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Anarchius 04-16-2012 01:23 AM

Clan GTR (A Casual Progression Clan) Recruiting new members!
Hey guys, Stevo here from www.gettherax.com. Thanks for checking out my recruitment thread!

Clan GTR is a mature, polite, and fun community that seeks to reach out to new and casual players who are seeking to progress in the League of Legends realm. We play all game modes, and take all types of players at any level.

There is no application process for casual members. Joining is as easy as posting your IGN and summoner level here on the thread, (you may also provide additional info, like what role/champions you enjoy most, etc) Once you have done so your name and info will be added to our members list. There you can get in touch with our members and start playing games right away!

Want something a little more competitive or challenging? Then check out our forums (link below) and post your info in our "Clan GTR Team Recruitment and Applications" thread.

Already in another clan? No problem! Clan GTR is very casual and has few rules, most of which only call for politeness and maturity when playing. It's ok if you are already in a pro ELO based clan, or any other type. GTR is a great place to hang out if you just need some extra people to play with!

Our member list is very diverse. We have female players, foreign players, old & young players, pro and rookie players, and everything in between! We are an equal opportunity clan that does not discriminate (except against trolls!) and we welcome people from all walks of life. As long as you are polite and mature, that's all we desire!

Worried about lack of structure and members? No need to sweat. We may be new, but our members list is already over 400 members long, and growing DAILY. Many of our players are online in game on a regular basis, and some of them play up to 3-5+ games a day!

We also have an in game chat room called GTR. Feel free to hop in and get to know us! :)

For more info please feel free to visit the site or check out the links below for specifics.
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Full Site: www.gettherax.com

Clan Section: http://www.gettherax.com/category/ga...gtr-lol-posts/

Member's List: http://www.gettherax.com/new-get-the...-legends-east/

Clan Rules: http://www.gettherax.com/gtr-rules/

Instructions For New Members: http://www.gettherax.com/meet-gtrs-new-clan-leader/

Forums: http://www.gettherax.com/community/

Check us out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/GetTheRax

Check us out on Twitter! www.twitter.com/gettherax
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Thanks for reading! Hope to play with you soon.


PS - Don't forget to give us a thumbs up!

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Herosandwich 04-17-2012 01:32 AM

hey, add me?

ImMystiik 04-17-2012 02:06 AM

im up for a game!! add me

Anarchius 04-17-2012 04:03 AM


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