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Dezovin 01-28-2012 08:07 PM

Personal experience with Dom
Hello everyone :)

Whenever dominion was first released back in September, I would have never figured that I would like it more than SR. Hell, I got bored of playing DOM after less than 15 games of it because every game I just felt like my skill wasn't up to par or that I just didn't have a good understanding of ANYTHING DOMINION.

Fast forward a few months, None of my friends play this mode and I almost exclusively played SR 5s in a full premade. I decided to give this mode another chance (I think around the end of Dec) when some of my friends took a break from the game and I was tired of Arams.

WOW was everything so different. At first it was a bit overwhelming and I just kinda trolled around trying every character I could to see what worked and what didnt. But as I played a few games and got more familiar with the mode, I couldnt help but see a special unique charm in this mode and felt like it was something I should invest more time into.

I went from about 1200 elo near the end of December, to the current elo of 2009 in about a months time. Ive seen some awesome premades that taught me how good I was at feeding and some strategies that just opened me up to how diverse Dom truly is as a map. I still feel like I have so much to learn here.

I went from a pure hater of anything Dom to honestly falling in love with the mode. Everytime I que up I cant wait to see who (users) and what (champs) I face. Nobody really QQs that much as far as I can tell. I try to keep a calm head myself but sometimes I can get a bit heated :P

Just wanted to say thank you Riot for creating an awesome game mode that is very much a sleeper and I cant wait to see ranked come out for it. Also want to shoutout the Dom community for being awesome! Now lets get to cappin on the Crystal Scar!

Hope to see you guys in game sometime =)

ProSauce VT 01-28-2012 08:16 PM

And thus another crosses over. Wonder what would happen if ranked were ever implemented?

Kedali 01-28-2012 09:27 PM

I had a similar experience. I just came back to the game a few days ago and figured I'd give the new game mode a try. Thought it was total **** and had no desire to do it. But I unlocked a champion and figured the best way to get her figure out was to do the nonstop fighting of dominion.

Now I've played around 40 games of dominion on her, and somewhere along the way I went from hating it and thinking it was just boring and worthless except to learn new champions to actually enjoying it and not wanting to go back to SR.

Ill Mystic Ill 01-28-2012 10:08 PM

What champ?

Nekrogen 01-28-2012 10:25 PM

Now if only we could get every SR player to give Dominion this kind of a chance. Honestly it IS an amazing game mode that most of the LoL community dismisses simply because they haven't tried it enough yet.

ChaoticHypnotic 01-28-2012 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by Nekrogen (Hozzászólás 20305904)
Now if only we could get every SR player to give Dominion this kind of a chance. Honestly it IS an amazing game mode that most of the LoL community dismisses simply because they haven't tried it enough yet.

^ this.

Sneak 01-29-2012 12:18 AM

I agree. I hated Dominion at first, but the more I play, the more I like it. I hope Riot starts taking it seriously and implements a ranked draft. Also, it would be cool to see some Dominion streamers, have you thought about streaming? It needs some popularity.

maxusmaximus 01-29-2012 01:48 AM

i never hated it to start but i found it really chaotic when i first started. you have to be way more on the ball as everything is so close and you have very little time to make decisions. With SR you can pretty much work out exactly what time a gank is going to come and you know when they are gonna get back into lane after going /b. if you come up against a good team it is much harder to know where they are going and what they are doing which creates situations where split second timing is much more crucial. once you get to the point where you can predict what people are going to do and where they are going the game becomes much more interesting.... unfortunately many people don't get to that point they just dismiss it after 10 or 20 games.

Godmoney 01-29-2012 02:47 AM

imo Dom is far superior to SR in the fun department.

I understand the SR has more Meta and more "phases" to it but I still appreciate Dom's get in and pvp style more.

Dezovin 01-29-2012 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by Ill Mystic Ill (Hozzászólás 20305424)
What champ?

I'd like to know the champ too. But I seen you been playin panth alot :) thats my fav champ on here too!

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