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Vigoo 03-29-2012 01:10 AM

jungle akali Oo
really no point ? or is it decent/good i know she better laneing i main her first champion i brought xD so i know how to build use her. but yeh i've tried it, done 2 games with it got like 8/0/1 and like 6/0/2 playing against baddies tho so i didn't really get to test it out both those teams surrendered at 20 just your thoughts would be nice

-reason i jungle with her if we don't have a jungler or somone else wants mid
-with blue i can do abit more burst without having to worry about energy like spam E in her combo
-red buff is just nice on her early game when you don't have rylai's yet or u can delay getting it since you got red
-vsing other junglers yes i guess she weak at that till lvl 4 and 6 i say 4 coz thats when i get my point in W easier get away from a gank
-starting with cloth armor and +5 pots vsing another jungler you have the upper hand as most other junglers are doing AD dmg
-i use 21/8/1 masterys 7AD reds 2 MP reds 9 armor yellows 9 AP/lvl blues 3 flat AP quints
-i can clear jungle pretty fast keeping up with solo lanes lvls till about after lvl 4 always at least 3/4 hp during it
-her ganks pre 6 isnt to bad you do have abit of a slow when W is used right
-great counter jungle after 6
-free to roam and gank all you want what akalis best at

i take flash smite flash > ignite
flash helps you get away from a early gank or jungler
good for early gank for the gap closer
never go wrong with flash on akali

just and your opinions and thoughts would be great ^^

wrzp 03-29-2012 06:25 PM

Anyone can jungle now so why not akali?

My main concern would be later game during the team fighting stage, since akali is squishier that a traditional jungle. For it to be optimal you would need a tanky team around you.

But if you are making it work, more power to you.

Darth Sheik 03-30-2012 01:49 AM

I play Jungle Akali in ranked, around the 1250 range. It's most definitely viable and it's very very scary post lvl 6. Akali is my strongest main, but because she has so many counters top and mid lane, playing her in the jungle can definitely catch a lot of team comps by surprise.

should definitely try it out.

Quick Rawr 03-30-2012 07:57 AM

As long as your laners have some CC and you take flash on her, her burst makes up for her lack of CC and you can focus someone down quite quickly (Bot Lane - Alistar, Leona, Vayne, etc / Top Lane - Cho'Gath, Singed, etc). I've seen her do exceptionally well.

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