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bbpjoe29589 05-09-2012 05:10 PM

Mastery Pages
Hi my screenname is 10incherdangler but my real name is joseph dangler just to let everyone know right now..

I kind of have a request to the game programmers and game designers towards the mastery pages. I think since we now allow people to get up over 20 pages of rune pages for the limit i believe we should allow mastery pages to be capped at 20 as well.

If it is too much of an issue for allowance of more masteries you guys can charge ip or rp for more mastery pages, but i prefer to have more mastery pages for as many champions as we have on league of legends, which is over 90 plus champions that not all the 10 masteries can coexist for deciding on the 90 champions to choose from. So I ask other summoners to join and help push for more mastery pages and hopefully we can have a set up of 20 for everyone to be able to have better choices when setting them up without having to go back and forth with which champ to choose from.

If people are questioning why add more masteries than I question everyone why do we have a cap of 20 rune pages instead of 10? I say make it fair and equal for the mastery pages with the rune pages thank you.


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