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ViceVersa 01-08-2012 10:15 AM

Can you beat the meta?
Tanky solo top with sustain, AP mid, ranged AD carry with support bottom lane, and a jungler.

If this combination sounds familiar to you, congratulations on reaching a high enough level/elo to use or fight against this team composition. If you haven't, then consider yourselves lucky.

The metagame for summoner's rift is getting old and I (along with many other people, I'm sure) would love to see a shift in this meta (even if it's just a slight change).

However, the only way to change a meta is to beat a meta.

So all of you creative forum-goers, if you have ever had success against a meta comp with a non-meta comp or just have some tips to countering the meta, please post them here.

In other words... Can you beat the meta?

Tidal Fart 01-08-2012 11:40 AM

High CC with hard DPS. For example Garen and Sion - Garen and Morgana. Morgana or Sion stun garen spins2win. Wins every lane

Rg Toad 01-08-2012 12:23 PM

Garen is not used because he is coubterable and his spin to win can be shut down hard plus in a solo lane he can be shut down hard by ranged heckling.

Also beating the Meta really depends on your opponents alot of people blindly follow it, and don't know how truly punishing it is to a team that doesn't follow suit, and you do realize that as soon as you "beat" the Meta the new one will become just as repetitive, but I personally enjoy the current style.

Burnt Pineapple 01-09-2012 07:57 AM

Not really meta-changing, but something that I've played with success on occasion is a hyper-aggressive bot lane by pairing an AD range with any champion that has significant burst/cc. I admit that in my experience, this almost always ends up happening when somebody screws up the typical team comp by last picking a role that is already covered... The focus here is on completely destroying the typical enemy pair, which tends to rely on sustain and farm while depending on the jungler to gank for kills.

Though they aren't typically a support, characters like Annie, Sion, GP, and Nunu can all help their lane partner and entire team by destroying the potential of the enemy ranged carry. They just have to adopt their roles later game in order to compensate for the fact that they won't be getting the farm of a solo lane or jungle like these characters typically enjoy. Annie focuses on landing her cc to let other people wipe out the enemies, Nunu and GP buff their teammates and have large AOE ults for team fights, and though a Sion without the first 10 minutes of lane farming isn't going to do as much to help his team late game, he is perhaps the scariest character to be facing as an enemy ranged carry and is most likely to help thoroughly dominate his lane.

This lane comp without the typical support sustain is even more dependent on strong river warding to prevent the enemy jungler from ruining your efforts to dominate the lane.

Nyadnar17 01-09-2012 08:42 AM

Duo/Support Top and Hyper-Aggressive/Burst Bot seems to do well against the current meta.

2 v 1 top can completely zone top while being safe from the enemy jungle if one of the 2 is support. 2 burst champs can hold their own against a AD and a Support champ bottom. and Mid is mid.

Also very few games in non-ranked play have a jungler on both sides. If Riot would run some sort of limited time bonus IP special to encourage players who are scared of ranked to start playing ranked you would see the meta change.

TranscendentSon 01-10-2012 05:22 PM

i know a guy who only plays tanks and he can lane bot with me as a ranged ad carry (usually trist), it mostly consists of him stunning the squishier of the opponents and me killing it

Knowknothing 01-10-2012 10:12 PM

i have often beat those teams with a double ranged AD super-aggressive combo(ie caitlyn/sivir) especially for those who choose squishy supports like sona/soraka/janna..they get trampled all over very quickly and outlaned/pushed..the only time we die is when their jungler comes down and it becomes 3on2 without us having a ward-- ie first 5 minutes of the game..same with top lane when it is solo..if we go in there we take their 1st and 2nd turrets within 7-8 minutes of the game due to them being unable to stop us :)

hope this helps -- double ranged super aggressive AD(long as you know what youre doing at least)

WarlordMichael 01-10-2012 10:17 PM

the problem with breaking the meta is that normals arent balanced on skill at all (its completely random who you get queued against and with), so team comps that have sucess in normal might be completely stomped in ranked by equally skilled meta players.

RealizeRealLies 01-11-2012 12:48 AM

AD range and tank bot lane.

for example, cait and cho...since tanks usually need gold to be anything more than a waste of space, cho would get gp5 items (i usually get two) and take 2 caster minions each wave. generally at lvl 6 if cho can land a Q W R combo with cait following up with whatever necessary (probably a trap during the knock-up, then Q R), there is little/no chance of survival for the other guy. in addition, both these champs are great for long range harass and there is little the other guy can do about it.

i'm personally a big malphite fan, and i find he fills this role great considering if the other team has enough AD to make you choose malphite you will surely need the HoG for randuin anyway.

ANYWAY...tanks may lack the sustain of a support, but they usually have some sort of disable and deal tons more dmg than a support at a greater range. however you don't need nearly as much sustain with a meat shield around, but just in case summoner heal is viable now for that clutch 2hp save from the jungler lol.

Emperor Hick 01-11-2012 02:29 PM

I really hate when the other team doesn't have a jungler and you pick someone like riven for solo top. It just can't be done. Totally shuts top lane down. Ungankable basically because it would still only be a 2v2 and the laner is probably lower health from harrass. It i pick someone like yorick or cho for solo top bring it on.

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