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ADGarner 01-23-2012 02:01 PM

The Heimer composition
I'm helping some friends level up through some normals in preparation for competing on the ladder. We're not expecting to do super well but we've definitely hit a hitch.

Buddy really likes to play Heimerdinger. We're racking our brains to try and find synergy with this character. Any one play with a Heimer consistently and know of some good team compositions built around him?

Strikerfox 01-23-2012 02:34 PM

Mid. If he plays passive and doesn't die before say lvl6. A Heimer can railroad, but he suffers from ganks. I recommend teleport and clarity as summoner spells. Stay in lane as long as possible.

If you want him in top or bot, pair him with someone who has a slow or stun (Caitlyn, Taric, Maokai, Blitz). Anyone who can keep enemy champs under turret fire longer. If you're friends you won't complain about ks from turrets or missiles.

ADGarner 01-23-2012 09:48 PM

A Heimerdinger taking middle lane is really wasting the power of his passive, right? That health regeneration for nearby allies I imagine makes the biggest difference during the earlier phases of the game.

Also I haven't heard some one use the term "railroad" before. Is that just hard laning and no roaming?


ADGarner 01-24-2012 05:53 PM

bump for great justice

Corvalin 01-24-2012 06:12 PM

Heim is a squishy champ, so obviously you want to stay in the back. Having slows or stuns with him will help greatly to keep the enemy team from focusing you. Your grenade is a key spell to master, cause regardless, someone will get to you and try to take you out. I would say someone with high burst damage would be a good compliment. You grenade, they blow up the enemy. While your turrets are nice, sustained damage, u can easily die before they even scratch a champ

SmudgePudge 01-24-2012 06:17 PM

I play Heim quite a bit and I'd say 90% of the time I'm mid. I understand what the one poster is saying about his passive but its hard to pass up his amazing mid sustain. I've almost never lost the lane (maybe once against Miss Fortune and that **** range) and once you hit 6 and get your ult he's actually pretty hard to gank. I always take clarity and flash so I can stay longer and flash out of a gank.

As far as composition goes you really want a good jungler. I can almost always keep the lane pushed so it makes it easy for the jungler to move through the river. The rest are pretty much the same for any game although any champ with good cc is going to play strong with heim late game. You get two turrets ult'd and some dumb ass tank hops in, by the time your grenade stun wears off and he's taken 5 rockets to the face plus the dps of your friend I guarantee he'll be looking to run. Your turrets slow him down and add in some other good cc and heim will take minimal damage and get a kill.

Quick Rawr 01-24-2012 06:27 PM

THe problem with putting him in another lane is ganks. You put him in bot lane and it opens you to ganks from Jungler/Mid. You put him solo top and it's suicide. You put him in the mid and he can ward the sides, push the lane, and be able to keep himself fairly safe (unless they have a rammus or nocturne, but obviously you have to shift play according to the enemy team.

He has good synergy with a cloak champ like twitch. He can push his lanes, look like a derp to the enemy champ who overextends to his death when twitch is roaming through mid. It requires coordination with the pushing and twitch showing up, but that would give you a slow, stun, and good damage output between the two and drop someone quite easily.

Twitch is a great bot lane and a decent jungler if he gets aid taking down Red buff so there's an option for you.

Deathnor 01-24-2012 06:53 PM

im not the best player but i used to play the little guy quite a bit. id suggest a split push team if i were building a team around him myself.

1st mid is where he goes. his whole kit pushes and its hardest to gank him in mid. the best thing about his passive is it regens turret health. its never a bad idea to move a lane swap to a turret under 50% hp and have him stay close enough so it gets the buff but outside of some very rare situation were u need and can clear the waves w/o getting dived he i best in mid. amke sure your jungle knows how to ward and get mid warded. the sooner the better he has your blue and it takes a lot to get him set backup after a gank.

as far as synergy u want a jungler who can go w/o blue buff 1st time around. he chews threw mana and to make great use of him u need that blue be4 the respawn of 720ish. id suggest lee sin myself ganks very well very early so he doesnt need the lvl from blue and can give it out after he trys a lvl 2 gank. shen can also get the job done as can shyvanna.

split push strats also work pretty good with him as he has range to keep far enough back to engage but not get counter engaged. make sure u ward your backdoor in this type of situation u dont want 2 brusiers or a bruiser tank getting behind u in a 4v5 situation for a initiation. here i would look to good duelist or chars who can pressure in a team fight while still pushing another lane. id personally say GP oragnes and cannon barrage means he can escape a gank should a larger one come at him and he can still team fight from another lane or cut off thier engage should your team get initiated on. also champs i would look at are singed cause u cant gank him if they try nid cause she can wreak a single champ or escape mulitple, a TF if TF isnt brain dead and can ward up thier jungle to see them coming long be4 the gank happens and come mid in a inst to turn a teamfight in your favour(not a fan of TF for split pushes myself), panth if u are running a kill lane bot is also a good choice but he drops off a bit so u really need a early game advantage as this strat normaly takes games into the long game, shen can work well here as well esp if hes building fairly high AP or as a tank he has a huge advantage over thier gold he can tele to team fights duel fairly well or escape quite well.

as far as support soraka, sona, janna in that order. no other supports unless u run a kill lane bot with double DPS. u want sorakas ult in case top gets into trouble(u never want them to die or its 4v5 and u are back peddling) sona cause if they send 2 top shes got great dps aoe cc allowing a engage or disengage in case they start a 4v5 in thier favor, or janna cause shes a boss at disengages. her ult followed by a imidiate tornado can stop the hardest of engages esp if u got turrets out for a ult slow.

as far as carries id go with siv myself. keep up that super long poke with 4 ppl thier and her ult can help in disengages in mid if needed or engages should 2-3 head off to kill your split pusher and let u take out that turret while thier gone. not a fan of trist myself but a buster shot can really push a aoe cc char back be4 they can start a hard engage(minus malph) and she has some good mobility for getting out of engages that dont favour u with lesser numbers.

also im gonna go way out on a limb here dont go flash. ghost on the dinger works wonders post 6. flash is not gonna get u out of most ganks. im way in the minority on this point but i really dont like flash on him when i can have ghost.

Chingmeister 01-25-2012 12:43 AM

If your really good, you can put Heimer in any lane or jungle with him...

Heimer destroys top lane tankies, mid lane casters, and supports bot like a beast...

He can also jungle fairly fast...

Starting at 9% spellvamp is enough to make his triple hit missiles spellvamp tons....and with his regen makes him beastly...stack 3 rings, a chalice,boots, and a deathcap and your gtg. Flash/Ghost or Exhaust/Flash depending on lane.

SirTimbo 01-25-2012 01:27 AM

If you want to duo lane then play alistar with him, aoe knock up and a knock back to keep them in range of heimers turrets plus can help push the lane so every wave gets cleared by the turret.

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