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AbusedNoob 08-02-2010 11:02 PM

Tips on Ezreal Please?
So I posted this same exact thread on the Champion Feedback section and I have a feeling it's in the wrong section after seeing this section o.0 So anyway...

Okay. I don't know about you guys, but I've played with Ezreal for quite an amount of games and I find him a really weak champion in team battles. I've tried AD, AP and Hybrid build. He's an excellent harrasser, but when it comes to team battles he just doesn't seem good enough.

My experiences (team fights):

AD build:
So you would rely on his auto attacks and Mystic Shots mainly. Unlike Tristana, his auto attack range is extremely short. Yet, he is squishy. So where are you suppose to position yourself with Ezreal during a 5 vs 5 team fight? But of course you can stand far behind and keep throwing those Mystic Shots which have an incredible range. But then there's that contant 1.5 - 2 second cooldown between each Mystic Shot.

AP build:
Great for burst damage! Throw your ultimate, and then Essence Flux! ... Okay now wait for Essense Flux to cooldown... still waiting... Get my drift? Of course you can throw Mystic Shots and your auto attacks while you wait for the Essence Flux to finish with its cooldown. But it's tanks aren't going to feel a thing. And don't expect the squishies to be in front of their tanks for you to hit them.
As for it's Arcane Shift, I really just use it to chase or to get away. There seems to be really rare cases where you can use it to aim at a certain target during 5 vs 5 team battle since champions are constantly moving around.

Pretty much combination of both.

I made this thread to see what are the thoughts about this for Ezreal users? Do you feel the same? If not, can you give me some tips on how to play it? Unlike a lot of the champions out there, there are almost no videos on youtube to show how to play Ezreal. The only one I've seen is the one by Phreak. I usually watch a variety of videos on youtube to get some ideas and tips on how to play certain champions. As for written guides, they just tell you what items to get, but they don't explain how to play it.

Thanks in advance to anyone to tries to help :)

Vichar 08-03-2010 09:49 AM

I'm kind of new to Ezreal myself, but I already feel differently about him than you do.

I have been building Ez AD the last 10 games or so, and I have often had the top or near the top damage on my team. I don't quite understand what you mean when you say he's a weak champion during team fights.

Where do I position myself? I stay at maximum range for Q until I know where all the enemy champions are. If you get jumped from behind as Ez and stunned it's over. So never let that happen.

After I see them all, I look for a clump to fire off my R. I almost always do it early--don't know what will happen later, so I might as well damage as many enemies with it as possible. Plus, it's usually good to do damage up front to save as many of your mates as possible.

At this point, I usually wade into auto attack range. I never jump in with E... i use it to kite back if someone switches target onto me, and get off a cheap shot besides. I also use it to re-position myself in the fight if I need to... it's great for jumping obstacles. I also take exhaust so if a melee dps gets on me I can blind him. Being closer also lets me hit multiple enemies with W. You should be hitting with the greater majority of your skillshots if you want to play Ez. Don't get TOO close though. It's much the same as for any other ranged dps. Just pour on the damage from afar (I cycle Q, W, and autoattack to proc my sheen/trinity), and don't get tangled up in the melee ball of death. That's the key as Ez-a thousand tiny cuts, not one huge whopping smack all at once (like Poppy, for example).

Finally, are you itemizing correctly? Most people I see rush a brutalizer and then get a sheen up to trinity. I've also seen early bloodthirsters after brutalizer. The idea is you want Q to hit like a truck. Don't bother with survivability too much... that will make you useless for sure. Your speed and your E ability are your survivability.

You are a great chaser, too. E to blink plus a long range for Q means very few champs can get away from you. If you love blood take ignite instead of exhaust. The other skill should be ghost, of course.

kazetenshu 08-03-2010 10:06 AM

I like to go heavy AP with a small AD boost, like a rageblade+BT, then lichbane, zhonyas, sorc boots, and AAstaf. The trick with EZ isnt so much his item build, its all about positioning with him. Best way to learn how to play him, is to learn how to dominate a lane against him. Spend some time watching a good EZ's movements and tactics. You can be sure that a good ez is gonna make his move if all you have are your caster minions left, and the next wave isnt due for another 10 seconds, at which point he will slowly snake forward far enough to last hit with arcane shift a creep to open for flux+shot, cast ignite if he has it or exhaust, continue to AA and gimp u with shot. He can drop many heros who are at half or lower like this.

Another tactic is an EZ will rush you and attempt to either close you off from the wave pack, and cut you from exp while he forces u to tower hug with shots, or, he will try to pinch you between his minions and you, cutting your escape off to the tower, at which point he will start shooting all of your creeps to clear an open field for free shots.

Both tactics are effective, and difficult to counter with certain champs. EZ's counters are morgana, janna, kassadin, essentially any champ that has more burst then ez, and uses his placement against him.

CrookedBeard 08-03-2010 10:19 AM

Didn't i just read this exact thread in Champion feedback forums?

AD: The brutalizer helps this alot. The key item people look at is Trinity force, but the armor pen granted by Youmuu's and brutalizer (they stack) is extremely helpful. Mystic shot is easily spamable and you really shouldn't see mana issues with this. Getting rising star to max stack is very big late game and easy to keep up.

AP: The simple addition of a lichbane removes that "...still waiting" by being able to fire off mystic shots too.

Arcane shift: I think you don't give this ability enough credit. It is definitely great for escaping or closing the distance, but the homing missile is not that hard to also land. You can land it pretty easily while running away and when you combine this with Flash (I think this is huge on Ezreal) you can dive really well and do a lot of tricky things.

Vichar 08-03-2010 11:53 AM

Just out of curiosity:

I still to this day do not know what happens if you buy BOTH a lichbane AND a sheen. Do they proc independently? In other words, when I mystic shot, does it double base physical damage AND add my AP? I think I read somewhere that only one of lichbane, sheen, or trinity applies, but I'm not sure which one takes priority.

EvaUnit02 08-05-2010 04:55 PM

I believe in a Lichbane's tooltip it says does not proc with Sheen.

wissmongler 08-06-2010 03:11 AM

Mystic shot and auto attacking is perfect..just know when to blink when things get to close. Ezreals should never get hurt. Hard to do if u r their carry but simply put....hit and run...win..if u do anything right...ur ult should piss off decent health allowing your team to finish them off quite easily. Ezreal is really powerful still despite his nerf status. Dont miss your shots, be at good range and avoid contanct. Plus focus fire..plsss. Stop hitting the tanks nor attacking someone that no one else is. Pressure wins the day

Daishinryo 08-06-2010 03:34 AM

Im not reading all the stuff people Posted except the person that needs help,

Well in the beginning keep Distance from enemys at all times especially in a 3v3 battle
once u get ganked perfectly its over no escaping, try getting KS'es if u get the chance with your Ulti, just focus on getting stronger before your enemys, and stay behind your teammates during team battles, when someone escapes use your Ulti, or if you know you can kill em jump into the fight with your 3rd skill. and spam your skills.

just play smart with Ezre and youll win

Be a good Leader. =)

*Fake and Gay*

Nosolace 08-06-2010 04:17 AM

Ez should be one of the most difficult champs to kill if you play him right. Use your distance. I personally play AD, and always take mid if you can. get your brutalizer and sword of the occult if your getting good kills. If not save up for the b.f. sword. either way, Q skill is your dmg, and you shouldn't get close enough to auto attack until you know your safe. Use your w skill to boost teammates attk speed as well as do some dmg, but keep popping that mystic shot off. If you've lane correctly in mid and gotten your ganks in, the tanks or whoever is up front won't be able to take many of those hits before he's gotta run. At that point start the chase. If its a big team fight, save your E for escape, and use your ult a few seconds after initiation to turn the fight on your side. One last note, Lizard Buff is your best friend.

Dr W 08-06-2010 06:11 AM

I really feel AD Ezreal is inferior to AP Ezreal when it comes to team fights and overall damage output. I know they have their perks but ppl shrug off mystic shots and lol at his auto attack. AP atleast lets you open with a huge chunk missing for your team to ult in. Although Mystic shot is awesome early early in the game.

An example from yesterday that illustrates why I like AP ezreal.

Warwick and Garen are attacking our tower with full health. A Fiddle on my team is in some bushes nearby. I Trueshot them both and they are down to about 2/3. Fiddle crowstorms in and finishes the job. Trueshot is an awesome opener. The more it does the better.

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