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BladeAngelx 05-02-2012 11:49 PM

The Rose of Deciet(LeBlanc Fanfic)
Chapter 27 Online! @fanfiction.net
This story has now come to a close. All of my stories can be found on fanfiction.net so if you want to read more by me just head over there.

The Introduction and first chapter are on this thread but the rest of the available chapters will be added to fanfiction.net for simplicity.


For those of you have read my first fanfiction Shadow of the Maven I welcome you to the second installment of my own world inside Valoran. What I mean by that is that this Fanfiction follows the events of Shadow of the Maven drawing from the events that took place in it and also adding it's own events. Shadow of the Maven was an Action/Romance story, this fanfiction however will follow a more Mystery type theme, though it will have Romance in it. With it being a mystery story I advise everyone to pay attention to everything, even the small details as they may just be a very big part of the story overall. For those of you who haven't read Shadow of the Maven don't worry, this story functions as a story of it's own, but there may be parts explained in it (Such as the Sona & Talon romance) that may seem out of place. With all of that said I hope that all of you enjoy the new story. I release at least 1 chapter every week(usually) and sometimes more than one. I feel like this keeps people reading compared to releasing 1 large chapter every month. Chapters range anywhere from 1500-3000 words in size, so they are by no means long.

Thanks for reading

Rose of Deceit on Fanfiction.net


Resting on the far central eastern part of the Valoranian continent the city stood. Surrounding the city a moat filled with a concotion of liquids cutting off entrance to the city except by the gates which were heavily guarded. Noxus stood at the base of a large mountain, and as time passed the city was built into the mountain sprawling both upward and downward. Inside the twisting dungeons of Noxus Subterranean levels lay the true underbelly of the place. The winding labyrinths offered shelter to all forms of secretism. The general rule in Noxus is that of strength. Any citizen can rise to power in Noxus if they prove themselves to be both competent and efficient in battle. The city of Noxus itself was singularly one of the largest threats to peace on Valoran before the consolidation of power into the League of Legends. But even before the League of Legends Noxus had existed as a power house, causing countless deaths to Ionia and Demacia alike.
Before the Militirazation of the Noxian Gorvernment there existed an Aristocracy that ruled over the city and it's inhabitants, and in those time the city held a somewhat more peaceful vibe. In those times however it was widely believed that the true power behind the throne lay in the hands of one organization. Nestled comfortably in the subterranean depths of Noxus's vast dungeon the Black Rose presided, pulling the strings of the government to suit their own agenda. As the final days of the Aristocracy came into being the Black Rose seemingly vanished without a trace. For the longest of times people believed the secret society to have been dissolved, it's members moving on to other callings. However when the League of Legends was created the Black Rose returned, their new target in mind.


Chapter 1 - The Deceiver

As she walked through the halls of the Institute she felt the icey gaze of her fellow champions. 'Pawns' she thought as she strolled by casually, a small grin spread across her face. In her time spent at the League she was given one assignment and one assignment only, and as she participated in the regular matches she fulfilled her objective. She was meant to observe and report the intricate workings of the Institute. Only a few short days ago she had travelled to Noxus for a meeting. Over the months that had passed by as though they were only mere hours the Black Rose had watched intently. They'd overseen the execution of another Noxian secret society, the Shrouded Moon, and as the tension in the air subsided and returned they to had played their part in the void war. With each passing day they gained influence and new information, and with each passing day they came closer to realizing their ultimate goal.

Turning a corner sharply LeBlanc met face to face with another woman. She looked at the woman in front of her and her grin soon subsided changing instead to a frown. The Frost Archer stood in front of her with a blank expression on her face. Her eyes were ice blue in color and as she looked at the slightly shorter woman in front of her she apologized for bumping into her. As the two parted ways LeBlanc turned to watch the archer leave. She recounted the information she had gathered about the Freljord area and realized that she had shirked her responsibility instead focusing her resources around the powers of Demacia and Ionia. Although the Freljord was a barren wasteland it was not exempt from the Black Rose's ultimate goal.

LeBlanc continued walking while thinking of a way to gather intel on the Icey Northern reaches of Valoran. As she turned yet another corner she arrived at her living chamber and opened the door silenty and stepped inside. She flipped the switch and lights flickered into life revealing a very homey looking room. When she had come to the Institute they had provided her with all of the neccessities, but she had redecorated as she saw fit. Nothing in her apartment was original at this point. Over the window hung dark purple curtains that cut off the view both in and out of the room. In the foyer rested a large black couch capable of sitting three although she never had company. Beside the couch sat a small end table with an intricately crafted ceramic lamp resting on it. A small chair sat on the other side of the small table creating an L shape that seemed to draw the outlines of the area. In front of the chair against the wall that rested 8 ft away sat a large Television. Although she rarely watched anything she would tune into the news from time to time seeing if there was anything knew she did not already know of.

As she looked around the small apartment she smiled at it's intricate beauty. Walking quickly through the main area she opened the door to her private bedroom. In front of her lay a Queen bed wrapped in purple sheets of velvet. She stripped off her clothes carefully leaving only her underwear on and climbed under the covers. As she glanced at the small clock on the wall it read 10:47 P.M. She rested her head softly against one of the pillows and closed her eyes, and in no time at all she drifted off to sleep.

As her eyes opened the room was completely dark, but this was normal. She dreaded being woken up by sunlight pouring through windows and for that reason alone she had prompted to switch the curtains for a darker color. She slowly removed the smooth sheet from overtop of her and climbed out of bed. She walked slowly out of her bedroom and into the bathroom stripping off her remaining clothing and climbing into the shower. She allowed the warm water to pour over her body as she tried to relax. She was unaware of why she felt tense after just waking but did not bother fretting over it. As she climbed out of the shower she grabbed a towel off the rack that rested nearby and began to pat her body softly soaking up the excess water but allowing some of it to remain. Although she was not a being concerned with personal appearance she allowed some of the water to remain to moisturize her faint purple skin. She looked in the mirror and smiled at the image she saw. As she exited the bathroom she went back into the bedroom withdrawing a set of clean clothes from her dresser. There were no matches scheduled for today and she allowed herself to choose a more casual outfit than normal.

As she began to get dressed she remembered her thoughts from the previous night on her walk home. She decided that today she would poke her head around and try to gather a bit of intel about the Frost Archer and her fellow Freljordians alike. As she exited her room slowly she closed the door locking it behind her. She walked down the corridor into the central hallway. As she crossed over into the Western Wing she began to cross paths with many of the Demacian champions and allied summoner's alike. The organization of the League was simple enough split into two wings. The western wing housing mostly Demacian and similar champions, the eastern wing housing the champions from Noxus and Zaun.

As she strolled through the Western Wing she looked around silently. As she approached the large bar that Gragas owned she noticed Tryndamere sitting at a table. She walked silently into the establishment taking a seat at the bar. Gragas walked up to her slowly examining her. It was uncommon to see someone like her in Gragas's establishment, most of the Noxian side champions would often drink in Singed's Bar. As he came closer to her he smiled softly.

"What can I get for you?" he asked politely

LeBlanc looked at the giant man standing in front of her and put on a fake welcoming smile. As she ordered a drink Gragas walked away and began mixing multiple liquors into a small shaker. LeBlanc watched him mix the drink noting how his hands seemed accustomed to the movements. As she watched however she focused her attention on listening to the table behind her. Tryndamere had been sitting alone as she had entered, but now a few others had joined him. Garen, Ezreal, and Xin Zhao had shown up shortly after LeBlanc's arrival and had taken their seats at the same table as Tryndamere.

A young waitress walked out from behind the bar handing each of the men a menu before she returned to the back. The 4 men spoke in muffled tones but LeBlanc could distinctly make out each of the words they spoke. There was talk of the funeral that had taken place only a few days prior, a memorium to the one called Ezeacha the Last Icathian. There was also happy discussion about Talon coming out of his coma and Sona giving birth to a healthy baby girl. LeBlanc was already aware of everything they spoke of. Gragas returned to her and handed her a small glass with a purple colored liquid in it.

"If you don't mind my asking, what is it with you and the color purple?" Gragas asked laughing slightly

"Nothing of your concern." LeBlanc shot the giant a wicked stare her eyes piercing him like a razor.

Gragas walked away not looking back at the woman at the bar. As she sipped the small drink LeBlanc waited still listening for anything she was not aware of. The minutes turned into an hour and towards the latter portion of it Ashe came into the bar briefly to speak with Tryndamere. LeBlanc focused her ears in on the conversation that was taking place.

"Is it truly that urgent?" Tryndamere voice was muffled but angry

"I'm afraid the journey cannot wait. I'll return in a few days. Keep yourself out of trouble." Ashe said with a gentle tone in her voice.

"And just why do they need you back in Freljord so suddenly?" Tryndamere asked

"It's business as usual, overseeing a tribe is not an easy feat, but it is something I must do as queen." Ashe said softly

LeBlanc turned around to leave and saw Ashe wrap her arms around the barbarian softly and kiss him. Without a word Ashe left and walked down the large staircase out of the Institue. With her new information in hand LeBlanc walked back to the Eastern Wing and back to her room. She walked silently to the small table in the foyer and withdrew a small piece of paper from the drawer. She quickly jotted down the information she had heard and left once more. As she walked down the stares she stopped in front of a wall with a small golden plate on it. There was a small slit in the center of the plate and she deposited the note inside of it.

As she thought silently she predicted the time it would take for the note to reach the Black Rose. As she made her way back to her room she simply thought about what her orders would be on the matter. She opened her door silently once more stepping inside. She took a seat in the chair and allowed herself to relax again. She felt the warmness in her stomach brought on by the purple drink that Gragas had mixed. 'He mixes them alot better than that mad scientist' she thought as she praised Gragas for his exceptional skills in alcoholic beverages.

ZigZagMountain64 05-08-2012 02:40 PM


BladeAngelx 05-09-2012 02:21 PM

bump new chapter soon

BSMaster 05-09-2012 06:13 PM

K, keep on writing man, Haruka and I enjoyed the Shadow Maven.

BladeAngelx 05-09-2012 11:19 PM

Chapter 2 is now up on Fanfic.Net

BladeAngelx 05-14-2012 01:24 PM

bump! be looking for chapter 3 sometime in the next couple of days. I am doing my best to try and stick with my regular 1 Chapter per week release, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy for me, and in complete honesty my nerves are shot. Many of you do not know me for who I truly am, and I won't spam this thread with a sob story about my life, suffice to say after 4 years of searching for someone whom I've missed greatly I've found to be dead and hidden from me.

I ask you kindly to give me time to grieve appropriately and I promise that this fanfic will get off the ground soon enough.

Thanks to all of you who support me.
- BladeAngel

BladeAngelx 05-15-2012 12:21 PM

Chapter 3 is online now!


I take offense to that. I do my best to deliver quality writing that isn't smut by any means.

Exman33 05-15-2012 01:36 PM

I have a feeling so let me tell you now, ashe and tryndamere are married, swain is part of the black rose and the general has some connection to it, I hope this lore helped since I guess you didn't read league judgments or the journal of justice

BladeAngelx 05-16-2012 01:09 PM


the conclusions you have drawn seem justified but in no way are clear cut answers. I've read the judgement and it doesn't say that Swain is part of the Black Rose, simply that he is associated with them. The General is of the high command and the Black Rose considers the high command to not be allied with them, this is why LeBlanc states that the General is not/never will be, one of them. I'm aware of Ashe and Tryndamere's marriage, i suggest you stop trying to draw conclusions to a story that you do not write and know nothing more about.

If you do not like the fanfiction i suggest that you do not read it, obviously it's impossible for me to please each and every reader on the forum and I apologize that you don't enjoy my paticular style of writing, but it is the way that I write none the less... you're the only person thus far that has come out and said that they do not like my writing style, but you are simply one person among a fan base that reaches into the hundreds. I continue to adapt my writing style to try and better suit the information available but what has become very very apparent to me is this.

LeBlanc as a character, and the Black Rose as an organization are extremely vague. Everything that you have stated is nothing more than your view point, not mine. My viewpoint is what comes into play as I write so it's just a conflict of interest really. I'd hope that you'd be able to put your own bias aside and actually give the story a chance not as an addition to the existing lore, but as a stand alone tale of LeBlanc.

These stories are obviously fictional and are not official by any means, but what i strive to do is create a universe of my own inside the league that functions off of it's bare basics, if i change certain pieces of information in the process it is for the reason that I would like things to line up more smoothly, and none of the actual "important" information is changed.

After all i didn't say LeBlanc was a 14 year old emo girl with silver hair and braces? or that Swain was a green slime monster from another planet? take solace in the fact that the characters remain intact and that I do not change them into something that they aren't.

Thanks for your input

BladeAngelx 05-19-2012 12:34 PM

A new chapter will be released sometime next week, i'm working hard with my collab group to try and get another story launched in the coming weeks, but I'm still putting a lot of effort towards this story, sorry that the chapter releases aren't as common as they were with Shadow of the Maven, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment.


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