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Luna Prey 05-29-2012 02:00 PM

Advice on Farming please?
Okay, so I know the basics of farming. I have some questions though.

How far exactly do I need to be from a mob for it to die? Is it the distance to me from the mob that killed the mob or what?

What advice can I get please about getting the CS. Like, I try to watch the HP, but It's really hard to estimate how many of the minions are trying to kill it, and how fast it will go down. I just can't get the final hit right. I'd say 40% of my hits are JUST before the final hit, and I miss it, and 90% of my missies, are trying to avoid being in that 40% range i just described.


Ofermod 05-29-2012 02:17 PM

Distance means nothing, it's all about timing. My advice is to start a custom game with no opponents, preferably picking a champion with a high base AD, and just practice last hitting until you get it down. It's just a matter of experience/practice.

Okro 05-29-2012 02:19 PM

You will get a feel soon enough. If, say, the minions are fighting one vs one, it is very easy to get the last hit. You may have trouble when maybe 4 minions are attacking just one--then the attacks come one after another, in rapid succession. You need to realize that you will still get the last hit even if you hit as the minion's hp is reaching 0 (dont know how to explain otherwise..just time your auto so that it hits when the other minions would have killed it)

Luna Prey 05-29-2012 03:15 PM

Never mind, I just found out that Irelia can bounce between minions with her bladesurge

deathpanelof1 05-29-2012 08:31 PM

Last hitting is easier with ranged champs esp. champs with high damage output. Some champs start out bad farmers then get really good at it ie Cho Gath. If your having trouble last hitting I would play some like Cho who can just decimate mobs late game and focus on last hitting early just for the real world experience and then if you suck at it late game it wont matter as much.

Alumenlux 05-29-2012 09:51 PM

It's just all a matter of practice, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon! :)

(and if you can't do it, play mordekaiser)

DirtyJs 05-30-2012 09:47 PM

start custom game 1v0 and go to any lane to practise last hit
using nasus, veigar, or sion to start with makes your task alot easier
try to track how many last hits you get after 10 mins - 15 mins - 20 mins

max minions after 10 mins is about 100,
after that i'm not too sure, it's not so important - if you can last hit well at the first 4 lvls, you can last hit easily when you get stronger

when i first started, i got about 30 minions after 10 mins, that's 1v0
nowadays i can easily get 80

some things to note that i find help me last hit
- when i get back to lane, i like to hit melee minion once to see how much dmg i actually do, then i hit ranged minion once. you'll see that u chunk off alot more of ranged minion hp bar because they have less hp. note how much dmg you actually do and hit the minions once their bar drops below this. this is helpful because the amount of dmg you do varies - with the champ you use, runes, masteries, item, even some skill passives. even with the same champ, it's a good idea to 'calibrate' your last hits

- don't use champs like tristana or teemo that do DOT or aoe, they fk up ur farm.

- watch which minion is getting focused, and prepare to hit that next. if 2 or more minions look like they'll die at the same time, consider using an aoe spell in place of autoatking to last hit, or last hit 1, and use an ability or two on the rest

- watch your positioning. this one helps you last hit so much better. your auto atk animation and timing involves not only the amount of time it takes for your auto atk to channel, but also includes the time it takes for you to walk into range to start your auto atk. this applies more to melee champs, but is also relevant for ranged. it's alot easier in 1v0 ranged champs where you can just stand in range all the time and not have to worry about this travel time. but for melee champs, if you don't account for your champion travel time, it will screw up your timing.
- for ranged champs, you must also account for the travel time of the missile in the air. for this reason i find last hitting with melee champs slightly easier
- don't auto atk for anything but to last hit. it will screw up your timing.
- you won't see much improvement after the first 2 practise games, so don't get discouraged when you don't

hope these tips help

in 1v0, you will find your lane pushing hard. it's alot harder to last hit under those conditions than in a real match. if you can last hit against 3 waves of your own minion, you can last hit in normal conditions provided your opponent doesn't haras too hard. to illustrate - if you can beat 9 ranged minions and a cannon minion beating down on a poor enemy melee minion to that last hit, you're actually REALLY good at last hitting

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