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Ponies 05-01-2012 03:50 AM

Official Spectator Bug Thread
By the time you guys read this, spectator and all of its glory will have been released! I just wanted to start this thread to give all of you a place to go to when reporting any spectator related bugs.

Our main goal is to create the best spectating experience for you guys and we truly believe that the feedback we receive is the best way to tailor the spectator feature to what you guys think is the best spectating experience.

If possible, please try to provide the following information along with your spectator specific bug reports:

-How you began your spectating experience(Featured Games, Drop-in Spectator, Lobby Spectator)
-What your current resolution and graphical settings are, if concerning a graphical issue.
-A detailed description of the bug
-The game log from the game where you noticed the bug. These game logs can be located in your game directory(For example: \Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs)

The rest of the Spectator team and I will be reading over this thread to find issues to address with spectator, which will contribute in finding ways to build upon and improve spectator and all of the features that come along with it including time shift and directed camera.

We hope you guys enjoy spectator and hope we can continue to improve the quality of spectator as we move forward.

EDIT: I will be updating this post with issues that I am commonly seeing

Screen gets stuck in the bottom right corner when using borderless


Originally Posted by Nagendra (Hozzászólás 23816484)
Just loaded up a game and i get this: http://puu.sh/smMP

i'm on "windowed mode" - Borderless..


Going to load another game to see if it's just this one or all of them that i try to spectate...

Edit: Seems to only be that one game... not sure why... think i was alt+tabbed while the game was loading and that is perhaps why? I have sinced tried to alt tab while loading a spectated game, but i havent been able to reproduce the fault : ( i'll come back to this if it occurs again...

This issue is an issue that has recently popped up that is not necessarily spectator specific. It happens when you change focus, or click on anything on the screen, between the time champion select minimizes and the time the League of Legends logo pops up. While we work on a fix for this issue, a workaround is to press ALT+ENTER once in game to force Fullscreen. Press ALT+ENTER again to switch to Borderless.

The mouse is restricted to a specific portion of the screen

Originally Posted by Sudetenland (Hozzászólás 23817079)
my mouse is limited to the bottom right corner of the screen. when i try to go up or to the left its like i hit the side of the map and it scrolls. i cant use most of the controls that arent hotkeys

This is related to the issue above with the Borderless mode. It is a common case when focus is being requested from a different window other than League of Legends and this is a fairly new issue to us. Once we implement a fix for the Borderless issue, I believe this will be fixed, as well. For now, if this issue occurs, simply pressing ALT+TAB twice should clear the restriction window.

Spectators can't receive whisper replies but can send them


Originally Posted by llemes (Hozzászólás 23821260)
I can't seem to receive messages from friends if i'm inside spectator mode. But once I get out of spec mode I can see their messages. Also, I can send them from spec mode, just not receive.

For those that have enabled chat by clicking on the visibility options on the bottom of the spectator UI options(eyeball icon), you should notice that chat is not allowed for spectators but whispering is. We noticed there is a case where whispers are able to be sent out but receiving whisper replies are not being received by the spectator. This is also a fairly new issue and I hope we can address this for you guy soon.

Items are not displaying the correct item within the spectator scoreboard

I have been seeing multiple reports of items incorrectly being shown(e.g. Doran's Blades showing up in place of wards or pots). We have a lead on a possible fix/solution for this issue but may need a bit of information. Can you guys let us know if you are seeing this consistently. Also, please let us know if you had to perform a reconnect before seeing the issue.

Spectating a friend shows them as Summoner 1-5


Originally Posted by Spiragon (Hozzászólás 23832454)
Oops, made a thread about this... anyways here it is again:

I spectated a friend, was shown the enemy team and their names while in champion select, while my friend's name was "summoner 5". Joined with 1:30 left in delay before game.

This issue occurs when spectating a friend on your buddy list that has just started, which pops you right into champion select. In certain queues we have seen issues of player's names not showing up on the correct side.

Summoner icons for the purple team do not display properly


Originally Posted by boni (Hozzászólás 23817082)
Bug: The last 3 players in the game on purple/red side aren't displayed correctly in the UI.
One summoner spell is missing, ult is displayed instead, and instead of the ult the E-Spell is displayed. Same goes for info in the bottom-left. (Cooldowns are displayed correctly though, I think)
For those 3 the champion picture in the scoreboard also is missing.

Edit: Just tried TT, it's only the 3rd player on purple team there. Looks like it always is the 3rd, 4th and 5th player on purple team.

We think this is a big issue and are already looking into a solution for it. I think we may have an idea of why this is occurring and will implement a fix as soon as we can.

Floating text for gold and damage do not disappear even if the camera moves to a new location


Originally Posted by xMoko019 (Hozzászólás 23833165)
Floating text is staying in screen if you use the seek bar at the moment the text is still on screen.

Very annoying if you ask me.

Screenshot: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...6&d=1335898015

We are aware of this issue but did not realize it was a common issue. I am going to look further into reproducing this since it has been a bit difficult to do in the past. If you guys know of any spectator behavior that triggers this, please let us know :D

HavetBanan 05-01-2012 03:58 AM

Hey hey hey why cant i get on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grifal 05-01-2012 03:59 AM

My client patched but the server is still unavailable. o_o"

JohnJohnYu 05-01-2012 04:00 AM

will report if find any :) dont wory

Byakuya97 05-01-2012 04:03 AM

R u trolling me? Or just bugging with login systems/server

Krauv 05-01-2012 04:04 AM


Originally Posted by Ponies (Hozzászólás 23815275)
By the time you guys read this, spectator and all of its glory will have been released!

But why are the servers still down? ;p
I've read that already.

Unline 05-01-2012 04:07 AM

Spectator Mode is over 9000!!!!!

Sentient23 05-01-2012 04:08 AM

instead of being trolled, we got ponied :(

Caveth 05-01-2012 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by Ponies (Hozzászólás 23815275)
By the time you guys read this, spectator and all of its glory will have been released!

I don't think so.

anrkst 05-01-2012 04:10 AM

[QUOTE=Ponies;23815275]By the time you guys read this, spectator and all of its glory will have been released Soon"


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