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TheSlayerXD 04-12-2012 04:38 AM

League of Legends- InstallShield Wizard
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every time i start installing it starts for like 3 seconds and then this pops up:
Feature: DefaultFeature
Component: Files5
File: C:\Users\user\Desktop\LeagueOfLegends\data2.cab
Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
pls help i have no clue how fix it and i tried deleting everything i downloaded so far and downloaded it again like 10 times already.

fabbbyyy 07-16-2012 06:07 PM

bump getting this too

Panzerfaust 07-16-2012 06:37 PM

Looks to me, from my limited technical know-how, that there might be a missing/corrupt file. Try redownloading and running a fresh installer.

Worst Chinese KS 12-07-2012 12:53 AM

installing LOL on desktop?

korathlv5 02-23-2013 11:02 AM

well try to do custom option so you can choose what you want to install so it goes by quicker and there wont be any errors

FederalJoe 04-16-2013 10:29 AM

set up error
installshield doesn't work for me either it says files are corrupted and I have tried to install this game 15 times in two days and everytime it says the same thing any help thank you

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