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├ůzrael 06-10-2012 10:42 PM

@ Riot This Needs Attention ASAP
Alright so Today was my day off of work. I started it out fine purchasing Maokai and going 3-0 in my first ver games with him, However my internet went out due to a passing storm and ever since I havent been able to get into a game. I can Log-in, I can enter champ select but as soon as I should make the transition to the Summoning/Loading screen I get an error. Now I have spent the majority of the day/evening trying to find a solution. Ive used the LoL repair tool, Ive totally uninstalled and reinstalled League, and I have yet to find any answer on the forums. I have also opened a ticket which has yet to answered but I know Im not the only person that this is effecting.

I turned my firewall off because the message mentioned my firewall and still nothing. I have played LoL since about 2 weeks before the Xin Zhao patch and have come to throughly enjoy the game and the frienships I have made through the game. PLEASE RIOT you have MANY dedicated players unable to play a game and just adding more an more Leaves tot heir accounts due to no fault of their own. I also sympathize with all the people who have been effected by this just because someone on their team cant connect into the game.

Hoping to see a speedy responce to this issue.. Thanks in advance.

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