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Benadryl Jackson 08-24-2010 01:55 AM

[Guide] Mordekaiser: Black Metal, Black Label
Howdy y'all, Benadryl Jackson here, sharin' a new guide:


This one's about the maleficent master of might. The malignant moribund monster. The malicious malevolent man-eater. Gat ****, I'm talkin' 'bout dat boy Mordekaiser! As you may gather from my previous guides, I'm generally more inclined towards delicate champions like Twisted Fate and Soraka. But baby, when I tried out Mordekaiser my world was rocked, and Benny Jack is a whole new man. If Ashe is a scalpel, then Mordekaiser (when played right) is a sledgehammer...on fire...covered with bees.

Hope y'all enjoy.

Necromonger 08-24-2010 04:47 AM

whoa. This is pretty much my build too. But Why did you post this??? you're going to get our man nerfed!


also, another Morde syndrome is the atrophy of last-hitting. Seriously, back as Kass I could last hit more than the mid champ; but now whenever I'm not Morde I deprive myself of gold. boohoo. lol

ItsTheFark 08-24-2010 05:44 AM

I dislike mass sunfires, as well as using frozen mallet over rylais, considering mordy's main spell is ranged (E), as well as if you get close enough and use your creeping death, the aura of damage will slow the opponent too.

Just some thought, but try this out :D

Starting the game: Regrowth pendent
Next item: Normal Boots
Next item: Force of Nature with the Regrowth
Next item: Mercury's Treads with the Boots
Next item: Rylai's Scepter
Next item: Randuin's Omen
Next item: Sunfire Cape
Next item: Phantom Dancer (For that extra bit of movement speed, and attack speed is pretty good.)

EDIT: Also, I see you guys skilling ace of spades second, however, if you only level creeping death and Siphon with the priority on Siphon, by level 4 you can literally stand in front of your own minions, and just siphon once, then cast creeping death on yourself and stand in the middle of the opposing team's creeps and have enough of a shield to never take vital damage.

Slide 08-24-2010 07:37 AM

Much better build then I see on a lot of Mordes.

Sunfires (2 of emm) and Abyssal should be mandatory on Mord.

Spirit Visage is such a waste on Mord. The reasons you stated are correct. Its quite easy to manage your health with nothing but Dorans shield. If you cant do it, your playing Mord wrong.

For quints, EXP quints are also amazing on Morde. Since you already have 5% from utility these bring you up to 11%. Since you should always be soloing a lane, its really invaluable. After all, an over leveled overfed Mord is a REALLY scary thing.

Lastly, since Sunfires give you all the health you need, I find if I have 1 or 2 decent teammates I can completely forgo Mallet or Rylais and rely on my team mates for CC. Those games work out better. As you noted, Mord can easily fill his 6 slots with top tier items. If we can get reliable slows form our teammates (the only thing that we really want off of mallet) then we may as well use that spot for something more useful like randuins, thornmail or FoN.

xSJx 08-24-2010 08:17 AM

Spirit visage is awesome just for the mres and cdr, I used to follow heat n serve's guide and run dorans - sorc shoes - sunfire x2 with mres glyphs. Now I run rejuv bead/pots, visage - sorc shoes, sunfire x2 with cdr glyphs. I can ALMOST keep creeping death up 100% of the time, I think cdr is fantastic on morde. If I ever get golem buff and max out at 40% its hilarious :).

I like the guide though. Solid build, comes down to preference I think. Also, your guides are great reads, up there with condon for sure. Keep it up man.

Sanitizer 08-24-2010 08:21 AM

I like this. I will give Morde another try.

Benadryl Jackson 08-24-2010 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Necromonger (Hozzászólás 2554455)
whoa. This is pretty much my build too. But Why did you post this??? you're going to get our man nerfed!


also, another Morde syndrome is the atrophy of last-hitting. Seriously, back as Kass I could last hit more than the mid champ; but now whenever I'm not Morde I deprive myself of gold. boohoo. lol

I actually hesitated before writing this guide for that very reason, but it's not like this is a big secret. All the teams we wreck with Mordekaiser will see the build, and see how he pulls it off.

As for nerfs, honestly I don't think it will happen. If you can't end things quickly he tends to suffer late game, and can no longer carry the rest of your team if they aren't up to par. Furthermore, his only form of crowd control is his ability to cause chaos, but that's no guarantee. A smart team will stun him before he gets close, then ream the rest of your team.

I still worry though...it's possible my Twisted Fate guide resulted in that minor nerf that was the final nail in the coffin.

Makuin 08-24-2010 09:16 PM

First post, bear with me :)

Well I've read both the guide and the comments, and I have to agree on lots of things:
- First, the syndrome. Hell never try using Heimerdinger after playing Mord for 2 months, u just want to tower dive with him and u get the other team feeded xD
-Second: Midding. To any morde player out there, this is huge. All the items that work for him are expensive, and u need the fast flow of creeps that happen in the mid, not to mention the ghosts camps nearby. Plus the fast leveling will help you to kill creeps even faster, and possibly score kills before lvl 7, to either the laning sides, or the enemy midder.
-Third: Summoner skills, no complain there.

Now i noticed the builds suggested by all above me tend to a hybrid, one that haves enoug hp to withstand the pain of the other team, and that can cause havok with his skills and high damage output.

What I suggest is a merely tank build and this is how i go:

1) start: regrowth pendant.

2) Spirit Visage next. Now i know the hp regen of the passive doesnt work with the ultimate. But most of the time you are going to be midding with a caster. The magic resistance, cd reduction, and hp regen will be your best friend early game. Your ultimate's natural hp drain will help u stay alive in mid long enough (This is assuming u managed to avoid ganks at mid, as mentioned he doesnt have any form of cc...yet)

3)Now i get either ninja tabi or merc threads. I go merc threads 90% of the time, because 90% the other team has annoying cc's. Ninja tabi is good if the other team is too AD heavy.

4) Next is Randuin's Omen. First get the Heart of Gold (Armor, Hp and money), then Warden's mail. Now, Omen is key. The CD reduction will make the spamming of Syphon...a joy. By now you will have around 150 armor and 100 mr, making you a hard to kill champ. Not only because of the armor, but because ur passive (Thus the name Iron Man) also takes advantage of the armor and mr. So you have by lvl 11-13 a 300-400 hp shield that is easy to regenerate (spam that syphon man!), and thus making you viable in teamfights. True, you wont do as much damage as at this point as other builds, but Im still not done...
5) Now, remember the regrowth pendant? This is got 2 uses. Either warmog, for the loads of hp, that will make u even harder to kill, or Force of Nature. If the other team is going too heavy on magic damage, you should go for the latter. If not, then warmog. Either way, the next step would be getting the one that you didn't get.

By now you have 5 items, one slot free, and near lvl 18 and the end of the game. If its not over, get Guardian Angel.

How do u want to play with this guy? because seriously, its lot of armor, and lots of hp, but with one lousy cc (Omen) and low damage output. "man you're going to just stand there and watch ur teammates getting killed"

Well, its all comes down to your ultimate, and spamming your skills.. You want to control the most damaging champ of the other team, and how u do that? ask your teammates to kill him for you, while you go into the fight and tank spam your skills.. If you get the soul, you're getting a bonus from his ap/ad, but he gets bonuses from your adjusted ap/ad and gets a % of your HP, thus making both of you the hybrid that people wanted you to be from the start, only much more harder to kill... like lots.
Dont be shy to steal the enemies lizard and golem for the buffs. Lizard and Omen will be the core of your cc's lacking abilities. and if u get golem then u get a nice 40~% of cd reduction, Funny thing will be that if u managed to kill someone with ur ult, you will have him for 30 secs before he "naturally" dies. If he does, then its only a 10-15 sec before your next ult. And motly, play ur syphon the right way. And that way is where the most enemies are. early game if you're about to get killed, try for a lucky shot at a creep wave to regen the shield, and maybe get a escape with 5 real hp. Also later endgame, maintaining your shield will be core for the tanking, so throw an ocassional syphon at creeps instead of champs. I've noticed that by lvl 18, both Mace of Spades and Syphon have a cd of 2-3~sec. And Creeping death 6-8~ (and it lasts 6-8~, great eh?) You are there to take advantage of your team's killing abilities. If they get a kill, you get a soul, and become unstoppable.

For Talents i go mainly Defense, because after all what we want is for u to withstand massive ammounts of damage. I get one point of utility at Ghost, and the rest at offensive, to try and get the ignite mastery thingy.

Quints: HP regen per lvl
Marks: Magic Pen
Seal: HP regen per lvl
Glyph: Cd reduction per lvl

Thats the way i go with him, it has worked great for me: have gotten 1 penta kill and 3 quad kills so far, with lots of time of me standing in the mid of their base, with towers+creeps+champs hitting me, and my hp never going down. Even at the times you are losing, you will be able to tank the other team long enough to try to turn the game around. In the end, is the satisfaction of not getting killed, and controlling souls, that makes the master of metal so enjoyable :)

Benadryl Jackson 08-25-2010 01:59 AM

Makuin, I'm sure that's worked fine for you, but I just can't agree. Sure, spamming Siphon slightly more often is nice, but with the Sunfire Capes you'll be putting out more damage. Besides, you can get all the CD reduction you need when you steal their Golem Buff.

Slo Mo 08-25-2010 02:56 AM

Ben Jack i love you ... you have a guide for each of my favorite and best heros, and they are guides that make sence as well, in game add?

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