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Mr SafetyDancer 01-30-2012 03:09 PM

I want to learn to be better at SR
I play a lot of Dominion and did most of my leveling in TT. My roommate is a rager and played Tryndamere exclusively. As such my friends and I aren't that good at SR. We do great in the lane phase, but we never make the transition and at about the 15 minute mark we start to get torn to shreds.

My question is should we smurf it to try and learn the game properly, or would playing Coop vs AI help us more?

Low level masteries and no runes really distorts the game to me so I'd rather not smurf it. Any suggestions or tips?

gankas kon 01-31-2012 03:01 AM

try bot games.

Also, playing champs exclusively is the worst thing you can do.

You have to play a champ at least a few times to understand them. Its much less fun to meet a champ you've never seen and have them deatory you because you don't know what's coming.

I main brand and I've had aa few mids go against me who said they never played against him before.

Then they call op when they find out he has huge burst and they endlessly feed because they don't k ow what my kit is. They call op when in reality he isn't, they're just ignorant to other champs.

So I'd say first play a mix of bot games and normals. After planing phase, group up and start taking objectives as a team. Maybe it's a tower, or dragon, etc. But make sure its some sort of a group effort.

Hali0n 01-31-2012 07:29 AM

I suggest watching streams. Over the past few months I have learned a great deal about SR. Like, I never knew taking the enemies wraiths while in mid would have such a big consequence the the enemy jungler. You learn a lot of tricks as well like which walls certain champs can dive through or even ult through.

The Kings of Europe finals are today; I suggest you watch that an take some notes. :P

18X Jake 01-31-2012 09:46 AM

Go to http://www.leagueoflegends.wikia.com and just look at the different champions, they have tips for playing as and playing against them. Once you know the different skill sets of your opponents you will know the moves they will make and when they will make them.
For instance I could beat brand by knowing that he has an AoE and he will try to hit me with it, so I'll start boots and move constantly, forcing him to waste his mana with no payoff.

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