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Sephïroth 05-23-2012 10:03 AM

General Tips
I've been playing for quite a while, just hit over 300 wins. I'm to that point where I need to work on the little things to make my game better. I'm just wondering small tips and tricks you all use to get an edge.

Rokkye 05-23-2012 10:48 AM

As a laner:
Last hit, try do deal the killing blow on minions instead of auto attacking them from full to 0.
Buy wards, you must ward carefully around your lane and look constantly at the minimap (actually I'm bad at this).
Buy defense items if you feel u are having hard times against your enemy, dont call a enemy champion OP because you had like 30 armor and he killed you easily
If u are pushing the lane really hard, try to gank another lane without calling your enemy attention.

As a jungler:
Care about counter-jungling and try do steal enemy camps, but leaving one monster to delay the respawn.
Ward, usually wriggles will be enough.
Gank, sometimes your partners can have a hard time against a X champion, you will need to gank there as much as possible.

Hope this helps

Sephïroth 05-23-2012 11:30 AM

I was looking for a bit more advanced tips... like "With Ahri and being turret dived, I usually let them come in for me, ult infront of them, then ult back, and when they go for the kill I taunt them with my e and use the last ult to get away from them all."

I mean more tips that you've found with specific champions, because I've come accustomed to many champions, and am trying to learn more. Or possibly summoner spell tricks that you've found, and not the obvious flash over the wall.

My fault for not being more specific. Thanks for your effort though, I hope some people read this and learn those.

Rokkye 05-23-2012 02:54 PM

Oh sorry, There are plenty of them
This really depends on your champion

For example, I've seen a top lane GP heal/exhaust with 200 health
The pretended to B, and in the same second Irelia dived him, he used oranges, heal and exhaust under his turret, giving him the kill

Theres also the fake flash, where you pretend to flash but you don't, instead, your enemy flashes.
Jax, Lee sin, Kat can jump to wards, so if u have wriggles, its good to smartcast your jump and your wriggles, this means, you can "flash" while you have a ward.
Teemo may stealth and recall, you need the utility mastery point. (not sure if still works)
Twitch and eve may do same.
Strategical combos, have you seen ww jungling and fizz mid? ganks are absotely strong, almost impossible to survive this

PrincessIrelia 05-23-2012 04:03 PM

I guess I'll just give you my general tips for laning phase.
1. Try to last hit everything
2. Count the minion kills, and think that every minion=10 gold
3. Try to go back without losing much cs if you don't have a ward in place. (When you lane is pushed to their tower)
4. Try to figure out which champs normally start where in the jungle. This will be helpful to know, because if their jungler starts on blue side, and is good at lvl2 ganks, then there is a good chance he'll gank you before you hit 2. Blue and red spawn every 5 mins, and start at 1:55. 2nd blue is normally up around 7:10, and red is generally a minute after that.
5. If your jungler is not going wriggles lantern, then it's often a good idea for your ranged ad to go wriggles quick. This is often seen with kogmaw.
6. Drag spawns every 6 mins after you kill it, so always time it.
7. Baron spawns every 7 mins, and is definitely worth the gold.
8. If your kind of far behind, I say just go for baron, because it can't be worse than losing and not doing anything.
9. Just because you have baron, doesn't mean you'll win the team fight.
-I have found a lot of games, where we'll be behind by about 5 kills, but end up timing the baron, and getting it 2-3 times in a row, and winning the game.
10. During mid-end game I often see a lot of people building nothing but IE, PD, BTs. This is where they often end up dying to nothing but AOEs. Think about getting a banshees veil, or guardian angel.
11. Just because your champ is countered in lane, doesn't mean it''s a bad pick.
12. ADs can go mid. Try sivir vs morgana or kassadin sometime. go with armor penn reds, flat d yellow, armor penn quints with a MS quint, and CDR per level blues. When you get blue buff, your W will have just about no cool down, and you can just split push, and find mismatched fights. You'll also kill towers extremely fast.

▀eerPongChamp 05-23-2012 11:18 PM

While laning pay attention not only to your enemy minions hp but your minions hp. Watch and see how your enemy moves about when coming in to last hit your minons. After you get an idea on what their doing start getting easy harass in when they come in for a minion kill. As for char specific pointers IDK just also really depends on how the enemy plays. I play alot of AP mid. I've seen good morgana's and bad ones. I've seen good lux and bad ones. Just depends on their skill.

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