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dredzach 01-30-2012 05:11 PM

Journey out of Elo Hell, a mini-Documentary
My normal dom elo ranges from 1750-1800, and I started a new account so I can play "fun" champs. I wouldn't play "fun" champs with my normal account cause I would consider it trolling to pick a substandard champ.

So, being that my normal elo is 1700s, I have to play through all the low elo to get where I belong, and honestly I was very surprised at how different low elo really is. It's an entirely different game.

As I progress through the layers of elo hell, I am gonna note my observations. Note, there are other "smurfs" in elo hell, but I will ignore them in my analysis.

I started out screwing around and actually lost some games, so I think that brought me below average elo to start out.

1200 and below:
Meta: 3-5 bot, 0-2 mid/top
Afkers/Leavers very common. No one even complains about it.
Players may stop and stand still for no apparent reason.
Players will not head to windmill to start. They seem to be attracted to where the creeps are, which is bottom, and between windmill and mid.
Players may not know to click on turrets.
Players may have less skill than a co-op vs ai bot.
There will be other players who are a little better, perhaps as good as a bot.
Game seems to regress into a 4v4 at bottom lane, with random people back-capping the 3 other turrets.
Few players will notice you capping a turret, or defend against it.
Players act as though they are completely unaware when a turret is hitting them.
90% of champs are the free champs, or Ashe.
Winning seems not to matter to anyone.

How to win yourself out of there:
It would seem like backcapping might win, since no one interferes with your capture, but actually you should concentrate on mowing down your enemies. You can kill a lot of enemies in the time it takes to capture a turret, whereas if you back-cap, someone on the enemy team with skills just high enough to know to click on turrets can easily undo your work.

As you progress to 1400, you encounter more smurfs. Often, the team with more or better smurfs wins. There were a couple games where I was better than the other smurfs, but they had 2 or 3 smurfs and we only had me, resulting in a loss.
Meta: someone on your team (a smurf I assume) will say "1 bot, 4 top". Most of the time this results in "0 bot, 5 top" or "2 bot, 3 top".
Players are at least as good as a bot.
Players know about clicking turrets.
Some players try to interrupt back-cappers. Still, many caps will go uncontested.
Game is less concentrated at bottom. Now only 2-3 there (lol).
Players still 90% of the time dive you under a turret, dying to it.
Players approach windmill by walking up the lane. Maybe they don't know about speed shrines?
Players will attempt to cap the turret, and you chuck a spear interrupting them, then repeat endlessly, never looking for the spear hurler.
Better players might actually dodge your spear.
3/5 champs are still the free champs. AD Yi seems to be common.
Most players ignore the middle buff and healing shrines.
No one buys defense.
There still is no dedicated bottom.
Windmill isn't a big deal.
Starting to see people whining about their "bad team" after I destroy them. Really? You didn't notice I'm 17-2 killing your whole team? lol It's not their fault. People will whine though.

How to get out:
Stay out of the big team fights(aka clusterf***s) and instead focus on killing 1-2 enemies you catch at other areas of the map and then taking the turrets. In this elo it seems like teams clump up more than they should at bottom, leaving mid/top empty of all but a couple enemies. If you are higher elo than them, you should be able to kill off the 1-2 enemies near top. Focus on dominating top area.

1400-1600 elo:
I will tell you about it once I get to 1600. Just got to 1400 something elo and so far I'm still going double triple legendary in the games, pretty much winning by killing everyone lol. I'm starting to encounter better players than before though. I expect my report on this elo range will be the most interesting one. It's been a long time since I was at this elo, so I don't know what to expect yet.

at 1486:
1 went bot and 4 top, but it took some coaxing. 2 went for the cap at mid and both ran past it, with one returning to cap it. The other one ran up the lane to get to windmill. There was only a couple enemies top. Game ended with 5 capping them and waiting for it to tick down. I think this is still hell. I noticed a lot of stuttering in people using their champs and also got tower dove. (double kill). Oh, and this is blind cause my account is only level 6. The Q was 6 minutes. Maybe its looking for other low level players to put me with that have the same elo?

tim3boom 01-30-2012 05:19 PM

I didnt even know there was ranked Dominion.....

JamesLeBoss 01-30-2012 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by tim3boom (Hozzászólás 20377932)
I didnt even know there was ranked Dominion.....

Search up Jabebot on the forums, get yourself in the loop

dredzach 01-30-2012 07:42 PM

(updated original post)

socillion 01-30-2012 07:55 PM

I'm curious, what are the fun champs that you don't want to play in "real" games?

KrYoS 01-30-2012 08:01 PM

I will say that the quality of games has gotten much better since I hit around 1725 or so. In the 1500's and below, there were tons of leavers and just really bad players. 1600 still has a lot of people who are just lucky and have 50-90 Dominion wins. Now, at 1854 ELO, almost every game is close and exciting. It's a much more enjoyable experience too. I even rage less :)

dredzach 01-30-2012 08:49 PM

Nidalee & Lux are two of them. I've been playing a lot of Nidalee. I realize both champs are playable, but they just aren't good enough against good opponents imo, so I wouldn't play against strong enemies with them and really expect to do well. They are really fun though.

Another problem with high elo, is it becomes all about the premades. If you don't premade it is random what you can get for a team, and if you do premade you might face the 2k elo premades who the system cant find any fodder for.

Whi 01-30-2012 10:35 PM

There is elo hell in dom? ELO is so easy to gain in blind pick.

Datou 01-31-2012 12:50 AM

Pretty sure it factors your level into the matchmaking equation. If your only level 6 and your playing '1200' elo, you probably wont get matched against level 30 1200s, more likely your own level or some level 30 900s.

Basoosh 01-31-2012 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by Whi (Hozzászólás 20393527)
There is elo hell in dom? ELO is so easy to gain in blind pick.

Fun fact - it's just as easy to get in draft as well, especially when you can counter-pick against people that don't know how to.

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