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Spiffy 07-11-2009 02:58 PM

[RESOLVED] Major New Front-End Bugs
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Does not appear to be the launcher's fault.


There's 2 main errors I've been receiving virtually non-stop since I installed the new front-end. Now, I'm currently using my Macbook Pro with Windows 7 7100 64 bit installed on it to play since I'm on vacation. So there may be some weird stuff popping up due to that, but I assume these are still the results of underlying bugs.

1. Unknown Error

These seem to pop up most when I first load the launcher or a page within the launcher. The first few clicks result in multiple popups of this error and are identical to one-another as far as I can tell. This bug isn't fatal and usually doesn't crash my launcher.


Steps to reproduce:

a) Open Launcher.
b) Login
c) Click Play
d) Click Practice Game
e) Click Refresh List (it does not highlight until after the error)

2. Session Expired

This is a much more fatal error that I get quite frequently in different areas of the launcher. It seems like it might be related to how long I've been "idling" on a certain page. I've had it happen in the Mastery Tree page, the Rune page, the Game Lobby page, the main page, and several other ones that I can't think of immediately.

It first displays this:


Then it crashes and displays this message box before closing completely:


Steps to reproduce:

a) Open launcher
b) Login
c) Click Play
d) Click Practice Game
e) Wait for previous errors to show, then click Refresh List so games show up
f) Wait a few minutes
g) Click Refresh list again and the error usually appears

3. Runes (various other content panels)

I was initially able to get to the Get Runes page and click runes until I was maxed out, but then I couldn't close the Get Runes page and I had to alt+f4 the launcher. Now when I go to the Runes page, I see a black panel where the runes should be and if I go to Get Runes I get the same blank panel, but if I try to add more runes it still says maxed out.

There's a few other panels where this happens. Occasionally it will blank out my summoner properties, my friends in the summoner properties, and various others I can't recall.

I have included my dxdiag as a zip because it exceeded the txt file size.

Lima Beans 07-11-2009 03:42 PM

if you can perhaps give a screenshot of the 'black out' problem that would be helpful.

Spiffy 07-11-2009 10:59 PM

Good News! For you guys at least. Turns out my Internet connection here seems to be 99% to blame. So Embarq DSL can go to hell. =p

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