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Kelloid 03-02-2012 09:45 PM

Breaking EU style
Here is the new way to break out EU style, like 2 bot, ad range and support, and 1 top.
EU style is useful for slave dragon because 4 of team can focus at dragon.
So how about generating dragon and nash randomly?
I mean dragon can be generated at near top or near at bot. So does nash.
And dragon should be generated at 3 or 5min, because player can change the lane after checking dragon easily.
I know this can't change the style like ad range and support. But players should think more about that. Likewise where should 2 of team go?
And I know Riot doesn't like at random thing in game. But it'll change a lot of thing in current condition.
What do you think about this?

7thcloud 03-02-2012 10:00 PM

i feel there is room to break the EU style w/o any changes

for example, why not put the tank mid, ad range top, and support + ap bot? every lane would be effectively countered. ppl forget that the EU meta somewhat evolved as a counter to the NA meta.

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