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Bearface 07-27-2009 12:40 PM

Ignore/ Squelch Function is Needed!
One of the worst parts of playing online nowadays is the way people think it's ok to throw around hate speech. I don't mind someone saying "pwned", but I do mind someone saying racial and sexual slurs. We do live in America, and are entitled to the first amendment, but this is limited in online worlds and games like LoL. This type of speech is against TOS. I understand that LOL staff can't possibly ban everyone who violates this. I would suggest putting in a squelch or ignore function that at least allows a person not to see this filth. There is a difference between trash talking and spewing hateful and offensive words. An ignore/squelch function is an absolute necessity.

Xarek 07-27-2009 01:00 PM

Totally agree. From my top five.

2. Squelch. Can I get a checkbox next to each players name? or a /squelch command? (or is there one I don't know about?). I only would have used it about three times this entire weekend, but if I could have had it those three times it would have been FANTASTIC. Thanks.

I'll add, I don't even mind using it for just the particularly wordy trash talkers out there, and not just the hate speechers. The occasional 'pwned' or smiley, or lol, no big deal. But I don't like my chat getting spammed by some trash talking stenographer for 60 minutes.

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