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TallBongWong 02-02-2012 07:47 PM

I'm on some random team O-o?
So this is my highest level smurf but it's only level 18 at the moment. There's obviously no way I could be playing ranked on a ranked team. For some reason when I check my summoners profile and click ranked some random team pops up. The only other profiles I've checked out on this account were pro's (hotshotgg, scarra, saintvicious), my brothers or my main. This ranked team is provision, has 2 wins 2 loses and I have no freaking idea who they are. None of the members are on my friends list or on my recently played list.

lol so I'm not annoyed but does anyone else have this? I'm going to re-login to see if it'll stick because I can switch from the shop and back to my profile and it'll still be there. So I guess ideas about what this is? Random Easter egg or GM trolling?

EDIT: Yeah I logged out then back in and it disappeared. But hmm what was that "glitch" O-o I wasn't lagging or having any troublesome queueing problems. Interesting.

Current Event 02-03-2012 07:32 AM

Just interface issues. It'll be fixed soon I imagine.

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