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sTrikerT 10-19-2009 10:31 PM

[Guide]Evelyn - Ninja Style
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*This guide has been updated on 09/29/10, there has been major changes.
*Version 2.0 of this guide is out, link here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...d.php?t=420150

Evelyn is a very fun hero to play. It takes a lot of map awareness and distance judgment to play her effectively. Because she is one of the few stealth characters, she is capable of go places where other heroes can't, see what they can't and kill what they can't. This is my first guide.

The theme of this guide: Evelynn is an assassin, not a tank, caster, or fighter. She is an assassin who hides in the shadow and kills the target before they know it. I will focus on three qualities that defines a true ninja assassin: Stealth ability, CC ability(remember WOW?), Dmg ability.
You want them to constantly fear of your presence, unable to resist your attacks, and die before they can react.


Full Page of Force, AP/lvl, = 85 AP at lv 18
worth a item around 3k.

The typical 21/0/9
3 Archmage's Savvy
3 Deadliness
1 Burning Embers/Cripple *Depends on summoner skill
4 Sorcery
1 Archaic Knowledge
2 Sunder
3 Brute Force
3 Lethality
1 Havoc

3 Perseverence
1 Spatial Accuracy
4 Awareness
1 Greed

Summoner Spells
Primary choices: Flash. It is nerfed, but still able to save you in a mess.
Optimal options:
Exhaust: keep them from running to safety, excellent chasing tool.

Ignite: Early kill, double kill, additional ap, more damage, nice one for killing.

Ghost/Heal/Cleanse: Chase/survival/survival all viable choices depend on personal pref.

Determined Killer- Attacks from Minions deal 50% damage to Evelynn.
This is why you can kill a enemy when they are in middle of creeps where they think its safe.
Hit them when they least expected!

Hate Spike - Instantly spikes the closest enemy unit with malevolent energy, dealing 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.28 per ability power) magic damage and 50% damage to a secondary nearby target.

Cooldown: 1 seconds
Cost 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 Mana
Range 20

Many people underestimate this skill, 85+3xxAP with 1 sec(lower with runes and item) is no laughing matter. It is your killing tool when chasing a hero. Combine with Ravage debuff, this will be even more deadly.

Shadow Walk -Evelynn fades away, becoming stealthed for 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 seconds. Evelynn's next attack or damage ability will stun her target for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds, ending her Shadow Walk. 1.5 sec delay on stealth (delayed further by damage). Evelynn can cast Shadow Walk while stealthed to destealth.

Cooldown 12 seconds
Cost 60 Mana
Range 200

This is the skill separates her from any other hero, she is the only one with a stealth+stun.
The goal of this guide is to utilize this skill, to remain hidden for the longest time, and strike at the right moment.

Ravage - Deals 80 / 135 / 190 / 255 / 320 (+1!!! per ability power) damage to target unit. If Ravage was used from behind, it reduces the target's armor and magic resistance by 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 for 5 seconds.

Cooldown 9 seconds
Cost 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150 Mana
Range 325

Her nuke, with excellent AP ratio and a reduced defense. Stealth will almost always set you up for the backstab, and 2 sec stun with hit and Spike will take them down in secs.

Malice And Spite - Each time an enemy champion dies, Evelynn gains attack speed and movement speed for 20 seconds (non-stacking). If Evelynn was the killer, she is also healed for 50% of the target's maximum health. YOU CAN CAST IT WHILE STEALTHED

Incredible movement and attack speed gain and this makes her kill heroes at their tower!
With this activate, you can take down towers fast even if you're ap.

Skill Build:
  1. Shadow Walk
  2. Ravage
  3. Spike
  4. Shadow Walk
  5. Ravage
  6. Malice And Spite
  7. Ravage
  8. Ravage
  9. Ravage
  10. Shadow Walk
  11. Malice And Spite
  12. Shadow Walk
  13. Shadow Walk
  14. Spike
  15. Spike
  16. Malice And Spite
  17. Spike
  18. Spike
First 3 lvls you get all 3 spells because you might encounter a first blood chance and need all the damage.
2 levels of shadow walk grant enough time to stalk and gank, 5 levels of ravage ensures you'll be a threat when you open fire.
I leave Spike to finish because cooldown doesn't change and +15 dmg/lvl is too minimal.
You'll depend on items to boost Spike dmg and lower its cooldown.

  • Regrowth Pendant- early survival, if got focused, turn on stealth and watch ur hp be full again.
  • Boots of Mobility - Sorc boots nerfed, this one has been tested and works amazing
  • Sheen - Great boost to your damage, once you get this, gankathon is on.
*** If you manage to get 1st blood and farm well early enough, rush a sheen can be deadly to squishy heroes. I'm talking about 1st tp back right at lv 6, skip boots and get a sheen then go for ganks. Only if they have squishy for ganks and if you were able to make that money of course.
  • Rylai's Scepter- Belt first!!!!! This will help you survive in mid-game, hp+ap+slow, perfect killing tool
  • Lich Bane - This synergy very well with Ravage, the AP from Rylai turns it into another nuke
  • Zhonya's Ring - 120 AP + 25% is huge boost to her damage
  • Banshee's Veil - For stun nukers like Ryze and others, should be ending by now or just add more survival
Abyssal Scepter is a option worth mentioning, because your ravage lowers mag resis already, 20% more will make them like paper. It can replace the slowing items if you want to kill them quickly and not bother to chase.

Void Staff is possible replacement if opponent stack MR because either you hurt too much or other caster on your team.

Deathfire Grasp is a great item when opponent team got tanks with alot of hp, it's a must have. Just remember to activate it when ganking.

Way of the Ninja:
Several things you need to know to play a ninja evelyn:

Scouting is one of her most important functions, you are the eye for the team. Constantly checking grass(gank party) or behind enemy line(hero movements/MIA) or neutrals(dragon/nashor/golem) is important to arrange or avoid ganks. When chasing a group, tag on to one and lead your teammates to the meal.

Patience is the key to be a true ninja in the game and a well played Evelyn will strike fear into the heart of enemy and force early surrender. I've seen Eve farm whole game and let other lanes being pushed to death, more than often a Eve will pop up and hit you from behind thinking she can take you and end up dying herself. NO!!!!
You will tag a weak target, knowing what spells he can do and what he already used. Once he wastes spells or encounter your teammate, PUNISH him. The tagging process will take long and the opportune moment doesn't come up all the time, so you wait. By the end of the game, they'll be so afraid of you they won't come out of the base.

Distance is measuring what can hit you and what is out of reach.
Tower range Increased, so adjust to new limit.
  • Knowing how far the tower limit is. Some heroes will hit creeps near their tower with half hp thinking its safe, but there is a small space between max tower range and their position. True ninja will know the space, prey's hp, surrounding creeps and your own dmg to calculate whether you can kill them in 2 secs.
  • Knowing the small space between 2 towers. When a hero running back with no hp thinking he escaped death, you'll wait for him in that death zone. You can still walk pass between the two towers in straight line in stealth after patch. **Recently tested, you have to walk in a circular line just outside of turret range. between the outer and mid turrets and base to mid, you can no longer walk straight but with a slight curve. imagine a circle around the turret.
  • Knowing how far prey's frnds are and where are their attention. When they hit creeps or towers, their guard is down. They might know you are there and hug each other for a while, eventually 1 will move on and you must know he can't come back to save his little frnd in 2 secs. If one is going river or neutral, TAG him.

Persistence is to exploit their weakness. If there is a low hp hero or noob on their team, constantly PICK on him. It weakens one of the opponent, making it 4 vs 5, and creates a frustrating atmosphere for their team. The pressure increase with each kill, they'll crack under the weight.

Sacrifice is in team fights, some times it requires you to pop and stun their carry while your team moves in. Human reflex will cause every nuke and stun bestow upon you. Yes you will die, but knowing that those nuke and stun will not land on your teammates and opponent has nothing left to defend themselves now.

---------------------------Counter Oracle of Elixir-----------------------------
Highest number of Oracles played against in a single game so far [19] - Result: Win
For all stealth characters, the worst thing is when enemy carry an Oracle and group together.
Eve is an deadly assassin, so if shes spotted early, she'll be the first target to die.

The keys to counter Oracle of Elixir are three parts:
Tall Grass: they can't see you in it, so it's perfect place to ambush the Elixir carrier.
Speed, speed, speed: Boots of Mobility + Ult + Lich Bane will give you incredible speed, go in stealth mode from grass and stun/nuke the carrier down before they react!
Teammates: most common and easy way is just ask teammates to focus carrier first.
Timing!!!: go in group fights seconds after initiation, go in and stun carry and flash out!, this will draw their attention to you and allow teammates to move in. just restealth and go back for rampage.

Game Play:
Early: Defensive + harass
Your opponents are in these categories: Ranged, Melee, Tanks
vs Ranged: they will harass you, but you can harass back using stealth. Most ranged are glass cannon and early game when they don't got cannon, they are just glass. Crack them.
vs Melee: most melee you face will try to last hit sometimes, so you can hit him when he does. Micro movement is important at this stage, as you'll go back and forth between last hitting and hitting enemy hero. Here the crit rune comes into play, you can really hurt someone and put them in a more defensive state.
vs Tank: play defensive, you'll only scratch them early game and most of them got stuns to kill you.

Mid: Hunting season
Remember that ranged hero causing you trouble early game? well pay back is a biatch.
This is your time to shine, you got a boot, and hopefully a sheen and staff. you should max ravage with lv 2 ult. go inside enemy jungle and look for lonely farmers, cut lanes to that wounded hero. You should be giving directions to your team and organize them for the kill.
Avoid tanks as you can't kill them solo yet, take revenge on those ranges and mages. Annie, Ryze, Lich, Morg, Twist Fate, Ashe, Fstick, Veigar, Katarina, Kassadin, Teemo.... if you pop behind them and stun/nuke w/ you teammates coming in, thats alot of kills. Hit them from behind is important, it actually make a big difference with their resistance debuffed.

Late: Push and Surprise
Tanks got tanky and nukes now hurt more. Your duty is to push towers then run away w/ stealth.
By now you'll have enough mana to spam Spike on creeps and use ult to push down towers before they react. Your stealth will leave them searching in grass for nothing. If your team manages to push one of the tower in their base, that 1/3 portion becomes your backyard. you can walk in either surprise a glass cannon or a retreating hero, maybe take down inhibitor if needed. You'll have lich bane + zhonya which gives you huge burst dmg in few seconds.

A ninja Eve is more about mental play than anything, because her combo is just stealth -> ravage -> hit -> spike -> hit -> chase.
But when, where and who is what differ good Eve from others.
My build stress on being hidden most of the time and if you do pop up, someone will die.

10-19-2009 10:49 PM

Evelynn is a terrible character.


Schn 10-19-2009 10:56 PM

Is this a joke?

ZGBudai 10-19-2009 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by dreamenddischarger (Hozzászólás 211742)
Evelynn is a terrible character.


Wtf? This guy is just trolling because he obviously wasn't a Ninja.

Go back to gangplank.

10-20-2009 01:55 AM

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>not a ninja
>implying I play gangplank

DevilsAdvocate 10-20-2009 02:23 AM

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Screenshots, awesome.

sTrikerT 10-20-2009 02:27 AM


Originally Posted by dreamenddischarger (Hozzászólás 211742)
Evelynn is a terrible character.


lol why you insisting evelynn is a terrible character?
It comes down to the players not the character.

I focus more on the playing style than their items, by utilizing every spell she has along with terrain and tower range. It may not be the only style. The goal is to kill as many hero as possible for both girls, just Kat blinks in and strike them in the face, Eve catches them unawared from back. Evelynn has a very different playing style from Katarina.

Everyone has different prefered style, but Evelynn is as good as any others.

thegamenet 10-20-2009 07:57 AM

Hmm, this is an interesting Guide - I would like to add it to the LoL wiki (and give you credit of course!)

10-20-2009 10:05 AM

play against a competent team, and you'll find evelynn sucks dick. Oracle Elixir shuts her down, and late game she won't even be able to engage without being two shot

feardragon 10-20-2009 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by dreamenddischarger (Hozzászólás 212595)
play against a competent team, and you'll find evelynn sucks dick. Oracle Elixir shuts her down, and late game she won't even be able to engage without being two shot

What's your point. I wasn't aware that characters that weren't top tier weren't allowed to have guides.

Seriously, if you don't want to see this stuff....don't read it.

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