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Cerwynn 05-30-2012 04:20 PM

Tough Love (Katarina FanFic)
Hello, everyone! I'm a new writer and some of you may remember my failed attempts to write a fan fiction. Although, I'm here to get this done and that is my goal. To write a full Katarina fan fiction for the LoL community. My goal is to try and fit as many champions into this fan fiction while showcasing Katarina and how she interacts with them. I hope to have her interacting with one or two every chapter while following her main ambitions. So, I hope you enjoy my fan fiction on the Sinister Blade: Katarina.


Chapter 1: Encounters with a Serpent

Katarina found herself to be the first awake, which was usual whenever she slept with anyone. Her fingers sprawled out to find the warmth of the other who shared the couch with her: Talon. His chest rose and fell slowly and Katarina lay watching him in silence. After a few moments, she slid from the chaise chair and shuffled towards the dresser without a sound. She took a few moments to dress herself and comb out her hair before moving to the door and taking one more look at her sleeping lover. As if on cue, Talon gave an obnoxious snore and mumbled some gibberish before turning over to lay face down on his pillow. Katarina let a smile roll from cheek to cheek as she pushed open the door and left his cozy loft.

Even though the two had shared a bed and couch on numerous occasions, Katarina always concocted a lie in case anyone got suspicious about the two. The last thing either champion needed was unwanted attention right now with the annual Demacian versus Noxian show down rearing its ugly head. She told herself that they would have been discussing personal affairs over breakfast. She nodded approvingly, content with her lie.

It had to be at least a few minutes of walking before she found the Du Couteau manor nestled into the mountainside of Noxus. It was a rare occurrence that houses were outside in Noxus, the risk of robbery and murder were already so high that many people chose to house themselves within the mountain for security. Nonetheless, she barged through the door to find Cassiopeia filing her nails on a chaise and their servant- Belsworth- standing idly beside her. Katarina kicked off her tracking shoes and casually strutted into the living room.

The tension always rose whenever the Du Couteau sisters were in the same room, for years they had struggled for power and acknowledgement for their household, each wanting to be branded the face of the Du Couteau house. Though, many of the conflicts went unseen to keep a formidable reputation for the pair.

“Katarina. So nice you could join us.” Her voice was sultry and sly, a dangerous combination. Katarina was never fond of the new version of her sister, especially that insufferable way she would let the letter ‘s’ trail off. “Care for a glass of tea?” She gave a throaty chuckle, as if she had just told a joke.

“I’m fine.” Katarina spat back at her serpentine sister, dropping onto a ragged chair. Katarina fiddled with the ends of her hair, her little sister was not something she ever wanted to stare at. “How are you sister?”

“Fine. Fine. Where were you last night?” She winced as if she filed a bit too deeply on her nail, shaking her wrist out before blowing on the gleaming black nails. “Spent the night with Belforth discussing a certain champion.”

Katarina perked up, straightening her back for once before leaning onto her knees. “Who?”
“What was his name, Belforth?” She smirked slyly, dropping the file onto the silver platter and letting the thwang echo through the silent living room.

“Talon, my lady.” He said calmly, his face remaining emotionless.

Katarina narrowed her eyes, brows furrowing down in confusion. “What did you discuss? If I may ask.”

Cassiopeia busted out laughing, punching the charm of her chaise. She cut off within an instant though; her glare was as cold as ice. “Don’t play stupid with me, Katarina! I know about you and that dog you’re sleeping with.” Her tongue spat out and rattled around, a hiss accompanied it.

Katarina’s shoulders tensed up, she knew what power gossip held against champions. She knew firsthand the damage it could inflict on champions. In fact, she was recently the target of a ploy claiming she was having a sexual relationship with The Might of Demacia: Garen. Of course the whole bit was a hoax, but Katarina was constantly harassed over the matter when it was occurring. She stood from her chair and paced anxiously, folding her arms across her stomach. “Why should you care about my personal life?”

Cassiopeia flashed a wink to Katarina as she slowly slithered from her chaise chair and pulled herself to the ground. As fluid as a snake would, she coiled herself around her tail and leapt from the ground to anchor herself with the weight of her tail; standing upright once more. “You know... With the recent closing of that newspaper I don’t have any choice but to take it to the media itself.” She cackled manically, crossing her arms, “Unless you can persuade me otherwise.” Her tail flicked around with excitement, like a dog would.

Katarina sighed uneasily, her fingers lingering over her throwing knives. Katarina knew she couldn’t kill her sister; it was just instinct to reach for her steel-headed friends whenever she became angered. She flicked them instead to ignore the desire to lodge a knife between the serpent’s eyes. “How about this; you keep your mouth quiet, or I promise to make your life a living hell, sister.”

Cassiopeia dropped to her stomach before Katarina could register where she had went, slithering towards the red-headed lass as the eerie sound of her scales against the rug were heard throughout the room. “And how are you going to do that? Don’t leave me hanging, sister. I want the details.” Her voice trailed off, as if she had some sick twisted pleasure for this sort of thing. The serpent ran her freshly sharpened claw against her chin, an evil grin spreading slowly. “You know... I always wanted to see you as a snake... I think you’d be...” She dipped out of sight again, re-appearing behind Katarina and pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail, “... hideous.”

Katarina batted her sister away, her face was red and she was truly huffing and puffing with rage. “Cassiopeia, if you reveal that information I will find you and I will skewer your head. Are we clear?” Katarina stated, holding her breath to make herself seem more imposing.
Cassiopeia rolled her shoulders and chuckled, winking slyly afterwards, “Can’t wait. Avoir Katarina! Take care!” She slithered from sight into their dimly lit hall and slammed the door to the study behind her.

Katarina fell to the couch once more, her feelings toward her sister changing and her thoughts on a relationship began to dissipate. All Katarina could run through her head were the scenarios that could play out. It sent shivers down her spine, striking her right in the heart. Katarina knew she had to confront Talon and left the manor in a frenzied panic.

Eclipse Apostle 05-30-2012 09:23 PM

A laudable effort. A solid base, not too much in the form of pacing. My only gripe is Katarina seeming slightly vulnerable here, but even still, it is her own sister, so this would be one of the few exceptions to the usual method of "violence solves everything".

I look forward to future segments.

Cerwynn 05-31-2012 09:22 PM

Thanks for the response Eclipse Apostle! I am working on chapter two right now and should have it thrown on by tomorrow. Anyone else feel free to comment and critique as you please. I'm very understanding of criticism.

Lulúi 06-01-2012 06:13 AM

This Cassiopeia seems perfect :D
Very much how I imagined her.

Swaggernautz 06-01-2012 03:34 PM

Heh, thanks for the feedback. Smurf Account >>

Brandwin 08-25-2012 03:36 PM

Update pls

Shiftmad 12-30-2012 01:31 AM

Fan fic of my favorite Champion? INSTA LIKE!

TemplaroftheVoid 08-13-2013 10:09 AM

Wasn't this on FanFiction once? I seem to remember this on the site... Anyways, I'm assuming that you decided to discontinue this fic, which is saddening as it had such a good start :( It also features my otp, Talon/Katarina :D I hope that you eventually find the inspiration and the heart to continue this fic, but if you don't it's understandable :P

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