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Cloudxhigh 05-10-2012 12:46 AM

League of Legend's Ranked 5's Pro Tournys
Hi, Cloudxhigh here with a request to the league of legend community. I am forming a team and am in need of a Support and AD carry for our bot lane. We need 2 players who are well versed in the traditional ad carrys, but are comfortable with playing compositions that are not in the "meta," so to speak. Please post your summoner name and your role on the reply if you are interested in applying to the team. We have registered to be involved with the qualifier 2, so we will need to get the team together ASAP. Also post the heroes that you play consistently best with. Please don't post " I'm best with all the ad carrys."

I need to fill these spots asap with compitent players that feel they can best the top teams of the league of legend community. Even if we face against CLG and TSM and M5 and FNATIC, i need a bot lane that is comfortable and confident in their ability to hold their own in the game. Naturally i will look into each and every summoner name that i can afford to, and reply back to the people who i feel are truly interested. We will hold practice games to see who can do the best in what we need, and who we feel is the best pick for us.

If i don't respond to one of the replys you give me on this thread, don't take it as an insult, but rather the simple fact that i may not be able to keep up with all the replys. This is assuming that there are MANY replys to this post, which i hope there are.

My team and i have high hopes for what we can achieve, and we are looking for players who want that same taste of fame and glory that we crave. We need players that are willing to adjust to the needs of the team, and players that can do unorthodox actions. These are the types of players that can change a "good play" to a "spectacular play."

Please give me a reply back asap, and i will do my best to give you one as well. Don't bother replying to this if you don't believe you can compete with the top ranked teams in league of legends.

Cloudxhigh 05-10-2012 05:06 AM

Also possibly looking for a jungle as well, please respond asap.

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