: WOOP! 1500 Upvotes! A milestone! Let's aim for 2000 now.
Let's keep going guys, this is too close to end!

EDIT #13: 1600 upvotes and a Red post. THANK YOU ALL! Thank you so much guys, I love you all :D
I appreciate the bumping, the replies and the views. I adore your admiration to our country, and to bring a further polished scene to the gaming in Australia.

EDIT #14: 1700 upvotes! Thanks guys! :D Once again, can't express my thanks in words.
So here's a little funny video about Manamune. :p
Enjoy; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m5qBIiMKNk

EDIT #15: 1800 upvotes. Boy has the time flown since I posted this. It was a few months ago, and I was sitting on my laptop. I wrote this because I was pretty upset about finding nothing to do with Australian/Oceanic LoL players competing in tournaments, and to have satisfying ping. I went to bed about 2 hours after I wrote this, and I come back to only 100 upvotes. Fantastic! It's just been over a few more months now, and this has nearly over 2000 replies and a Red post.
Thank you so much for your support again guys, I appreciate it. :)

EDIT #16: 1900 upvotes. Thank you guys so much, 100 more. Let's do it! :)

EDIT #17: THE MILESTONE. 2000+ UPVOTES! I love you guys, I really do. I couldn't have done this without any of you. I can't express my gratitude in words. You guys are perfect, no wonder this is why we are such a good bunch of people. Thank you all so much, I really don't know what to say. 2000 people is a lot of people, and I am extremely glad I can share this experience with all of you. :)

EDIT #18: 2100 upvotes. You guys are honestly unbelievable. I leave for a few days, and I see these dedicated Aussies bumping and upvoting this thread. I love you guys so much! Thank you all for making this thread is what it is today. I couldn't have done it with you guys. :)

EDIT #19: 2500 upvotes!
HOLY MOLY! I was really inactive, REALLY inactive. But I love the fanbase here, and I'm glad you are ALL STILL bumping and upvoting this thread. Thanks guys. <3

EDIT #20: 2600 upvotes! Thanks again guys, there is definitely too much hype around this topic that they will eventually have to create an Oceanic/Australian server!
Editing for a good link to provide some information.
Watch at 13 MINUTES onwards. That's where it mainly talks about the topic.

Hi guys, I don't know if any of you have seen this thread or not, but Romulus is requesting our ping, location and yadayadayada. :p

Romulus Posted:

We would like to collect some connection data from players in Oceania (mainly Australia and New Zealand). If you live in the region, could you please provide the following info:

Where you are playing from ? city level detail preferred, e.g. Sydney Australia
Your usual ping from this location
The best ping you've experienced from this location (any specific reasons for it, if you know)
The worst ping you've experienced from this location (any specific reasons for it, if you know)

:LINK: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=1174937

Your input is much appreciated!

Dreggon 06-16-2012 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by Inbred Taco (Hozzászólás 25407681)
Hear us out, we're not kidding. It's no fun, at all.

Oh, no no. It's still fun, but we're at a distinct disadvantage.

Also, Valve is the best company. Bye, Riot! It was fun while it lasted.

Spirit Stones 06-16-2012 04:16 AM

I'm getting like 130 if I'm lucky in Australia.

TheWhite2086 06-16-2012 04:19 AM

Oh look, it's this thread again...
I'd love to see an Aussie/Oceanic server so I could get a better ping than 150 but I don't see anything happening until our government gets off it's arse and does something about the crappy way our country treats game companies

Edit: Since when do Aussies downvote for beating up on the government. Not cool guys

Gringo 06-16-2012 04:19 AM


Titan9900 06-16-2012 04:21 AM

Yea sucks, I guess one way that Riot could get this server would be to increase the price of RP purchased in Australia.

Also I am pretty sure Australian's are allowed to play in tournaments, I don't see any reason to not allow them in a European or Asian tournament.

Gringo 06-16-2012 04:24 AM

Well, apparently we haven't been in any.

Titan9900 06-16-2012 04:27 AM

Yea, generally Australian teams have no sponsors unlike European or Asian ones .The are probably also reluctant to pay the tournament fee and fly all the way there just to lose and have a huge bill .

Black Blackness 06-16-2012 04:30 AM

300 ping borderline unplayable? i play at 400-500 ping i reached 1450 elo

edit: just in case anyone was wondering i am Australian

96,966 Black Blackness 395 370 1378

Patyfatycake 06-16-2012 04:38 AM

im from nz 180 ping 1520 elo :\ Its bearable. Just dont expect me to ali combo.

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