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DrSolders 04-03-2012 11:53 AM

need help with solo que?
im not the best player but im just as good as 3 of my freinds who are around 1400-1500 but im stuck at 900. of course once i hit lvl 30 not really knowing what to do i started ranked...lost several got down to about 1000-1050 the other day i got it finaly up to 1200 after like 8 games, but after loosing like 5-6 im down to 900 and dont know if i can carry the team out. not all are bad but a lot ragers and people dead on who they want to play. what can i do? i normaly aniv or grag mid. shen solo top on rare ocasions where hes not banned or picked. mundo solo top(dat cleaver spam). nunu or taric support. ez ad cary. ww, udyr, or malph jungle. are there any champs i can just cary with? because i can do decent like go average (9)/(3)/(12) but there always is that one ashe at bot feeding vayne like 8 kills in laning phase and even if you cc her and everything shes still able to do enough to get your team. i just need ideas and to vent what do yall think? sorry about poor grammar and spelling dont really feel like revising it.

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