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Dorgenedge 04-10-2012 06:24 PM

The Summoner's Stable
Simply put, a Stable is the set of champions someone aspiring to play a certain role would want to have. It's the set of staple champions you'll want if you're going to play role X.

THIS IS A META LIST. All the champions and roles on this thread will be META champions and META roles. I encourage deviating from the meta, as it results in a fun and interesting experience, but simply put, doesn't see play. The meta is what 99% of players will play under and what works. I'd be doing everyone a disservice by suggesting someone play a sub-par champion or a role that isn't commonly seen.

PLEASE know that these are only MY opinion, and I'm more than open to changes if you feel any of these are WRONG! PLEASE feel free to (politely) point out any flaws in my logic or suggest other champions for any role you desire. I'm not a high ELO player, but this is what I've found to be a decent pool of champions for a given role.

Suggested Champions:
None yet!

Ranked in no particular order


The Solo Top Stable:
1. Warwick - Infinite sustain, can be switch to jungle if it all goes wrong, powerful ult.
2. Cho'Gath - Very safe pick, near infinite sustain, incredibly tanky, and high burst damage along with his kit of CC.
3. Yorick - Another safe pick, great sustain and harass power, hard to counter, and scales well.
4. Vladimir - A good counter to certain champions, again great sustain, great escapibility to prevent tower dives and ganks.
5. Shen - Given his recent buffs, Shen is incredibly powerful. Great CC, amazing tankablility, and a global ult that puts Ezreal to shame.

The Jungle Stable:
1. Shyvana - Amazing clear time, fairly strong ganks (lack of cc hurts), high damage, very tanky, scales incredibly
2. Maokai - Provides some AP and very strong pure-tankability, good to have in your kit
3. Udyr - Amazing sustain, hard CC for ganks and teamfights, great damage
4. Lee Sin - Good clear time, versatile, good counter jungler, strong ganks
5. Skarner - Great ult, good damage, incredibly tanky, good 1v1 and strong late game

The Solo Mid Stable:
1. Ryze - Great damage, low cooldowns, tanky later, scales incredibly, good harass
2. Cassiopeia - Great harass, decent cooldowns, hard CC with ult, DoTs, powerful burst
3. Kennen - Teamfight winning ult, doesn't need blue, great CC
4. Ahri - Great lane phase, good sustain, great escapibility and teamfight presence due to her maneuverability
5. Morgana - Powerful pusher, punishes enemy ganking by taking turret early, great ult and hard cc, strong damage

The Support Stable:
1. Soraka - Global heal, helps sustain carry well, Starcall helps teamfights a great deal
2. Alistar - Great CC, heal to sustain carry, zones particurally well
3. Janna - Shield/Steroid is great for aggressive lanes, ult helps break up unwanted fights
4. Lulu - Great early game, removes enemy carry from teamfights for a few precious moments
5. Nunu - Great attack speed steroid, good harass, sets up ganks well, great ult and strong baiter

The Ranged AD Stable:
1. Vayne - Hardest carry, great late game damage, hard to kill as teams have trouble finding her during her ult
2. Kog Maw - Great against tanky teams, does tons of damage and can be deadly if protected
3. Graves - Becomes decently tanky, great attack speed steroid, does tons of damage, good harass
4. Tristana - Amazing attack speed steroid, initiation/disengagement tool, good early game harass, and amazing late game damage
5. Corki - Great escapibility, very strong early game, abusable ult, great tendancy to shut down opposing farm and get fed with appropriate support

4-10-12: Originally posted
4-11-12: Shyvana section reworded, removed Ashe and Urgot from Ranged AD, added Corki and Graves
4-12-12: Removed Warwick from Jungle, replaced with Skarner, removed Sona (given her nerfs and lack of competitive play) from Supports, replaced with Nunu
Please don't up/down vote based on my choices, or the choices of others. Again, this is meerly opinion, and I'd like to see what the community thinks

PaPa CHEENO 04-10-2012 06:32 PM

Forcing players to play the current meta? Stupid.

Dorgenedge 04-10-2012 06:35 PM

I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. I'm trying to outline a set of champions someone would play to fill a given meta role. If the meta changes, I'll change the list. But, the meta is what it is because it works. I'm not going to write lists of champions for a penta-support penta-mid team, because there's one role, and not many players do it. (Played against a team that did it the other day and did it perfectly, was very well planned and executed)

This is a high-tier list of champions for a meta team. I thought the initial description would have made that clear

Dorgenedge 04-11-2012 03:32 PM

Nobody has any thoughts?

Noshamwow 04-11-2012 05:54 PM

Good list if players really cared about playing the meta. I find people in normals really could give a flying hoot about the meta. I like the list, I have characters in each slot you listed. I like support myself, I dont find it boring as some claim.

vlazy 04-11-2012 06:32 PM

awesome list man, as a new player this has helped me out a lot

Derivator 04-11-2012 07:04 PM

I wouldn't say Shyvana has strong ganks, no cc really hurts in early ganks. She's still great though, fast jungle clear + strong duels = stupidly good counterjungler.

Dorgenedge 04-11-2012 07:09 PM

Derivator makes a good point, going to update my Shyvana section.

Also, I'm gunna rewrite my Ranged AD section. I dislike my picks now

Does anyone have champions to suggest? I feel like solo top should be bigger, I had a hard time choosing just 5 champions to place there. I also feel like Jungle could use a bit of work

Triska 04-11-2012 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Dorgenedge (Hozzászólás 23088818)
Derivator makes a good point, going to update my Shyvana section.

Also, I'm gunna rewrite my Ranged AD section. I dislike my picks now

Does anyone have champions to suggest? I feel like solo top should be bigger, I had a hard time choosing just 5 champions to place there. I also feel like Jungle could use a bit of work

Rumble is an unpopular pick for some reason, but he's an amazing solotop. Great damage with Q, an escape with W, a slow that kites melee and secures kills with E, and one of the best teamfight ultimates.

Nocturne is an incredible jungler too. Great cleartimes, amazing ganks. Great at chasing due to Q, CC with E, and his ult is the scariest thing in the game- towerdiving is a breeze.

Skarner is also a great jungler. His ult is incredible for ganking or singling out and destroying a carry in a teamfight, and he also has a built-in slow with Q, shield+dash with W, and sustain with E.

Oognoko 04-12-2012 09:49 AM

This is a good list to have around. While players may be able to "play" a role, often it is just with one or two champions that can get picked/banned. I like the idea of having a stable of champions, and if you watch tournaments you will notice that pros have preferred sets of champions (which leads to the tournament meta of targeting bans against players).

I agree with Triska though there are very strong champions that have been left off the lists, some of whom I think deserve spots over ones you picked. While that can just be a matter of preference (contrary to popular belief Morello is doing a decent job/getting better at it).

A good idea would be a "secondary stable". These are the champions you can play that are either out of left field or are good counters (for instance having Fizz to counter Karth or Gragas to counter Cass or LB/Kass to counter any traditional AP mid).

Proposed Secondary Stables:
Solo Top:
Swain: Very tanky and deceptively sustainable with his passive. He also counters melee tops well with Nevermove.
Rumble: See Triska
Junglers: Lee Sin/Shyvana/Udyr etc are all also good solo tops. Learn to play them in both roles and you can be more versatile and do "fake outs" in champ select.

Nocturne: Good clear time, duskbringer and fear make ganks a breeze
Alistar: Not as fast as the speed junglers, but has speed and ganking potential on the same level as other "ganking junglers"
Skarner/Maokai/Nautilus: Tanky AP junglers with strong ganks.

LeBlanc: She scales off lategame but rules the midgame. Use to shut down their mid and other squishies. You have to force an early win before you trail off.
Gragas: Counters champs that like to poke (Cass just won't even bother poking you). Can farm safely with his barrel and his ult is great to initiate or reset teamfights.
Karthus: Still a solid pick, has long range and has the wall of pain. Also he can press R.
Morde: es #1. But seriously his shield and lack of costs allow him to sustain himself very well. He also eats squishy supports with ult+ignite, especially if he has harassed them.

Leona: Great tankiness and can shut down a team with her CC.
Blitzcrank: A fun support, he can reverse-alistar the carry into the tower and has some good tankiness/cc.
Nunu: Bloodboil, free spells, consume to stay in lane, medium-tankiness, and that ult from the bush.
(Bonus) Lux/Orianna: Aggressive supports based on getting early kills/severe zoning. have good bush checking, shields, slow/snare, and ultimates that are good both for lanefights and in teamfights.

AD Carry:
Urgot: The LeBlanc of AD Carries. Has great early/mid game but trails off late game. He does become fairly tanky near the end with Frozen Heart/W and his ult is a good support skill. Best to have someone like Irelia/Xin Zhao who can make up for the falloff in damage.
Ashe: Hawkshot is a useful ability, early game crits help harass, frost arrows to help junglers gank and to catch/kite, dat Arrow.
Varus: Coming Soon (TM)

Edit: Olaf is also a good Jungler/Solo Top

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