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hu4rollz 07-31-2010 07:11 PM

16 Tips for Xin: An Informal Guide
I've been playing a lot of Xin recently and thought I would share some tips. If you want my qualifications, my solo ranked ELO has been hovering around 1500 lately while my normal ELO is around 2000 despite a lot of messing around, so while I'm definitely not the best I do have some experience. In no particular order:

1. Playing selectively aggressive from level 2 is key to success with Xin. Try to focus on last hitting defensively between aggressive bursts. Communicate when you are trying to engage if you are in a side lane.

2. Xin shouldn't get mana items (besides Banshee's and its precursors) but if you are out in the field a while mana can become a limiting factor. Mana potions are usually the best solution to this problem. Also it's important to be selective with your use of mana against creeps.

3. Even with a tank build, a little bit of attack speed is very nice. Sometimes I will just get a recurve bow after boots and then work on a defensive item and/or upgrade boots before building the recurve into anything. However, there are significant diminishing marginal returns on attack speed. Put another way, you need some, but don't get a lot until you are really farmed out.

4. Aegis and Stark's are both great items on Xin, so be a team player. They're pretty **** good even without the team benefit.

5. Wit's End can be a very strong and surprising item on Xin against the right lineup, especially if it is obtained early before players have substantial mana pools. It gives him attack speed and mana resist, both crucially important stats, and the mana burn does cost-efficient damage and has significant utility with your ability to lay down lots of hits in a short time frame.

6. When choosing items, consider your own team and the role you need to play: If your team lacks decent initiation, get more eHP. If your team is mostly ranged, you will be left "on an island" more often, so get more eHP. If your team has lots of tanking, disable, and support, then you can get some attack speed/damage.

7. When choosing items, consider the opposing team: Merc treads are usually best except against a team with no disables or with little magic damage, Banshees is good against magic heavy teams, armor items are good against physical heavy teams.

8. Don't pigeonhole yourself into "tank" or "dps". GA + Stark's + Frozen Hammer (gotten in an adaptable order depending on the game) is a great example of what I would call a "durable damage dealing" build which I think is his strongest mode.

9. Because Xin often needs to put himself in dangerous situations and has no escape moves, flash + ghost is a strong spell combo on him. Flash is also useful if your team lacks initiation but you don't have the survivability to do it properly: E into the enemies, quickly ult (if appropriate) and maybe use your W>Q combo, and then flash to safety. Then wait for E again and re-initiate on a soft or injured target if you still have HP. These spells also can make his already strong chasing game almost unstoppable. Ignite and Exhaust are both viable as well.

10. Xin is a strong jungler, especially with some attack speed and mana, Both blue and red buffs are useful on him, but be considerate of heroes on your team who might need blue buff more. Also, you should be able to solo dragon at 7 depending on item build, so work this in (preferably with team support) when possible.

11. In the early laning phase, due to the low effectiveness of the slow on E and your low attack speed, it can be hard to get a whole Q combo off on people. To help with this, you can activate it early and burn a hit or two on creeps before using E and stunning your opponent. If your opponent runs before you can use your E, this can be an easy way to keep them off the creeps since Q is mana cheap.

12. Xin is one of the strongest gankers throughout the game. It is important to take advantage of this fact.

13. It can be correct for Xin to suicide for the team more often than most heroes. Your ult+combo can change fights for your team, especially when the enemy is bunched and/or you can land the whole thing on a soft DPS. Sometimes seizing opportunities for maximum effectiveness requires putting yourself in a situation you can't get out of. The more you build for damage the more careful you need to play in team fights. This tip should be applied judiciously.

14. My preferred skill order: E>Q>E>W>E>R>E>Q>E>Q etc. I think E is always best to max with the only possible exception being jungling (where I still recommend capping it by at least 10). With all 3 hits, Q does 45 damage per additional level and E does 40, so the damage is at worst a wash when you consider E is area effect. Leveling E also crucially increases the slow from 20% to 40% and reduces the CD from 18 to 10, which is a big difference because if you can get off 6 attacks in 4 seconds with W, that means you would get to use level 5 E again immediately (after 4 seconds). If you didn't level it there would still be 8 seconds left on the CD timer at that point. It is also your best harassing move which is important early.

15. My favorite mastery spec is 8-21-1 giving you substantially improved survivability, all attack speed masteries, and improved ghost.

16. My favorite runes are armor pen runes, dodge seals, magic resist glyphs, and flat health (or MS) quints.

SoopaTomato 07-31-2010 07:16 PM

been looking for something like this, thanks

Leirkov 07-31-2010 07:24 PM

Great, now Xin can be even more OP. I can kill myself now. ):

But on a serious note, this is a very well written guide. This should help a lot of Xins.

Getting red buff is pretty much the greatest idea ever, since people will never be able to escape you. You have charge for one slow, and if they manage to mince away, you'll still have them with lizard buffs' slow (and DoT to top it off).

hu4rollz 08-01-2010 08:40 AM

Any of you who down-voted care to explain?

Pwnacus Maximus 08-01-2010 10:37 AM

dont count on them explaining, they are useless trolls

hu4rollz 08-01-2010 11:33 AM

I love going mid with Xin, so I'll add a bit about that...

Xin is a very strong mid when played correctly. Generally, let your opponent push and then start the aggression at level 2 or 3. Be careful to time your bursts with the creep waves: Don't engage when there are a lot of creeps and you will take significant damage, and don't engage when you will have to chase into the next wave of creeps. Last hit as much as possible, but if last hitting is costing too much HP, sometimes it is better to keep your HP up so that you can get a kill or force your opponent off the lane a bit down the road. Boots with 2 HP pots and 1 mana pot is a good start for Xin mid. A doran's item plus an hp pot is also strong but you may run out of mana against a durable champion. Try to hand off mid to someone else around level 7, take lizard if possible, and then start ganking with your level advantage.

Lance Castillo 08-01-2010 11:40 AM

Flash+Ghost is really all you need. Survivability items are a bit of a waste with the insane jump in jump out DPS xin is capable of pulling off. With proper team coordination you shouldn't have to gimp your damage with a frozen mallet, Xin should go full crit and maximise his ability as a chaser and hit and run hero.

Mr Geppetto 08-01-2010 12:18 PM

I like to bump stuff I upvote.

Also upvoting Leirkov because red buff makes Xin THAT much better.

hu4rollz 08-01-2010 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by Lance Castillo (Hozzászólás 2227826)
Flash+Ghost is really all you need. Survivability items are a bit of a waste with the insane jump in jump out DPS xin is capable of pulling off. With proper team coordination you shouldn't have to gimp your damage with a frozen mallet, Xin should go full crit and maximise his ability as a chaser and hit and run hero.

-Xin's abilities don't scale with attack damage (besides the attack speed increase component of W)
-Xin is naturally squishy
-You don't have any escape move besides the occasional well planned E and flash/ghost
-Flash and ghost both have long cooldowns
-Xin is a great anti-carry, but without HP items struggles in this role against competent opponents due to melting under focus

Think about the movements Xin has to make to attack... whereas a hero like Annie ideally dashes into the outside from a protected position and then back again (unless chasing is required), Xin has to dash at the enemy and then sit there a second to get his Q combo off. The only heroes who have an attack similar to that which you can build dps are Jax, Yi, Shaco, and Trynd. All 4 of those heroes have excellent survival/escape moves which allow them to safely get out of danger.

It can definitely work sometimes, especially in lower elos. The primary reasons for this are that worse players have poor spacing allowing you to isolate them, they are too dumb to watch for you and focus you when you make your move, and they don't fight as a team as much (dps builds can be good in small numbers fights).

SoopaTomato 08-01-2010 05:20 PM

i keep dying as dps xin.. tanky xin works a lot better imo

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