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Sentient23 04-01-2012 05:07 AM

post about 'meta champs' and 'trolls'
so i dont have high elo, but ive been noticing a trend among these silly noobs that i get queued with. i just played a normal game (i tend to take it a bit more jovial) and i joined in last spot. so i throw out the classic "IM PLAYING *champ/position*" which happened to be ezreal that time. instead of discussing it, the duo queue team captain decided to ban ezreal and ask me if i was 'mad'. i just gave him my usual "nah bro im furious"

so it comes to my pick (i was told they would carry me regardless) and im left with solo top. i pick kayle vs either nasus or mundo. mundo jungles so im vs nasus. the duo queue starts the game by all chatting "gg troll kayle" so of course my first thought is, "god why are all these people so dumb?"

bot lane gets rocked, the duo queue mid is ok, but the duo queue jungle is plain terrible (shyvana).... so i do my usual solo top kayle, smash on the minons push them to tower and harass under the tower (solo top kayle op). turns out me and veigar are carrying almost the entire game until we got graves fed enough. kayle of course makes retarded ad carries look pro, and the game snowballs in our favor with graves rolling out thinking hes a super badass.

now what i really want to ask, is if there is anyone out there that can play a 'non-meta champ' and does so consistently to the sound of "troll *champ* gg". i guess i feel like i make a tiny bit of difference by showing people how to 'really play' but i swear they just walk away thinking it was all them or that the person i was vs just plain sucked. i always feel kind of bad for that solo top olaf/nasus/singed/etc that gets pwnt by kayle and then has to listen to their team gripe about how he 'fed'

Middle or Adc 04-01-2012 05:20 AM

Yes I play mid Talon and I went 28/12/10 yesterday and we lost and i was blamed for trolling my team and only KS'ing

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