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Rayven 05-01-2012 11:15 AM

Spectator Mode Feedback
Hi all. With the wide release of Spectator Mode, many of you will be spectating for the first time.

We'd love to hear your feedback as you dive into the feature and watch LoL matches.

Feel free to discuss or suggest anything Spectator related, but here are some areas you might consider for feedback:

  • Let us know if interactions or functionality did not work as you expected.

Directed Camera
  • Does it show you what you want to see during a match?
  • How do you feel about the camera motion/movement?
  • Have you switched from Directed to Manual camera control? Thoughts about the process?

Featured Games (on the landing page)
  • How do you feel about the selection of games?
  • Thoughts about the process of choosing and getting into a game?

Drop-In (off your Friend List)
  • Thoughts about the process of getting into a game?

Spectator HUD
  • Thoughts about the information displayed? Too much? Info missing?
  • Thoughts about using Timeshift Controls?

Thanks and get Spectating!

Saitam 05-01-2012 11:15 AM

Love it. The Directed Camera seems a little wonky, but it's nice for when I'm feeling lazy. The timeshift controls are *awesome*.

ChaosZeroX 05-01-2012 11:16 AM

Its fantastic. Great work.

Haven't found any bugs, but everything seems flawless to me so far.

Foonakie 05-01-2012 11:16 AM

Is my only option to spectate in colorblind mode?

Destîny 05-01-2012 11:17 AM

I posted this in another thread and I guess this relates to 'general':

"I have an idea that I would like implemented. To start off I came from SC2 where watching replays is something that I always do. Now when watching a live SC2 game or watching a replay you could hold the middle mouse button to pan the camera. It does 2 things that I wish that Spectator Mode did.

1. In SC2 when you push the middle mouse button, the camera does not start to pan until you move the mouse. In Spectator Mode when you push the middle mouse button the camera starts to pan to wherever your mouse is. So if my mouse is slightly off center, then the camera will start to move in that direction even if my mouse is stationary. For me, this is slightly annoying and I wish that the middle mouse would only pan the camera if my mouse is moving.

2. In SC2 when you use the middle mouse button it makes your cursor disappear. Also, in SC2 you can hide the interface (like you can in Spectator Mode) to fit more on your screen. So I like combining these two features when using SC2. EG: I can hide the interface and then make my mouse disappear by using the middle mouse button. So there is litterally nothing on my screen (mouse cursor/UI) other than the battle at hand. I would love at least an option to be able to do this for Spectator Mode.

I hoped I explained these points well and I think it would be cool if Riot at the very least gave us the option to change the Spectator Mode to these settings."

UnderPaidOrphan 05-01-2012 11:17 AM

Being able to join a friend that is spectating their OWN friend's game would be kinda nice. Just a thought. I'm sure this thread will be great once people really get into it.

I wanted to add a little tidbit with the Directed Camera. It actually seems decent, although I have yet to use it first hand, but right away in the spotlight, I noticed, the camera lacks tracking with maybe a couple abilities (such as Master Yi's Alpha Strike). It just looked a little off, but I'm sure it's not that bad. I suppose it is hard to predetermine the camera to locate the new location of the champ, but MAYBE there is a way to tweak it. I just imagine other spells looking a little off (Flashes, blinks, etc.). But who knows!

EDIT: I feel like moving this thread to In-Game HUD just killed it
EDIT EDIT: Glad you made this thread "sticky" for GD. It's alive!!!

So I have watched 3 games so far with spectator. For the most part, you guys succeeded and the mode is near perfect (then again, it's been like what, a year or more, since you've announced it?). Regardless, the functions available are awesome, especially for new players. Older veteran players also get some insight into even higher ELO brackets.

The Directed Camera is actually pretty nice. It seems to kinda just jump to whoever has the lowest health though, which takes away from the "Directed Camera will jump to the action on the map!" aspect that you guys say it has. However, I'm sure updates will only make it better, so now harm there. Besides, the Timeshift feature is utterly amazing, so it helps A TON for spectating. Hell, just rewinding to see what spell a certain champ takes at level 4 is helpful.

You guys mentioned that implementing spectator chat was in your heads, but you couldn't find a nice way to do it. For example, you mentioned that you tried tabs within the chat window to show game chat and a separate tab for spectator chat. After playing around with the mode, I don't even see GAME CHAT, although I could just need to enable it and not be paying attention enough. Regardless, spectator chat is going to be a main feature for an incoming update and you guys already know that. So I say at least test out the Tab chat idea in PBE or something.

Heck, couldn't you even add the normal chat feature in the main menu screen and put in as a transparent UI at the bottom of the screen? Or ever the bottom left/right of the screen? So basically, you will have the "Friends List", "Chat Tabs", and "Group Chat Tabs" at the bottom of the screen, with the same features as people are used to at the main menu screen. Maybe even make it like a pop up menu (ala Mac OSX dock). Who knows, just giving feedback. With this idea, you could even invite YOUR friends to join you in spectating.

Minor Bug (?):
Directed Camera is nice (heck you can eat AND watch action!), but it seems that if you choose to lock on to a champ, and then click ANY feature (such as checking how much gold the champs have in the Tab menu), then the Directed Camera resets. It isn't that big of a deal, but a minor annoyance. Or perhaps it's intended and the Directed Camera just turns back on after a couple minutes.

Anyways, I would have to say that Spectator Mode is as big of a release (if not bigger) than Dominion and will segway greatly into the much anticipated replays.

TL; DR: Spectator Mode is a great tool to help new players to the game and even veteran players can take away some things. Updates in the future will only build on this mode. 9/10

Dagyr 05-01-2012 11:17 AM

If only there was some kind of delay on it so people couldn't cheat!!!!

Joking aside, I personally haven't had the chance to use it yet, but it sounds amazing.
A few points that I've heard though -
-Spectator chat
-Spectateception (Join a friend spectating so you can spectate the same game he's spectating)

Putting this post on the front page since it was really well thought out -


Originally Posted by Tryptomine (Hozzászólás 23830229)
Few minor things I noticed:

  • Wards not in bushes sometimes appeared at full opacity (instead of the usual 50%) despite being hidden. This seemed to be very inconsistent and relatively rare so sorry that I can't really give more details.
  • While in Directed Camera tapping a hotkey for someone's name causes inconsistent behavior; sometimes it only focuses that person for 5 seconds before going back to DC (which I believe is the intended behavior), sometimes it focuses them completely (which seems like it should only happen if you double tap). And sometimes tapping a key (for the 5 second focus) and then trying to use the drop-down menu to select a mode causes it to bug out and ignore some/all names/modes you try to select.
  • Game I'm watching while typing this just completely froze (the program froze, not lag, or so it appeared) for ~15 seconds. First time its happened to me in the game, but I am running w8 consumer preview.

Other observations and thoughts:
  • Magic shields (such as Morgana's Black Shield) is almost identical in color to the purple team's health bars.
  • Functionality of space bar while using Directed Camera seems very confusing and inconsistent.
  • Not being able to rewind to before you started spectating the match is slightly disappointing. But the amount of code work that would be required to change this (saving replay data server-side in real time) seems like too much to make this very minor feature worthwhile.
  • Slowing down the action makes many of the animations surprisingly jerky. Surprising because I don't recall them being this stilted when using LOLReplay's slow down feature (but I could be wrong, been a while since I used it).
  • Minor tweak; click on the character portraits on the bottom middle window should redirect camera to that person like it does on the sides.
  • Retreat pings should be slightly tinted for each team, its impossible to tell which team pinged the retreat currently.
  • No Dom/TT games ever on featured streams?
  • Personally would like to see those new, mini half-circle exp bars that show on your character to show on everyone in Spectator.
  • Gold floating text probably should be outlined in blue/purple to better indicate who obtained it. (Possibly apply this to other floating text?)
  • Might want to have mousing over a champion's skill (either from the side portraits or the bottom left stat window) display the range indicator for that skill around the champion.
  • Spectator pings appear to be blue; might want to change them to be distinguishable from Blue team's pings.
  • Maybe right-clicking on a item's icon should pull up the item's build path/upgrade tree?
  • Announcer has a strange/funny tone of voice when saying "Purple team's turret has been destroyed." (lol)

xVasDeferenSx 05-01-2012 11:17 AM

Is there a way to talk to others spectating or to invite friends to spectate with? this would make it quite a bit more enjoyable imo.

Demasque 05-01-2012 11:18 AM

Looks great, one thing though that it's missing (Dota 2 has this) is the spectator chat where all spectators can comment amongst themselves, that's like, half the fun of spectating.

Leib Olmai 05-01-2012 11:20 AM

Bug : In team select the right team is listed as "Summoner's 1 to 5", instead of showing the name.

Personal note : And I know the announcer thing isn't all done, but I hope you can make it a little better. (More specific, more enjoyable. The tone isn't all there. And she tell nothing when poeple get kills and such !) Overall the "X team have destroyed a turret/inibitor" really isn't exciting at all or doesn't add anything. And due to the different post production she doesn't sound the same as the "killing spree, etc". I'd like to hear more double-kill/triple kill, etc.

Suggestion : I would really like more than 5 features games if possible. Maybe 10 would be enough. And an indication of the elo range or something like this could be great. I know it's mostly high ranked game. I've only seen 1600+ so far. But maybe if you show the elo range (for ranked) it would allow you to put higher range of gameplay.

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