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BeHappyFTW 06-15-2012 10:06 AM

Shaco: CRIT, AP or ON-Hit?
i got shaco and i wanted to know which is better: AP shaco, Critical Shaco or On-hit Shaco.
Can u tell me the pros and cons and like the details of it and why it is better? like for example crit good for killing fast, ap for boxes etc.

ProPlayerEd 06-15-2012 10:20 AM

Shaco is played normally as a jungler for he excels in his Q in and gank method which can rack up FB.
He is in this state a AD character because he is guaranteed a crit hit with his Q so building a lot of dmg will result in a lot of dmg. Ap is probably just for the nick of fun build because his E, W and R do scale with AP, To me it doesn't fulfill what I want to accomplish with shaco and that's to be a world class threat and assassin.
On hit shaco won't be bad because your clone will deal the hit on affects as well but thats why its better to be an AD because then your clone will deal a lot of dmg when alive and deal a nice finishing hit when it explodes.
Critical shaco is same as going AD but you really don't need that much critical chance because of your Q's critical chance so try building as much dmg as you can and assassinate there AD carry or the squishies to help your team with the fight.
Hope this helps!

BeHappyFTW 06-15-2012 10:27 AM

thanks, so i just go dmg and armor penetration ?

BitProdigy 06-15-2012 01:51 PM

Generally when I play shaco I jungle him. This means my build goes something like boots+3 pots, first backing a vamp scepter, then rush wriggles. Build zerkers or mobility boots, If fed, an early BF sword. Otherwise, grab a phage. Build that into trinity normally, or if for some reason your failing, build it into mallet.
From there you want situational, the better you are doing the more damage you should buy, the worse your doing, the tankier you should buy (always build at least SOME sort of damage) with every item, lategame zerkers can be replaced with mercury treads once you have another source of attack speed.


Kaoelith 06-15-2012 03:30 PM

normally on jungle shaco you want to go boots/cloth armor start>wriggles>lvl2 boots>IE>triforce>guardians>warmog/banshee>sell wriggles for BT or Maw

normal runes i use for jungle shaco are: as reds, armor yellows, as or mr blues, ad quints

Magma Armor0 06-15-2012 05:14 PM

on dominion, the AP build is more common since his jack in the boxes are more important for point control.
otherwise read the above^^

Fluffy1 06-16-2012 06:00 AM

i play him AP, having a 1:1 scaling on shiv and clone bomb makes him scale better into late game than AD. though sadly not quite enough to carry. once he has lichbane and DFG he can insta kill most squishy champs before they can react. while jibt nests are hillariously funny and effective kills they are too situation to make a reliable tactic off.

while i fail to see how AD build does anything since hes needs to stay in melee range i dont believe either build to be better than the other. AD jungles well but without jitbs slowly. and his ganks are very effective if the enemy isnt watching for the red smoke (which is why i dont like him, smart players dont even need wards to make his ganks a joke).

while AP can jungle hes better in lane, in fact hes the only shaco build which can lane. proper use of jitb can make ganking his lane a suicide making him a decent utility support with heavy harrass from shiv.

overall its a playstyle thing, AP is alot harder to play well but is more consistant. AD is a hit or miss since he needs his decive to do anything and its a long cooldown. one mistake and he dies.

lastly AP can teamfight, AD cant even go near one after 20 minutes, AD is a split pusher, while eventually AP can do that when he has the AP to wipe waves with jitbs and lichbane drops towers **** fast. as also that clone bomb is the highest damage non channeled AOE in the game

I Buy Boots 06-16-2012 10:06 AM

Alot has already been said, iy your playing him AD then remember that his passive IS SO IMPORTANT. and even while playing AD his jack in the boxs (jtbs) are still usefull for cutting off or ccing (crowd controling) your target. Remember your role and as an assasin you never want to initiate, The shiv scales better off ap but it still does decent enough damage to knock off or slow down that one that got away.

Ap shaco is pretty easy to play, Its all about baiting and half the time your depending on your team mates to lure/kite. as easy as he is to play he is also easily counterable. Alot of peoplejust pile boxs and shiv from a bush, Good harassing can also come from Q'ing behind them dropping a box chucking a shiv and walking away as the jtb springs. Jtbs arent very bright and in order for them to usually hit a champ there has to be no minions or the champ has to strike you. If playing ap i recommend using teleport that way the enemy never really knows where you are, When ganking another lane let them get the kill if they deserve it but dont let him get away. If you have a Maj thats still a stack towards your AP so you still get something out of it.

On hit shaco i havent quite played as much as the other, due to my straight ap rune page and my straight crit damage rune page :3 I do know that shaco is quite squishy and so is his clone and that this build requires both of you (shaco and fako) to last as long as possible. maybe some sort of experimenting? Each game will be different no matter which style you play. Know your enemey and know your allies.

Sweet Baby Ray 06-16-2012 11:35 AM

I usually go tri-force -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom dancer with him. He's not a guy that sticks around in the thick of a fight. Jump around and pick off the squishy targets or runners while your clone hangs out in the fight.

IJunglerSoraka 06-16-2012 01:42 PM

On-Hit Shaco deals a **** ton of damage, but most importantly, its cheaper then other builds.

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