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Master Moirich 03-22-2012 09:47 AM

@Riot - Repeat Threads
Anyone else sick of people posting new threads about the same old topics?

Use the search function ffs.

"When are you going to fix [insert champ name]"

Morello has answered the question 1000 times, but there is always some moron who thinks they are the first bright spark to think of posting a thread about it.

So, I was wondering if Riot had any plans to try and eliminate this from happening. Like, more categories such as: "Scheduled/Upcoming Champion Fixes" and they could put a little sticky up top with a rough order (not a timeline maybe because then 1000 trolls would be saying how they didn't get it done according to the schedule).

Or maybe "hire" a few long time posters to moderate new threads before they are approved to weed out threads with similar content.

Anyway, i'm sure this was a useless post, but i'm hoping I'm not alone out there.

Zeno Angel 03-22-2012 11:29 AM

They have been talking about making a dev's blog.


Master Moirich 03-23-2012 06:56 AM

Good to know, I have actually seen that thread before. But i didnt get a chance to go through it all. And now i will.

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