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iDrinKMaplESyruP 08-04-2010 10:36 AM

I have a problem
I seem to only be good with one champoin :/. I can play ryze in any normal game and just wreck the opposing team with 20+ kills and under 10 deaths any time. However i have tried several other of the free champions and just cannot do good with them. Even with other casters i fail. Any tips on how to expand my field of champions learned?
thanks in advance

Kyuketsuki 08-04-2010 11:06 AM

I would suggest first by trying champions with similar styles to ryze, like pantheon (another combo champ) just like ryze, pantheons death combo is w (aegis of zeonia), e (heartseeker strike), q (spear shot). Harass/Last hit with spear shot.

Tanks are more difficult to learn since they struggle in the laning phase against ranged harassers. If your looking for a champ with more lane control try blitzcrank, the fear of a rocket grab has a lot of presence throughout the game. Blitzcrank is not a pure tank though, more of a fat kid mage. Amumu, singed, taric, alistar are better examples of a more pure tank.

Support Champs are my personal favorite to play they are all about making your teammates better/holding enemies in place for the carry. I would heavily suggest morgana as the champ to learn for support. Other good choices are soraka, kayle, and zilean.

Also with your ryze playstyle, I think you'd like katarina, she is a more difficult champion to learn and master. You can build her either AP or AD (the way I build her), but remember all of her burst is magical damage, I know doesn't make sense you get attack damage to do magical damage. Make sure to have magic penetration marks. The important thing about kat is when to enter the team fight, you should be one of the last ones in the fight and entering with the combination of killer instincts, to shunpo, to death lotus, and the best time to enter is once the enemy is distracted and wasted all stuns, silences, and knock-ups (aka the things that stop the death lotus).

Hope that helps, and mad love for the sad mummy as he gives all the hugs forever.

Arkensth 08-04-2010 04:36 PM

Honestly, you just need practice. The reason why you're able to play (and I don't mean to belittle you) Ryze is that he is the easiest champion in the game to play. You just need to try out a different champion and practice with them.

Like Kyuketsuki said, there are different sorts of champions, so that is another thing to consider when looking for a playable hero.

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