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Matake 03-25-2012 06:03 PM

Tryndamere Build
I harbored a burning hatred for Tryndamere in my old days. Every game I saw one I'd rage and tell that player to get a real champion. Once I got into ranked, it seemed like everyone got over Tryndamere. "Blah... Blah... Teemo counters him." I don't think he does, but they're free to think that.

One day, as I was fooling around with ideas, I read about AP and tank Tryndamere. "Tank Tryndamere would never work! He has no crit!" That's true. And AP Tryn died with the remake. When I began messing with the idea of tanky dps Tryn, I had already adopted a new build for Shaco, one that I use on almost every solo top and jungler I play.

Mercury Treads, Wriggles, Trinity Force, Atma's, Wit's End, and a final item according to the situation.

This build works amazingly well on Tryndamere. It gives a perfect balance of armor and magic resistance, as well as damage. With Infinity Edge as your final item, you'll still have 800-1000 crits and 100% crit.

Mercury Treads for the tenacity and magic resist.

Wriggles is by far one of my favorite items. It allows to you farm and counter jungle greatly early and clear the dragon and baron with ease. It gives a perfect blend of armor, damage and lifesteal. As well as the free ward.

Trinity Force is an that gives so many benefits. The 150% damage bonus is what I like the most. Combined with an incredibly high crit chance, you can spin nearly every-time the CD is done and get a proc in. Every stat given from TF is something Tryndamere would want, especially the movespeed. And there's no feeling better than seeing "GG beaten by noob TF tryn" when the enemy surrenders.

Atma's Impaler is the best tanky dps item. I've been laughed at before for building it when I have such "low hp." 2.4k when you're fully built is not that low. It's all you need. You get around 50 free AD for 825 gold when you make Atma's. The reason I build Atma's is for the perfect combo of crit and armor. The extra AD is a very nice bonus. Compared to a 3k hp champ building Atma's, you only get 10 more AD. There's no reason not to build Atma's on any tanky dps with more than 2k HP.

Wit's End is your main AS boost and magic resistance. The 40 magic damage is cool but you'll likely kill all carries in 2-5 hits late-game. It's still nice.

Your final item can be Infinity Edge, if you want those huge crits and 100% crit chance. Black Cleaver, Shurelya's, Warmog's are all fine choices. It's really up to you and what your situation needs. You could even grab a Guardian Angel.

The real point of this build is to effectively tank for your team. He can run right into a battle, raise hell, and get out unharmed. His tanking ability is enhanced by his ultimate. His defense is high enough for him not to drop instantly in a team-fight and still be a terrifying threat to anyone within shouting distance.

If you have anything to improve upon then comment! And don't tell me it's a bad build. I know its flaws. Nothing will stop me from building Trinity Force on him! As with all Tryndamere builds, Kennen is a major pain in the ass. Rumble will destroy you if you don't counter him immediately and play like your life depends on it. Nasus will give you problems during team-fights but if he withers you then your ranged AD will be messing everyone up.

I'll just throw this in too. They key to doing well with Tryn, top or jungle, is counter jungling as often as possible. You can be in their jungle because your E is such a low CD and you can go through almost every wall. But beware: if the enemy sees you once then expect to get caught soon. Wards will go up.

Disclaimer: I run crit reds and quints.

Cenerae 03-25-2012 06:22 PM

That's not really a tanky DPS build, as you don't have an awful lot in the way of resistances or health.

That aside, Trynd does sorta work as a bruiser, but you kill slower and you might not be enough of a threat since you won't be getting that red bar filled quickly to get the crits flowing. I don't think it's really worth it considering his ult allows him to get away with a glass cannon build (which still works as a 'tank' since you force them to focus you to get you to use it in the first place)

Warrrrax 03-26-2012 09:15 AM

That is an extremely bizarre and inefficient build I hate to say. Armor really isn't needed on Trynd since it tends to deal sustained damage, which he has plenty of time to use his Ult, Healing, and Lifesteal to mitigate.

I agree with Merc Treads. That plus blue MR/lvl = a good deal of resistance to being Bursted Down before you can even hit R. Good call. PLUS, his Ult is 5 seconds. He cant afford to waste this precious time being CCed.

Wriggles - IF you are jungling then its a fine item. However Trynd has pretty solid sustain already, so he doesnt need it for solo top. A simple Vamp Scepter will hold him over just fine until a bloodthirster eventually.

TriForce is kind of baffling. I mean, it is pretty solid on just about anyone, but I think there are better choices. The MANA aspect is totally useless obviously. The AP is at least utilized, so thats fine. The Slow onhit proc is decent though a bit redundant with Trynds Slow.
The onhit proc cannot actually CRIT, nor does Trynd really trigger it very often. He Spins in, Uses his Slow shout and starts beating on them. He will NOT want to use his Q to heal and kill off his rage, and he won't want to use his ULT either. His spin and shout both have modest cooldowns and he has no CDR typically.

Atma's is Fine - At level 18 it is a good item on ANYONE. 700g of armor, 900g of crit, and even with 2k health, 40 AD is worth 1600g, making it cost effective.

Wits End is odd. Its onhit effect does NOT CRIT and is magical. Its quite efficient but on a crit-based champ, you want hard AD...not onhit effects.

I think Trynd will do a lot better with stuff that works with crit and melee champs.

*Phantom Dancer is a shoo in. Fast mobility, high AS, high crit chance.

*Inf Edge gives the heavy AD, and crit booster. This maxes his crit chance with his abilities.

* A vamp scepter gives the lifesteal for super cheap...upgraded to bloodthirster later.

* merc treads of course.

This gives 2 slots for stuff to toughen him up.
*A Phage/Mallet is workable if you want a tankier Trynd. Slow is a bit redundant but still usable.

Your last slot can be an attack speed item or a Last Whisper for armor penetration. Or a ghostblade for a variety of benefits.

dc talk fan 03-26-2012 01:10 PM

I'm sorry but the best build money can buy for Tryn is

Berserker Greaves

change up the order, get the crit GP 10 etc, but...that's your late game. that's Tryn.

Warrrrax 03-26-2012 02:00 PM

That's really not quite ideal either. An IE and 2 PDs = 90% crit, which is a waste of Trynd's passive effect (well, the rage mechanism passive part). The extra movespeed is nice but does get some pretty significant diminishing returns in.

Plus you don't want to get bursted from 100 to 0 before you can even hit R. So Merc treads are definitely better than Zerker.

To replace the 2nd PD, a more effective attack speed item can be used instead. A ghostblade works decently since it adds armor Pen, CDR, AD, crit...AND has the PD effect in a clickey (AS, MS boost)

The 2nd BT would be replaced with a Phage/Mallet to toughen him up some, or a Last Whisper for the heavy armor pen.

CritsForJesus 03-27-2012 12:56 AM

replace one pd with a maw. that item really rounds out olaf and trynds builds.

MisterKaras 03-27-2012 01:03 AM

so your saying just go meta golem, the build that has been proven to work on 90% of champions that can solo top works on trynd.......

Nothing to see here

Amatzikahni 03-27-2012 07:38 AM

Need a LW too.

Chapney 06-02-2012 11:18 PM

Hey, sorry for the thread necromancy here but heck, it was the first google result I got so I'll stick with it!

First of all, I love your ideas, and I love that you want to play Tryndamere tankier. I think that's a great idea that most people overlook entirely because they feel that his ult negates any need for survivability (I happen to disagree vehemently). Trinity force in particular is a bit of a favorite of mine when I'm playing him--massive props to you!

Now here's what I disagree with, and there are a few things:

One: no armor penetration. I mean, none whatsoever. You trippin'? I mean, Tryndamere still does damage without it, but getting absolutely no ArPen in items OR runes seems to be a pretty big mistake. Remember that your spin does physical damage despite being boosted by its 1:1 AP ratio, and in order to get as many trinity procs as you can, you're going to want to be spinning constantly, utilizing the wonderful CDR provided by crits. Perhaps if you were a 3000-health, 200-armor/MR tanky monstrosity, you'd be contributing enough off-tanking power to the team that you could get away with this, but as it is I think you need to reconsider (if you haven't already). Personally, I like to solve this little problem with ArPen reds and a ghostblade. Ghostblade is an incredible item on Tryndamere! AD, crit chance, CDR, ArPen, and ASPD/MV from its beautiful little active--what's not to love? The components are cheap too, and an avarice blade can help you get through those painful early games. Personally, I get it instead of an atma's impaler along with armor masteries and flat armor seals, which together with wriggle's lantern add up to a very solid ~120 armor.

Two: wit's end is a great item and all, but I think it's a mistake to get it instead of maw of malmortius. Maw scales with lower health, synergizing wonderfully with bloodlust and undying rage, its damage works with critical strikes and lifesteal (not an unforgivable weakness for wit's end, but a noticeable strength for maw), and most importantly it protects you from what I feel are Tryn's biggest weaknesses: burst so high that you don't have time to activate your ult (GO AWAY LEBLANC/POPPY), and long-range finishers like Karthus or potentially Ezreal. Considering your goals with this build, I'm pretty puzzled that you didn't go for the maw!

Three: finally, I'm a bit puzzled that you didn't at least mention the cleanse spell. No, it's not the most game-breakingly powerful spell, but its main function on Tryndamere remains mostly untouched: getting rid of well-timed ignite that someone on the enemy team placed on you at the end of your ult. Bloodlust will heal 300 health with 100 fury at level 18, or 345 if you have a t-force--ignite will do a total of 410 damage without even considering that it will halve your healing from lifesteal and bloodlust, and it will ignore the shield from maw if you have that. It's not absolutely vital, but it's still game-changing on him. Plus, it gives you the option of getting berserker's greaves, which are a very noticeable boost when your only other ASPD item is t-force (unless you get wit's end, but I still think that's a mistake), especially in his early game.

Stuff for non-OP posters: PD is a kickass item and all, but zeal already covers a lot of PD's functions, and you don't particularly need to upgrade it for quite some time after you buy. In the meantime, trinity force effectively doubles his CC, adds a chunk of HP and a not-insignificant boost to his healing (if you're building him with zero survivability you're playing against stupider players than I see regularly), and adds a proc that is a lot more spammable than you think (if you get at least one crit per second, his spin effectively has a 3-second cooldown). By the time I feel ready to upgrade zeal to PD, I'd much rather have grabbed a phage in the meantime and spend ~1600 on trinity than on PD. It's the same movement boost, 5% less crit, 25% less ASPD, 30 AP (+30 damage to your spin, +45 healing to your bloodlust), 12 AD (cool), 25 HP (whatever), and the two procs that are wonderful on Tryndamere. The sheer amount of utility is perfect for him.

defleppardruelz 06-02-2012 11:48 PM

i wouldn't get atmas unless i'm building warmogs or frozen mallet. i like maw, merc treads, BT, IE, PD, and then situational on trynd myself, glass cannon is what you really should be because of your ult

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