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Critical Error 07-19-2010 08:37 AM

(Champion Suggestion) The Necro-Lord
Details: This guy is a debuffer DoTer. He wins by attrition, not brute force. Most of his spells dont max out unless given time. He is meant to start a push, then keep it going whittling away at enemies with his minions and dots; ticking their health away with having to deal with him.

Passive: Upon killing a unit the necromancer raises a skeleton warrior to fight. Killing/assisting an enemy hero raises a more powerful spectre. Undead fight as regular minions, though will come to the help of their master if he is being attacked.

Skill 1: Torment of Many-Death (3 second CD)

Plagues the victim with the final pains of thousands of victims the necromancer has slaughtered. They suffer 20 damage per stack per second (ie. 20 first second, 40 next, 60 third...300 damage at max rank) AND are progressively slowed/snared by 5% per stack. Gains a stack each second, lasts 2/2/4/4/5 seconds. Repeat casts overwrite the old and stacks start at 1 (cant keep spaming same target).

Skill 2: Dark Decay (3 second CD)

Plagues a single victim and cause them to decay at a quickened rate. Victims armor and magical resistance decays at 4% per second, stacking (40% at max duration rank 5). Deals 25 damage a second. Lasts 3/4/7/8/10 seconds. Repeat casts overwrite the old and stacks start at 1 (cant keep spamming the same target).

Skill 3: Manifest Pain (Longer CD)

Causes all victims plagued by the necromancer to violently erupt in agony for damage equal to 20/40/60/80/100% of the combined total damage of the plagues, victims near the erupting units take 33% of the damage the target takes. Consumes 100/100/50/50/0% of remaining plague stacks on the victim.

Skill 4: Lich (toggle/ 10 sec CD)

The necromancer transforms into a lich. His spells are empowered by 11/22/33% but use 50/30/15% the spells mana cost health to cast. Minions raised while a lich are 10/20/30% tougher and stronger. If the necromancer kills a hero while a Lich he gains immortality for 3/4/5 seconds (not invul, can still be brought to 1hp), subsequent kills refresh the stack at 1 second.

(Empower spell. Makes his debuffs/minions more of a hassle. Also gives him immortality if he manages to kill someone, but UNLIKE TYR he can just activate immortality, he has to actually kill someone, and at the right time for it to be worth it. Comes with a built in penalty so it isnt activated all the time)

CapnChoGath 11-29-2012 03:36 PM

This is a great idea

as Desolator 11-29-2012 04:47 PM

wronge place but sure

Nykidemus 11-29-2012 05:00 PM

I like the idea of a guy who makes extra minions - but most of the time I think that's just going to feed gold/xp to your opponent and push your lane out. Can you toggle it?

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