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PickleChutney 07-28-2010 12:24 PM

How would you teach a new player?
Curious to get peoples opinions on bringing new blood into the game.

I have a best friend that really took an interest in playing LoL from watching me play a few rounds. We got her setup and starting to play the game together.

My biggest question is how would YOU go about teaching them the ins and outs of the game to get them to a point that they can meaningfully contribute to the team in the shortest amount of time possible?

I would keep in mind this player has never before played anything in the DOTA genre, so it's all from square 1.

Assume the person plays right next to you. =)

So far I have focused on trying to get her to play easier champs - like Ashe/Silvir etc. Focusing on survivability and not feeding in the early game. I'm really impressed with the progress so far, but eventually the laning phase ends and we are coming up short in the team fights. A typical score when we started was 0/8/~5-15, now around 3/8/15.

I'd love to help her step her game up... what would you guys do to help along with it? Other than just putting the time in of course.

Alyzar 07-28-2010 12:27 PM

Tell them to play on their own for a month. That always works for me.

Players learn on their own way faster then they do with teammates constantly carrying them.

Liquid Bible 07-28-2010 12:30 PM

I'd play with her, answer her questions if she asks any and just generally have fun.

Oh wait, you're talking about LoL? Opps, I was thinking of something else.

SuicidalPankake 07-28-2010 12:31 PM

I think we need one of those lame personality quizzes to determine what type of champion someone should play based on random things in their life... "Do you enjoy setting things on fire?" "Yes!" "YOURE A CASTER!" ... Actually that would be epic.

Anyway, need to get her to commit at least a little while to one TYPE of champion, be it burst dps, carry, tank, what have you. Once she says something like "okay, I'm thinkin MAGE!" have her go to the champion list and click the mage box. Pick one from there; a good starting mage is annie. If she doesnt like annie, go on to a different mage. If she doesnt like the next mage, try a different type, like a tank.

As for actual gameplay, have her look at a guide for a certain character (if indeed she goes for annie, the best guide is Advanced Annie: Be the Boss. In terms of items and what to do in what situation and such). Dont check bushes with your face, always call MIA on your lane enemy, and try to keep an eye on the minimap to know when to haul ass out of there.

It helps to write down the build order for your champion and have it next to you during a game. Items, when to get them, how much gold they cost, everything.

If these dont work, use her as gank bait. Works like a charm.

Dragmar 07-28-2010 12:44 PM

I think, you would want her to play every different champion there is. Try new ones constantly, never play the same one more then 2-3 times.

Also go to the guides/strategy and lookup a guide before you play each character, to have an idea of what to do before your 2nd or 3rd game.

Eppa 07-28-2010 12:48 PM

Rage like a crazy person into the mic, that what I do at least.

Cyrenic 07-28-2010 01:06 PM

Teach her map awareness, it'll quickly lead to better scores.

larkhill 07-28-2010 01:13 PM

let them try different champs to learn different skills. one learns map awareness when playing a long range type like ashe or a roaming ganker like evelynn/shaco/twitch.

one learns how to play defensive by playing tanks or support classes.

one learns how to kill people with nuke classes

you wont teach someone everything just with 1 or 2 champs.

Diomedea 07-28-2010 01:15 PM

Teach her the basics (don't check the bushes with your face, check the map constantly, call mia, towers can hurt, use this item build), then let her play on her own for a while.

Carrying someone, or constantly telling them what to do doesn't help at all. The only way to learn is through experience.

Synergize 07-28-2010 01:28 PM

Encourage her to try a variety of different champions, and especially the easier ones for each type -- ie, Soraka for support types, Annie for mages, Ashe for carries. Make sure she tries every free champion on rotation at some point in the week, even if only for one game. I'm normally a support/mage/cc player, but I was surprised to find I looove Cho'Gath. She might have a similar experience.

Play practice games with you on the opposite team that she's on. Go in the same lane against each other, and teach her the basics of harassment/towerdiving/towerhugging/avoiding harassment. By having you against her, you can teach her how enemies behave (bots aren't realistic enemies) while going easy on her so that she doesn't get frustrated with constant deaths. Analyze her technique and point out when she could smack you around or when she should be running for her tower.

Also, don't queue her up for normal games with you if your summoner is high level. When I first started, I was dragged into matchmaking with some friends of mine -- all mid twenties. @_@ I got absolutely crushed by the 20 - 30 level opponents we were placed against. She'd be best off if you created a second account to play with her on, so you're not fighting super high level enemies.

Encourage her to adopt a defensive/conservative playstyle for now. It's better to towerhug and not get any kills than to have a newbie running balls-to-the-wall, risking deaths for kills they probably won't get anyways. As she improves, she can play more aggressively.

Make sure she knows to last-hit minions, because I didn't learn to do that until at least a week after I started. No one told me you only get gold for the last hit! I always had the worst items until I figured that out. D: I find Annie is a great character for learning to last-hit because of her mana-returning skill -- Q, was it?

Don't have her playing skillshot-dependent characters right away (Ezreal, Sivir, Nidalee, etc), unless she's got some sort of background in another game that would help her out. She's probably flooded with everything else and doesn't need people dodging her skills to add to it. Once she has the basics down, make sure she does try a skillshot character to get the hang of it. Also, if she plays a character that uses skillshots, she'll likely become better at dodging other players' skillshots.

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