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2LeftFeet 01-07-2012 11:11 PM

If I were king for a day...
I had a couple of suggestions and I realize a couple of these have been stated before:

1) Create an ARAM map; If I remember right, the tutorial map would be perfect for ARAM (5v5) and you could work in some stairs so no one could walk back and also remove the port to base option and set for other standard ARAM options. I think that could be a fun element to the game. Currently doing it the way it is done now you frequently run into people wanting to ruin it for everyone.

2) Reduce the surrender at 20 mins option when you have leavers...maybe reduce the requirement by 5 mins for every person that has been afk for longer than 5 minutes. I hate going the whole 20 with 1-2 leavers.

3) Dont allow the game to start if someone is afk and got randomed into their pick. If the person selects random than that is of course ok but again I keep running into people that get randomed and are not DC'ed and the game starts and the player never actually plays leaving us at a 4v5. Also, no one ever has a good feeling when someone doesnt intentially pick or say something in chat because you just dont know if that person is even going to play at all when it starts up and usually forces some innocent person to alt F4 out and suffer the time penalty.

4) I suspect most people hate any comparison to WoW but I did like one thing (ok a couple but will only list one)...I think when you are finished in the loading screen you should port to the store and much like in dominion or a BG in WoW you are stuck in place by some object and can start buying your items or researching in the store but can not advance into the map. Once everyone loads, drop the object keeping you at the store and the game starts like normal....it beats looking at the loading screen.

5) I'm all for you guys making a little money because that's what keeps the game alive....so I suggest that when new champions are released you can only buy them with RP for the first week than after 7 days they are able to be purchased with IP.

Just a couple suggestions to (in my opinion) improve the game.

Rokkye 01-08-2012 02:56 PM

so lets lvl up someone!

premade with 5, all leave but that one who will be lvl up, than he surrender

2LeftFeet 01-10-2012 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Rokkye (Hozzászólás 19463463)
so lets lvl up someone!

premade with 5, all leave but that one who will be lvl up, than he surrender

I sure that if a surrender vote comes in at under 20 mins that the xp / ip would be reduced in the same manner it is now with fast games (pro-rated). Also, those 4 people that left would be marked as leavers and accounts banned pretty quick, not sure that'd be worth the effort to keep re-creating accounts to "power-level" someone and in any case I'd like to think Riot has a means to flagged someone frequently in games like that.

I'm sure the people at Riot could come up with a smart way to do it.

IHeartARAM 08-16-2012 09:53 PM

Looks like 2 out of 5 have gone through...not bad

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