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764768 04-05-2012 12:04 PM

bugged map?
hi, this morning i logged on to play league of legends i was going to play with my bro but when i was connecting it showed a black screen i restarted my computer 5 times after that i got banned for 3 days any help please?

Axil 04-05-2012 12:12 PM

1. this map isnt bugged
2. you dont get banned for leaving 1 game
3. i bet you dont have a bro

764768 04-05-2012 07:04 PM

1. i dont know if its a bugged map
2.this happened to me alot more than this
3. i am not the only one in my family

SprinklerMonkey 04-05-2012 08:04 PM

1. the map isnt bugged
2. try uninstalling
3. your an only child

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