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NeeksNaman 05-25-2012 03:17 PM

New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 27)
Greetings Summoners!

Here are this week's free champions:

Week 27 (this week):

Wondering how we picked this week's free champions? Read up on it HERE.

See you on the Fields of Justice!

Emastar 05-28-2012 12:20 PM

meh week is meh

Prime 05-28-2012 12:21 PM

Why did both forum posts that came out today say they came out on the 25th?

jars 05-28-2012 12:22 PM

yes I get to fail at segooni all week

Kelpup 05-28-2012 12:23 PM

Hai Caitlyn.

Serphs 05-28-2012 12:23 PM

Posted early today

ElGrandisimo 05-28-2012 12:24 PM

Sejuani needs a buff

VinWind 05-28-2012 12:24 PM

Could be better...

needlewall 05-28-2012 12:25 PM

well it balences out last week 5 champs i didnt own this week 0

edit: i always thumbs up every week for the free champions cause it is a good program

Im PeRFeCt13 05-28-2012 12:25 PM

first thread

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