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Seanzzie 02-01-2012 03:22 PM

Ziggs Jungle
Has anyone tried it in a real match yet? I'll be trying it tonight when I get together with my team, for now I've just done it in a custom and don't have time for a real game. Level 2 gank with Bouncing Bomb and Satchel Charge seems pretty good, just have to learn when to initiate with it or wait for post flash maybe.

DarkFuzz3825 02-01-2012 03:49 PM

It seems pretty viable the way Phreak used it to bait the Large Golem and kill it with Hexplosive Minefield, but I wouldn't count on him being an actual jungler. It would seem like his AP would need to be pretty high at Level 1 in order to pull that one off.

But I don't either own the champion or have seen him played anywhere, so who am I to say?

Seanzzie 02-01-2012 05:17 PM

His AP is fine if he runs 21/9/0, he can put out good damage with his bombs, it's just not worth going with the minefield at level one though. Starting with bouncing bomb cause of the low cooldown and it synergising with his passive.

Furikurifan4 02-02-2012 08:06 AM

Stonewall already has a jungle video on him, he does fine if you run cloth and 5 health pots.

Kenshin Akira 02-02-2012 08:29 AM

I've played alongside a Ziggs player who did take cloth and 5 health in the jungle. He actually did fairly well, worked pretty good with someone in lane who had a slow or a hard CC to compound things with his mines. I only noticed that he needed a REALLY good leash on his blue though.

It wasn't the best jungle, but it did prove to me it was possible.

Quick Rawr 02-02-2012 08:55 AM


Stonewall's Jungle Vid

Seanzzie 02-02-2012 03:48 PM

I love stonewall but that video doesn't tell me anything for in game play. I did that exact route and start before the video even came out =P It's not hard to jungle someone in custom. I was just seeing if anyone had tried it in a real game and if they had success or tips for it

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