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Astral Yorae 03-03-2012 08:32 AM

[Champion Concept] Ryuujin, the Half-Dragon
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[Champion Concept] Ryuujin, the Half-Dragon


Ryuujin represents a group of mysterious nomads that dwells in Mount Targon. Few is known about them, some of the few witnesses assures they have a strengh impossible for ordinary humans to bear, while few others tell about their magic skills. The most interesting information that could be related to them was an entry in a diary found near an explorer's body:

"Day 23:
I think that today will be my last day. Funny how things ends. I wished to have said my wife how I loved her before leaving. I have almost no water left. The food was taken by some bandits long ago. And the worse part is that my lag is useless after that snake bite. It's all black and I have fever. I know what awaits for me...

Today I saw something unique. I will try to keep my eyes open and write this, so I hope my name is remembered if someone ever find this diary (and hopefully deliver my belongings to my family).

After being mugged by the bandits, I followed them. I hoped to get my food and weapon back during night when they would be sleeping. Some time during the afternoon, they found a lone warrior, carrying a light armor made of dragon scales (by their size, can't think of any other creature) and some claws, possible made with dragon fangs also. They decided to surround him and steal his belongings.

I decided to find a safer location and hid myself. When I could peek again, this lone warrior was surrounded by four bandits with weapons out. He started laughing and one of the bandits got real angry and attacked him. All I could see was his hearth being taken from his chest. The others, without thinking, attacked him. The warrior breathed fire on part of them and jumped on a rock above their heads.

What happened next almost made me wet my pants (silly I can still make jokes, eh...). He crossed his arms upon his face, as if in a guard position, and stayed quiet for a while, as if concentrating. Then, he unleashed a power scream and contracted his body, at the same time a glowing glove formed arround him. His scream became a scary roar and the globe just exploded, revealing a new form. He was covered with scales, had a pair of wings and his eyes were glowing with magical power.

The bandits went into despair. Four of them tried to run, but the creature just jumped on them with such force that I fell the ground shake, killing three of them instantly. The fourth was without any reaction, possible stunned by the impact, and the creature attacked his chest, transpiercing it with easy. From sudden, the creature oppened his hand and unleashed a magical ray that was aimed at the rest of the bandits, killing them all.

The creature then looked directly to my eyes. I was hidden, and I am good with that! He probally noticed the bandits before they surround him then. The creature kept looking at me, as if reading my intentions. Noticing I wasn't dangerous, he smiled to me and left. That smile came too late, I already wet my pants. I found my food, but it was burned.
I think he was one of those nomad people that can be heard in some tales.

If anyone find this diary, please, tell my wife I love and and that I was sorry for saying she was bad at cooking. I missed her food a lot. So much I tryed to get a snake to dinner, but it bit me, sealing my destiny. I am in peace tought. I had a good life."

Ryuujin was planned to be a half-dragon character (based in Ryu, of Breath of Fire RPG serie from SNES and Playstation, more specifically, the BoF IV version).
His normal form is that of a light armored and strong warrior with high mobility. He can morph into a hybrid form, that boosts his magical powers and gives some surviability.
He was intended to be build as a hybrid champion, with skills that require prediction and good positioning.

His leap is his main "mobility" skill, allowing him to go in and out situations. It's a skillshot that makes him jump to the area, punching the ground when he falls. The foes on the small center of the area (not much bigger than the space used by a champion, if bigger) get stunned very few seconds (being more useful as a disrupt) and part of the full damage is dealt to the surroundings. When transformed, the radius of both the center and the area are increased, and the punch creates a crater mark on ground. The wings allows for a longer distance and a fast "travel".

His mercyless strike is a high damage single target skill at melee range. It's armor penetration effect helps dealing damage against high armored targets and the impact on organism causes the target to be stunned for very few seconds. That stun, however can severely cripple an already and severely injuried target. It would ressemble me of Riot's animation on patch previews.

The Dragon Blood makes him stronger (dragons are known to have huge strengh) and allows him to breath fire. As his muscles are stronger than normal, he deals more physycal damage and runs faster.

Finally, his ultimate Dragon Apotheosis, transforms him into a powerful Hybrid form. It's closer lineage to dragons allows him to awake the magic on his blood and boost his other skills. The dragon scales gives him some extra surviability.

His passive represents the boiling blood of dragons (that some RPGs have), dealing damage to a very close area based in the damage received (the bigger the wound, more blood spit).

I see him as a light armored warrior, possibly using small shoulderpads, shin protectorm bracers with the claws attached to it, and some kind of protection on torso and pelvis. I would say a breastplace opened in the back (where wings apears). He have pointed years and a very nice looking phenotype. His strengh comes from dragon blood, so I don't see him as a "giant gorilla" like Tryndamere.


Attachment 505525Passive: Inner Flame
Description: Ryuujin's blood burns those those close to him when he is damaged. He deals part of the the damage taken as magical damage in a very close area arround him.
Hybrid Form Effects: increases passive damage based in Dragon Apotheosis level.

Attachment 505521Q: Death from the Skyes
Description: Ryuukin jumps and finishes the fall on kness and punching the ground with huge strengh, dealing physical damage and a fast stun in the center and part of it's damage in the surroundings.
Normal Form Effecs:
-Active: physycal damage at melee range that penetrates armor based on skill level and inflicts a fast stun (based in the traveled distance) to target due to the shock in it's body.
Hybrid Form Effects:
-Active: the magical energies flowing is his body increases the blow strengh. The skill deals extra magical damage in the area he punched (center), creating a shockwave that stuns enemies in the surroundings. The wings allows him a doubled jump distance and a faster travel. Due to the stronger blow, both center and total area radius are increased. Both the center (longer) and area (shorter) stuns durations are based in the traveled distance, taking in count the extra distance allowed by the wings.

Attachment 505528W: Mercyless Strike
Description: Ryuujin deals a single and powerful strike aiming his victim's hearth, capable of making a hole in his enemy armor. While in Hybrid Form, Ryuujin concentrates his magical energy to his hands and hits with such strengh that he can transpierce his target, allowing him to unlease a magical blast in the target's behind his victim.
Normal Form Effecs:
-Active: physycal damage at melee range that penetrates armor based on skill level and inflicts a fast stun to target due to the shock in it's body. If the target ends up 30% less HP, the stun duration is increased.
Hybrid Form Effects:
-Passive: extra magical damage to target.
-Active: extra magical damage to target, and if the target 30% or less HP, the hit transpierce it, increasing the stun duration and allowing Ryuujin to unleash a magical blast on the enemies behind his victim (lined with him and the victim).

Attachment 505523E: Dragon Blood
Description: The dragon blood on his veins gives him extra strengh, making you hit harder, run faster and it's magical energies allows him to breaths fire.
Normal Form Effects:
-Passive: speed bonus and damage boost.
-Active: breaths a cone of fire in front of you that deals initial magic damage and ignites your targets, dealing damage over time.
Hybrid Form Effects:
-Passive: speed bonus and damage boost are increased based on Dragon Apotheosis level.
-Active: Increases cone area and reduces healing to targets based on Dragon Apotheosis level.

Attachment 505526R: Dragon Apotheosis
Description: Ryuujin concentrates, generating a sphere of magical energy arround him. After few seconds he unleashs the chaos on his blood sending a powerful scream that becomes a dragon roar, while his body becomes a hybrid between human and dragon. The sphere dissipates just after the transformation, revealing his new form. The Hibryd still keeps his armor. His skin is now covered with scales and he have a pair of wings. His claws merged with his new form, and his hands now became sharp claws.
Technical information: Activating this skills is a channeling action. If interrupted, he can't use it again for a portion of it's original cooldown. Once activated, his scales grants physical damage reduction and the the magic unleashed boosts his other abilities and protects him against magic sources of damage and effects. The transformation consumes mana per second like Swain's but it's cooldown longer.
Effects (varies based on Dragon Apotheosis level):
-Magic damage reduction;
-Physical damage reduction;
-Tenacity bonus;
-Boost to other skills.

Copyrights: Everyone who liked this concept can use it or the ideas presented here freely and without asking. It was something made for fun and without gain purposes.

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