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Quep 07-27-2009 01:00 AM

From Hero to Champion (DotA-to-LoL)
Everyone only "suggests" they remake heroes, but they dont understand, how much different the hero would have to be. Now im suggesting, this Thread be used for peoples ideas on Remake, and remodels of Dota hero Transition into champions. Im not suggesting a complete redo on the hero, but merely a smooth transistion.

To start things off, My Favorite all time hero has to be Pudge, followed by Techies,tinker,tiny and Razor(the .61 version :D) these to my are some of the funnest most versitile heroes in the game. So here it is:

Pudge - From Hero to Champion!

First thing is First, Since this is a "remake" Name changes could be concidered.

Alternate Names: Bistro, Gourmet, Chunkz, or Corpz

Sub name: The Butcher

Model: Could retain, old Zombie-esk model, or can go with something Different :) i do prefer the Abom model however.

Stats: Not quite sure how stat system works but He would probably be Similar to Singes Stats.

Class: Tank

Keywords: Tank, Pusher, Snare, Slow, Melee, Disabler, Tough

Health |||||||||----

Attack ||||||------

Spells ||||||------

Difficulty |||||||||---


(Q) Meat Hook - Pudge hurls his meat hook straight foward colliding with the first target it happens to "MEAT"(lul pun) Dealing Dammage and pulling it towards him. (does not dammage allies)

(W) Corpse Rot - Being Composed out of the fallens corpses pudge can will the Decomposition of them causing Damage to himself and all surrounding Foes. Affected Champions will be slowed and Blinded causing them to miss attacks (consumes Corpses)

(E) Absorb Corpse - (pudges new skill idea form moi) Pudge can Absorb some of the corpses hes made From to restore some Hit Points (Consumes Corpses)

(R-Ultimate) Dismember - Pudge Sinks his teeth into his apponent causing massive dammage over time and immobilizing them for the duration. If Dismember Yields a kill it grants an additional corpse (Creep 1+1=2, Champion 2+1=3)

(Passive) Flesh Heap - Pudges body is made up of Rotting corpses held together by Dark Magics, creating a magic resistant layer. Pudge can add onto his body by killing enemies in battle, Creeps = +1 Champions = +2. Pudge has x% initial magic resistance + x% per corpse, Stacks up to Ten Times.

- Rot consumes corpses Based on time, Every 6 Seconds that rot is active, Pudge loses a corpse so inturn loses: Magic resistance. Pudge can rot without Corpses but will take more dammage himself.
- Absorb Corpse absorbs 1 whole Corpse per cast, can be cast ten times rapidly at level 5, Cooldown decreses with level.
-Hook works just like dotas hook, range increases with level, dmg is dealt to enemies not allies.
-Dismember works just like dotas, Blood spurts everywhere and pudge yells something cleaver(Ha moar puns)

Alternate Spell (E)

Meat Cleaver - Pudge throws forward his great meat cleaver doing aoe dammage where it lands, The unfortunate unit it lands on will be Stunned and take Full dammage, other units surrounding take half. (pudge must regain his cleaver by picking it up, Cleaver is a hookable object.

Notes: The cleaver is tossed, similar to Tiny's toss, only there is no target, it takes a bit of skill and luck to aim correctly and land a full dammage stun and hit.


Please please start posting some more like this on this thread, as not to clog the main page, I would like to see some smooth, interesting Dota transitions.

Ill be posting Techies Next :D

Revengez 07-27-2009 01:17 AM

Meat hook happens to be in the game ;[

Zeta 07-27-2009 01:23 AM

? No it doesn't. There's no meathook in the game. Amumu pulls himself towards enemies, not vice versa.

Lollerman 07-27-2009 01:31 AM

Eh, there's no need to remake DotA heroes... LoL's trying to be it's own game here...

Besides, if anything, as if not remake awesome heroes who can control multiple units. I think that's a major floor of the game thus far... can't use things like images or pets (who you can control)

Zeta 07-27-2009 02:02 AM


Eh, there's no need to remake DotA heroes... LoL's trying to be it's own game here...

Besides, if anything, as if not remake awesome heroes who can control multiple units. I think that's a major floor of the game thus far... can't use things like images or pets (who you can control)
I would like a mix of new heroes and adaptations of DoTA heroes. We've already got a few characters that are clear transitions.

There are two mechanics I'd like to see in the game, Puck's abilities and Lone Druid's switch from caster to beast. Here's my ideal transition for Puck:

Puck the Fairy Dragon Conversion into Nod the Dream Beast

Suggested Name: Nod (as in "Land of Nod" or "Nodding Off")

Title: The Dream Beast

Lore Rewrite: He or she is not really a dragon, but a living embodiment of sweet dreams. An curious, empirical, and mischievous magical beast that appears on the nights of the crescent moon.

Model: Butterfly + Archeopteryx + a Swan

Voice: A playful and ditzy child. Imagine a happy and giggly Amumu.

Stats: Good AP, moderate magical resistance, good speed, low Armor, low Health

Class: Mage

Keywords: Disabler, Support. Flee, Mage, Ranged, Scout, Silence, Stealth, Support, Teleport.

Health |||||--------

Attack ||----------

Spells ||||||||||--

Difficulty ||||||------


(Q) Dream Sphere - Sends a glowing magical sphere down a straight path that damages everything in its way and reveals the area around which it travels. At any time, Nod can teleport up to it by clicking the ability again before the orb expires.

(W) Stardust - The flapping of Nod's wings releases a dust around him that damages and silences enemies.

(E) Lucid Shift
- Nod embraces his imaginary nature, becoming intangible and immune to attack for a short period of time.

(R-Ultimate) Night Terror
- Nod's mental abilities creates a telepathic link between himself in a foe, drudging up the enemy's most shameful thoughts which stuns them and deals magical damage while the link is maintained. If Nod snaps the link by stretching it or dying, a psychic backlash does the target significant amounts of damage.

(Passive) Sandman - Enemies coming into contact with Nod either by touch or doing physical damage against him have a 5% chance of his dreamy aura making them drowsy and temporarily slowing them.

Zeta 07-27-2009 02:43 AM

Syllabear is harder. All I kept for him was the basic concept, really.

Syllabear the Lone Druid Conversion into Wendigo the Skin Walker

Suggested Name: Wendigo, as in the mythical beast.

Title: The Skin Walker

Lore Rewrite: Wendigo is an elemental spirit of nature that is feral and wild in his natural state but was trained by the spirits of the forest to take on a humanoid form to master magic and interact with humanoids to better defend his forest.

Model: Bigfoot with the head of a wolverine, the eyes of an owl, the tail of a raccoon, and the horns of a deer in Beast Form. A shaggy man dressed in robes with green hair and brown skin in human form.

Voice: Gruff and defensive male.

* Human Form: Good AP, moderate magical resistance, good speed, low Armor, low attack, low Health
* Beast Form: Poor AP, high armor, low magical resistance, very good speed, high attack, high health.

Class: Battlemage

Keywords: Support, Farmer, Mage, Tough, Slow, Tank, Melee

Stats (Human Form):
Health |||||--------

Attack ||||--------

Spells ||||||||||--

Difficulty ||||||------

Stats (Beast Form):
Health ||||||||-----

Attack |||||||-----

Spells ||||--------

Difficulty ||||||------


(Q) Overgrow - Shoots forward an erupting wave of of roots and vines from Wendigo that travels in a straight line away from Wendigo. Stuns a champion for 4 seconds if it hits them. Skill shot.

(W) Call of the Wild - Places a magical mark upon himself or an ally that increases movement speed and attack

(E) Skin Walk
- Wendigo can shift between human and beast forms. In beast form, he experiences sharp increase in armor, HP, speed, and physical attacks but cannot cast Overgrow or Call of the Wild and has decreased Magic Resistance. Putting points into it increases the armor and damage of his Auto-Attack while in Beast Form.

(R-Ultimate) Hog Wild
- Wendigo summons his ally, a boar spirit, who charges forward at the closes enemy from the summon point and stuns them. After which he returns to Wendigo and attacks nearby enemies, before vanishing after 60 seconds.

(Passive) Nature's Grace - Wendigo experiences an buff shortly after he is hit by a status ailment such as slow, stun, or poison. In Human Form, it works towards AP, in Beast Form towards attack.

DeaThShiNoBi 07-27-2009 03:13 AM

I think Wendigo is a neat concept, but I want to point out one thing. If his skin walk ability makes his first two abilities unusable, then why bother getting the first two abilities (or otherwise, why bother getting skin walk?).

Lollerman 07-27-2009 03:15 AM

I'm sorry did I just say "major floor"?

I obviously meant flaw.

It seems my proof reading skills aren't "floorless"...

Quep 07-27-2009 04:37 AM

i agree on that, i believe the should definitely add control over summons, Tibbles is kind of a towering idiot ATM

Insanius 07-27-2009 05:28 AM

You can control Tibbers by holding alt.

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