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NeeksNaman 05-31-2012 08:23 PM

Double IP This Weekend

This weekend from Friday, June 1st at 7pm PST, until Monday, June 4th at 7am PST, all League of Legends games in NA, EUNE and EUW will gain a double IP bonus. Yes, this 100% increase will work in conjunction with any IP and XP boosts you currently have on your accounts, too.

See you on the Fields of Justice.

TheWheatOne 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

Wait wait wait. Does this mean if I buy IP boosts, it will literally double the total I get after a match?! LOLWUT. PURE AWESOMENESS.

Edit: Just check, FWotD awards don't count with it. :(

Edit2: I have absolutely nothing against Tamat, I would just like to know though, if this is officially confirmed to be the big surprise that was planned with the 1million Facebook Likes. Regardless, thanks for the boost Riot, this only adds another gift to an already complex and high quality free game. :)

Edit3: To those who have no idea what's gone on, here is the paraphrased summary:


Originally Posted by GammaHelix (Hozzászólás 24829762)
A story for all those confused about the 34% boost uproar,

The League of Legends, Volume II
Appendix A: Mythical Creatures
Entry 624: The Double IP Weekend

Legends speak of the Double IP Weekends, which were said to have been created by the almighty Riot and placed upon the League of Legends servers during the early days of creation. It was during this Golden Age that these double IP weekends bestowed their blessings upon players. It was call for much merriment and rejoicing when these Double IP Weekends graced the players with their magic spell of Double IP. Alas, as the League of Legends grew, these mystic beings mysteriously vanished.

For a time, many believed these beings had merely gone into hibernation, simply resting to restore the energies necessary to grant their Double IP blessings. As days passed into history, and new generations of players entered of the League of Legends, the Double IP Boost became a thing of legend. Soon, only scholars of history and folklore had any knowledge of the Double IP Weekend, and only the most wizened of elders could barely recall the air of revelry that these creatures brought with them.

Recetly, there have been rumors of wondrous things coming to the League of Legends, and players of all ages, races, and genders have journeyed through the harsh, unforgiving League of Legends forums in hopes of being the first to see the Double IP Weekends return to the League of Legends. However, their journey through the wasteland of the forums hardened their hearts and drained their souls. When they saw the +34% IP Weekend on horizon they knew that it was merely a shadow of the creature of legends. It was then that they felt their faith in the Creator waver. They turned their hatred and fury upon the messenger Tamat, cursing the fickle creator who had toyed with their hearts and crushed their hopes.

But the Creator is not without mercy. When He felt the suffering of Tamat and heard the cries of His players, He knew what had to be done. He turned the fullness of His gaze upon the humble +34% IP Weekend and filled it with His essence. In a matter of moments, the +34% IP Weekend transformed into a Double IP Weekend like those of times long past. When the players saw this they were satisfied and returned to their games in peace, gladly leaving the forums and awaiting the return of the Double IP Weekend.

There is but one word of caution to this tale. The fury of the people has left its mark on the Creator in ways yet unseen, and the messenger Tamat has yet to be heard from. Though the players have been satisfied, many fear the future of the League of Legends and its creator Riot. Some worry that the effects of these events has poisoned the heart of the Creator, and that He may not be so benevolent in the future, but that is a tale for another time.

Original Tamat Post: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2170055

TrollButt 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

So ,where's that facebook reward?
Because this isn't it.

Torqameda 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

Thanks Riot! You guys are really great, even if the vitriol of a lot of the community may suggest otherwise. Thanks for listening to the community (even though a lot of them may have seemed relatively hateful). No hard feelings I hope, and again, I, along with the bulk of the community, truly appreciate all the effort you guys put into this game! Stuff happens, but ya'll didn't just sit on your decision and give the rest of us the middle finger, and that's my favorite part about all of this. Cheers!


I'd also like to add that Tamat didn't deserve any of the hatred and rage flung at him. People were frustrated and I'm sure you already know this, but if you're reading this Tamat, you are a great Rioter and I know you had the best intentions. Hopefully nothing anyone said brought you down because the personal attacks were unwarranted.

Issiildur 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

o.o What happened to Tamat? This is the 3rd time this has been posted.

Chota Face 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

Where's tamat post?

fruitie 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

What happened to the other double IP thread D:

Anyway what I was saying in the other thread:
Very nice guys. I disagree with somethings that you do. But it must be hard putting up with this community.

Edit: Also will ip boosts be on sale? I don't mind if they're not, I was just wondering. I think any boost is a good thing!

DJANGO UNCHAINED 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

Why are the other threads getting deleted?

OT: Thanks for this reward, by the way. Reminds me of Halo 3's Double EXP weekends. You should do these more often!

Sandrothefomar 05-31-2012 08:24 PM

Why aren't there any replies to this?

Edit: Nevermind. :p

Edit: Undead Urf Where!?!?!?

Manic Eightball 05-31-2012 08:24 PM


Thanks though. This should make people happy enough. I thought the 34% business was ridiculous myself, but you gotta feel for Tamat.

I really am consistently surprised by you guys. The extent to which you take in player feedback, whether regarding in-game features or gifts, is impressive. No other game company has so clearly demonstrated that our opinions matter. That's very important to me, and I appreciate it.

I'm a big fan of the RP donations you guys run as well. Always up for that.

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