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thenewattacker 01-16-2012 12:50 AM

**the strong and sturdy graves build**
berserker greaves
phantom dancer
frozen mallet
black cleaver
infinity edge

-Item order
starting items:boots of speed and 3 health pots
1.vampiric scepter
3.berserker greaves
-get a dagger first instead of brawler's gloves because 15% attack speed is obviously more useful than 4% critical hit rate
6.here is where you make a decision
if you are doing well,get a phantom dancer but if you have trouble or keep on dying,then get a giant's belt
(skip number 7 if you got phantom dancer)
7.giant's belt
8.bf sword
9.here is where you make another decision.if your opponent's build have armor get black cleaver if not get infinity edge
10.bf sword
11.get what you did not get in number 9
12.here is where you make your last decision in the item part of the build.If you are still dying get frozen mallet if not get phantom dancer
13.get frozen mallet if you got phantom dancer last time if not get phantom dancer


-Offence tree:
brute force-3 points
butcher/summoner's wrath-1 point
-only get summoner's wrath if you are using ignite;if not get butcher
alacrity-4 points
weapon expertise-1 point
deadliness-4 points
lethality-1 point
vampirism-3 points
sunder-3 points
executioner-1 point
Total:21 points
-here is where you make your decision.You can either chose the defence branch or the mana branch

-Mana branch:
expanded mind-3 points
summoner's insight-1 point
meditation-3 points
swiftness-2 points
Total:9 points

-defence branch
resistance-3 points
hardiness-1 point
durability-4 points
veteran's scar-1 point
Total:9 points


9 Greater Mark of Desolation(1.66 armor penetration)
Total:about 14 armor penetration
-armor penetration is really important for DPS champions so armor penetration runes would be the best kind of runes for graves(of course it is good on other DPS champions)

9 Greater Seal of Resilience(1.41 armor)
Total:12 armor
-graves gets no armor from his item build and already get health from frozen mallet,armor would be the best kind of seals runes to get

9 Greater Glyph of Warding(1.49 magic resistence)
Total:13 magic resistance
-other than the masteries,graves have no magic resistance so magic resistant runes are important

3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation(3.33 armor penetration)
Total:10 armor penetration

Summoner spells:
1.Flash:a spell graves must have.if you use flash and quickdraw together,you can cover a great distance
2.here is where you make the decision on what your second summoner spell is.if you need alittle more damage then get ignite;if your opponents always run away then get exhaust and if you need mana,get clarity

This is the graves built i use.Please tell me your opinion on this build.(is it good or bad.Why?)

Warrrrax 01-16-2012 06:45 AM

Not sure about the sturdiness though. No magic resistance whatsoever past glyphs. No extra health until you get Phage/mallet. You are smart to get the belt/phage early and get whichever one you need more. Any reason why you don't get Banshee? Id think that would help you a lot more than a lategame tiamat...

I totally dont understand getting Attack Speed early game. HOW does it help last-hit?!? You shouldnt have to be attacking quickly to last hit. Maybe you refer to the speed, but basic boots are sufficient.

Most graves will go bottom and have a support...usually with a heal. SO you wanna start with Dorans Blade for better lasthitting and toughness. Boots+3pots if no heal so u can last hit and get back.

Why tiamat lategame? One advantage of tiamat is that you can get HP5 and MP5 at the beginning of the game, then easily assemble tiamat with several small components, vs waiting for a BF Sword. By endgame, the HP5/MP5 is not useful at all and +50 AD isn't all that amazing by then. Splash isn't THAT good for Graves.

You need to either get Crit, or not. Phantom is a great item for speeding you up, and boosting crit. But you have NO other crit! If you get PD, you reallly want an Inf Edge which comboes very very well with it. Also its odd that you get it so late. I'd expect it to be the 2nd big item, after getting an AD item.
For example, Dorans, then boots, then BFSword then Zeal. Then get Phage/Belt as needed and vamp scepter, negatron, upgrade to PD, upgrade to IE.

AMonkeyCourier 01-16-2012 06:53 AM

What the actual hell.

Boomstick II 01-16-2012 08:35 AM

Should be something more like this:

-Guardian Angel
-Merc treads

That way you can take a lot of damage and be really sturdy.

thenewattacker 01-16-2012 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by Boomstick II (Hozzászólás 19778426)
Should be something more like this:

-Guardian Angel
-Merc treads

That way you can take a lot of damage and be really sturdy.

those items are for tanks not carries

Boomstick II 01-16-2012 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by thenewattacker (Hozzászólás 19792043)
those items are for tank not carries


DoctorGentleman 01-16-2012 03:05 PM

If you want to play a tanky AD, play Garen, Nasus, Irelia etc.. Every gp you spend on 'sturdiness' is that much less useful you will be offensively. Build mega damage, be squishy, your passive helps a little.

skillpatrick 01-16-2012 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Boomstick II (Hozzászólás 19778426)
Should be something more like this:

-Guardian Angel
-Merc treads

That way you can take a lot of damage and be really sturdy.

I can reasonably understand Merc treads, and MAYBE Randuins if you're in dire need of health.

Atmogs is only for some tanks/tanky DPS, The damage is pale in comparison to what you should have as a carry

FoN is purely a tank item, you dont need the health regen and pretty much any damage item helps a carry more

Unless you're facerolling and want to strike fear into a lesser oponent DO NOT get Guardian Angel.. Even then save it for last

building AD carries as tanks/tanky DPS is not a great idea, leave that for the champs that fit those categories

DoctorGentleman 01-16-2012 03:15 PM

Y'all need a sense of humor..

acosn 01-16-2012 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by Boomstick II (Hozzászólás 19778426)
Should be something more like this:

-Guardian Angel
-Merc treads

That way you can take a lot of damage and be really sturdy.

No reason to have GA, Atma's and Randuin's. Graves already has naturally high armor thanks to his passive, and diminishing returns suck. A real survivability build would look more like...

-'zerker greaves
-Blood Thirster

Works best when you have someone on your team that has a targetable AS steroid (nunu, Warwick, Sivir, ect) and you'll have to expect to green pill regularly.

Otherwise the best durability build for Graves isn't actually a build, its simply having a Taric on your team that gets Aegis. Between Graves passive and Taric's auras for armor there's no AD carry in the game that'll be able to trade blows with you early game except maybe Corki or Vayne.

The problem with "durability" builds for ranged AD carries is that you're literally pissing away all the potential power your character brings to the table. Its like trying to make Leona a DPS character.

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