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1776 05-02-2012 06:36 AM

Pantheon in Dominion
First off i'd like to say that i enjoy playing obscure champions not suitable to be played in summoners rift. I've played about 100 games as Urgot, winning quite a few of them just by playing him differently than traditional. I purchased pantheon out of pure random because i liked his skillset. I typically build him with a quick setup. That being boots 1, br utalizer, phage, hexdrinker, and then upgrading those items as i see fit as the game progresses. I typically consider the above items as "core" regardless of the game, but i can't help fight off the sneaking suspicion that i'm not playing him properly.

I typically build with R>Q>E>W in mind, using the W to stun while E and Q do the damage. Most of the time i win team fights or a drop in with R but somehow i feel under powered alot of the time. I've tried everything from tank panth to damage panth and all seem inferor to the above build.

I was just wondering what kind of early to mid build you guys use on dominion. Since i play non draft the team makeup is quite random so i like to keep my builds open i hate choosing between defense vs damage items.

I'm currently using arm pen reds + quints, with armor and magic resists As well as 21/9/0 mastery.

R00ler 05-02-2012 06:56 AM

Everything looks good to me, sounds like you just need to put a few games under your belt so you can become comfortable with him. I start with Last Whisper instead of bruitlizer, but they really serve the same purpose. Instead of Phase next I build something with armor or MR depending on whom I'm wresting with. After Last Whisper I just try to balance offense and survivability, so if I'm getting chased out of battle I buy more armor, if I'm crushing the other team I continue buying damage items.

With Pantheon try to make sure your combo is smooth - it's not a very hard combo so it shouldn't take you much time to get it. Q -> W -> Auto -> E -> Q.

The only champion that I see a lot of in Dominion that I didn't see in SR is Poppy.

inFe eD 05-02-2012 07:00 AM

Pantheon is one of the top 8 broken champions on Dominion. He's gamebreakingly overpowered at all stages of Dominion. R>E>Q>W, Pros. Blade + Boots, Brutalizer, then build whatever AD items you need for the game you're in.

pbear46 05-02-2012 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by R00ler (Hozzászólás 23862039)
The only champion that I see a lot of in Dominion that I didn't see in SR is Poppy.

That's because Poppy have much higher chance to push enemy to a wall in Crystal Scar's narrow paths.

Basoosh 05-02-2012 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by pbear46 (Hozzászólás 23862213)
That's because Poppy have much higher chance to push enemy to a wall in Crystal Scar's narrow paths.

She also has a devil of a time farming on SR, which mostly keeps her in check. Free gold in Dom, though.

1776 - your setup looks good. I usually go Prospector's, Boots, Brutalizer, Phage, and then usually a Last Whisper (most opponents will build armor). Add AD items as necessary. I tend to build glass cannon-ish on him more than I do other AD casters. Engage, drop all your stuff, then disengage if possible until cooldowns are back up.

Orphane 05-02-2012 07:25 AM

Pantheon is an AD caster - what you're running right now for items is pretty solid. What are you using for runes and masteries?

1776 05-02-2012 07:39 AM

Thanks for the replies. I'm currently running ArmPen quints and reds, with + armour yellows and + magic res blues. My masteries are 21/9/0 taking the + dmg and armpen stuff and the defensive and health bits.

I tried pure AD runes but honestly it feels exactly the same when run my armpen runes.

Hraesvilgr 05-05-2012 01:11 PM

I'd say I win 75%+ of my dom solo queue games as Panth, typically placing 1st or 2nd even if we don't win. Maybe that's nothing to brag about, I honestly don't know. REQW is definitely the way to go. Item build is really, really variable. Beyond Brutalizer and Phage, I don't have a standard build; an enemy like a steamrolling Jax or WW or Rammus can totally alter my build in the first ten minutes and I can rapidly end up as a stand-in MR or armor tank if everyone's folding. Since you're in solo queue, when the rest of your team are being morons, sometimes all you can do is try to fill the gap, and Panth seems to flexible in that way more than any other champ I've played. I spend a lot of focus crunching damage death percentages and the scoreboard. Sometimes even Phage doesn't make the cut before I start counterbuilding. My utter default build runs through Youmuu's and Frozen Mallet into Force of Nature or Thornmail, or both, but it only makes it that far maybe 25% of the time, and Youmuu's is really a late priority.

Skyfall means your map awareness needs to be superior as well; a couple good Skyfalls can turn a game around. If my Skyfall is ready, I tend to run through mid more because I can jump to anywhere on the map from the inner ring.

I'm kind of surprised no one's brought up CDR yet. I prioritize CDR relatively highly. Runes are CDR, armor, AP.

Panwar 05-05-2012 04:01 PM

Pantheon and Urgot can be be good in Dominion! Holy **** I have to try these champs out!

Jason Vorheis 05-06-2012 11:40 AM

Check my match history. 32/9 with pantheon this morning when I played (not bragging i had a terrible match with him after that) but anywhos, its all about whos on the other team. Enemy team comp on that match was tristana, teemo, lulu, akali, rammus. None of them smart enough to build armor cept rammus obviously so I just built pure ad. I typically feel IE is important for panth due to his e's passive. Auto crits plus crit damage is now 250% so you've got forsure finishing moves. Pros blade, zerk boots, IE, then depends on whos on the other team and what their building, if you gotta go more tankish, armor pene, or just playing noobs that allow you to stack pure ad lol

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