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Pendragon 07-02-2009 04:59 PM

Release Notes 04/11
Release Notes

Character Changes

Reduce Counter Strike Dodge chance from 8/12/16/20/24% to 8/11/14/17/20%
Increase Leap Strike Mana Cost from 50 to 65
Increase Counter Strike Mana Cost from 50 to 60
Relentless Assault no longer gives Jax additional Haste upon striking buildings
Increased the cooldown of Leap Strike from 21/17/13/9/5 to 22/18/14/10/6
Empower damage can no longer crit
Empower bug fix, it no longer lasts longer than it should
Changed Relentless Assault from an Active to a Passive
Reduced Relentless Assault damage from 150/225/300 to 150/200/250

Morgana Le:
Increased Empathize HP Regen per sec from 1/2/4/6/9/12 to 2/3/5/8/12
Fixed a Dark Binding Lua error bug
Removed erroneous damage being shown on Tormented Soil
Fixed Black Shield Cooldown bug
Soul Shackles effect now occurs if Morgana Le stays in range of the target for the duration, rather than moving out of range of the target
Increased Soul Shackles range from 485 to 550
Increased Soul Shackles damage from 100/175/250 to 150/250/350
Increased Soul Shackles ability power ratio from .5 to 1
Increased Soul Shackles initial stun from .5 to 1
Increased the range of Tormented soil from 265 to 280 to match the AoE indicator
Removed +Armor from Tormented Soil

Master Yi:
Increase Alpha Strike Bounce range from 400 to 600
Made a fix to Alpha Strike which had previously caused it's slow to not be removed by Highlander
Highlander no longer removes Rune Prison
Updated Highlander's movement speed modification type to fix an associated bug

Increase range on buster shot from 600 to 700
Made Rapid Fire instant cast

Reduce Cryptic Gaze's stun duration from 2.2 to 2
Fixed Cryptic Gaze's tooltip to show off it's cooldown by level of 12/11/10/9/8

Ricochet - Reduce Ricochet's particle speed from 1000 to 900
Ricochet - Increase damage reduction per bounce from 20% to 23%
Modified On the Hunt Cooldown from 120/90/60 to 90/90/90
Fixed Ricochet levelup tooltip

Corrected Overload's Tooltip (the base damage portion showed off low numbers)

Made Hunters Call instant cast

Added a 50% slow to Terrify
Increase Dark Wind damage from 100 to 120
Increase Dark Wind ability power ratio from .25 to .4

Increased range on Consume from 200 to 230

Summoner Spells
Exhaust - Reduce duration by 1 second, increased cooldown from 4 minutes to 4 and a half minutes, increase slow percent from 40% to 50%.
Teleport - Reduce cooldown from 7 minutes to 5 minutes
Ghost - Increase movement speed bonus from 15% to 22%

Increased cost of Critical Strike items
Increased Cloak of Agility cost from 800 to 880
Increased Brawlers Gloves cost from 360 to 400
Increased Atma's Impaler cost from 700 to 750
Increased Infinity Edge cost from 350 to 375
Increased Phantom Dancer cost from 850 to 900
Increased Zeal cost from 350 to 375
Increased Avarice Blade cost from 350 to 375
Decreased Atma's Impaler bonus damage from 2% to 1.5%

Neutral Minion Gold Changes
Increased Ancient Golem gold reward from 90 to 110
Reduced gold gifted from Neutral minions
Reduced Lizard gold reward from 45 to 40
Reduced Elder Lizard gold reward from 110 to 80
Reduced Dragon gold reward from 235 to 180
Reduced Golem gold reward from 90 to 70
Reduced Wraith gold reward from 40 to 35
Reduced Lesser Wraith gold reward from 20 to 15
Reduced Wolf gold reward from 30 to 25
Reduced Giant Wolf gold reward from 75 to 50

Tooltip fixes and updates
Removed buff icon for Teleport Home
Removed buff icon from Baron Nashor
Feature - Make silences (Exhaust, Dark Wind, Seal Fate) not silence summoner spells
Feature – Silence no longer interrupts channels
Implement Camera Scrolling changes**

Locked Camera State saved between games
Chat settings save between games, and default to a less obstrusive state.
Bonus gold now shows above your character when given (Ashe's Accumulate Wealth).
Buffs should now correctly show their Icons all of the time.
You must now click on your character portrait before spending your level up points.
New Load screen with some basic controls information (For early beta only)
Enemy inhibitor healthbars are more accurate now.

More improvements to attack timings and chasing.
Fixed a popping issue when casting certain spells quickly
You can no longer crit towers

Dorien 08-06-2010 09:31 PM

this is mega old

Mr Fehr 11-15-2010 06:36 PM

Hey look new patch notes.

Algol1 07-18-2011 08:13 PM

You could crit towers? LOL

Twixiee 09-27-2011 06:43 PM

Morgana Le xD

xXBlooDYMagEXx 10-23-2011 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by Algol1 (Hozzászólás 11633305)
You could crit towers? LOL

you could dodge tower shots too and stay with stealth mode under a turret
the turret won't hit you until you reveal ^^

hehe as if it was yesterday .. evelynn ganked me under turret and my turret didn't care until she revealed herself and killed me

gorfmaster1 01-25-2012 10:04 PM

wow 3 years ago this was new info and patches took freaking forever to be applied and every saturday at 4 pm there would be server instability rofl...btw first page 3 years later ftw

Epegi 04-10-2012 03:25 AM

Wow, and we think there are huge changes coming out in recent patches, Changes back then were huge.

BimboMeNig 09-17-2012 08:01 PM


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