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Aria Sachou 12-28-2011 11:56 PM

Teemo and Sona Pair Story
I already have another thread about Morgana and Koggy
This thread is a fan story about where Teemo gets rejected by Tristana for being too timid and not enough Boom.
While Tristana goes off with Veigar.
Teemo, in his grief, wanders within earshot of Sona's practice...

Does anyone know how to turn the words TEEMO and Sona back to normal black?

The Furry Rejection
The corridor light was dim and the torches shimmered giving off a sense of warmth and quaintness. It was a holiday and Summoners as well as a few Champions. The League of Legends was a perfect place to interact and become intertwined with a loved one; or so Teemo thought.
“Yep today is the day!” Thought Teemo happily as he checked his outfit and combed his little furry face. “O I do hope Tristana will say yes.”
Of course Teemo was not gonna ask for marriage, but for a steady relationship. They have interacted and gone out on certain occasions, but never admitted to being girlfriend/boyfriends. This was Teemo’s chance to shine. Teemo saw a shadow approach.
“Right on time!” He thought as he hid a bouquet of flowers behind his back.
“Oh hi there Teemo.” Said Tristana as she walked towards him.
“H-..Hi Tristana.” Greeted Teemo nervously.
Despite being given the title of “Captain” and being a very skilled assassin (who excels in making Attack speed champions like Master Yi and Tryndamere cry), Teemo was at heart, still a maturing child. He had manners and skills no one else would have, but still he was timid and in a way desperate to confess to his loved one.
“Um… Tristana” said Teemo in an almost shivering tone of voice. Tristana frowned.
“Come on Teemo! Speak up! I can’t hear you!”
“Oh-“ reacted Teemo as he hesitated. There was an awkward silence but Teemo started to work up courage.
“Um…. You know we’ve been hanging out a lot recently.”
“Yes?” said Tristana as she folded her arms impatiently. Teemo paused for a bit, and took a breath.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Said Teemo in a half shout, and he presented the bouquet of flowers. He was proud of himself for finally bucking up, but his happiness was short-lived when he saw Tristana frown. The torchlight flicked for a moment as Teemo felt his world crash upon him. He struggled to keep himself from collapsing and the de-thorned roses he bought started to sting his hands. She looked depressed and then after a long pause she spoke.
“I’m sorry Teemo but No”
Teemo felt his heart sink,
“But why?” Teemo asked as tried his best not to cry.
“I’m sorry Teemo but you’re just not the right type of yordle for me.” Replied Tristana, she herself looked uneasy.
“But we hung out so much and, and-“
“Teemo!” interrupted Tristana, “We are almost opposite in our behaviour.” Teemo looked up and wondered.
“But we always went out with just the two of us. I thought you liked it.” Tristana stopped, and once again a long pause came.
“Teemo.” Said Tristana finally.
I’ve been seeing someone.”
“What?” cried Teemo, he felt shocked and betrayed. “Who? He said wondering, “Rumble?”
“No… Veigar.”
“Veigar?” said Teemo as he stood there shocked “But… he was a criminal, he even tried taking the mothership, and I had to stop him!”
“But he knows me so well!” blurted out Tristana, “Whenever I’m with you it’s all: Oh the code of honour, and what is right, and being subtle. I didn’t join the Megling commandos to be subtle! I wanted to shine, to be rebel and get more BOOM!”
Teemo looked down once more on the verge of tears; thankfully Tristana didn’t notice.
“Veigar knows me, and what I want! We go around blowing things up perfectly when in Summoners Rift. We understand each other and have a total blast doing it. But you… always seem to want to do things this way or that way, no spontaneous fun what so ever. I’ve always ignored the media’s questions about us being in love because I didn’t believe in it, and now I’m sure Veigar can bring me happiness.”
Teemo was absolutely devastated. But the worst was yet to come.
“Teemo?” said Tristana… Teemo didn’t answer.
Sigh* “I don’t think we can see each other outside the League anymore”
The words hit Teemo like an overly fed Tryndamere crit.
“Veigar doesn’t associate with yordle officials other than me, not to mention if a captain like you tolerated his presence, it would ruin your reputation… I’ve sorry Teemo.” Tristana wanted to console him but she could not think of anything else to say…
“Goodbye.” She said abruptly and she hurried down the corridor.
As soon as Tristana disappeared from Teemo’s view, he dropped the flowers and bolted. He was out of the corridor before the bouquet even hit the floor.


Scurrying as fast as he could Teemo just wanted to leave the premises. Every step he took was silent and undetectable, but he heard every one as a pound on his entire being. Tristana’s words echoed in his mind and scarred his heart.
“Opposite in behaviour-Knows what I want-Not the right type of yordle-don’t think we can see each other-Goodbye.”
Tears were rolling down his furry cheeks as he silently sobbed to himself, they soon flew away from at the speed he was moving but the sadness lingered like a musky haze. He bolted through the Champion quarters, the lights that were shining from the crystals that emitted from them flashed past him like a train going through a dark tunnel. But then a sweet sound reached his ears. His patter of feet slowed and he looked to forward to his left. As he wiped the flowing tears from his eyes he slowly moved forward. The grief now set into his legs and it became a burden to lift them and move forward, but the sound emitting from the chamber seemed to sooth the grief and lighten the load.
Teemo reached the door and peered through.
A beautiful maiden with gorgeous blue hair was sitting on a small chair and slowly plucked at a peculiar instrument. Her dress seemed to float in the air and her hair shimmered in her own breath-taking aura. The song that she played was as beautiful as the being performing it. Teemo stared at her and listened… Slowly, Teemo recognized the song; it was a song of love, which was played during a Champions banquet where Tristana and Teemo first danced together. It was one of Teemo’s happiest moments in the League.
The beautiful walls and the golden decoration gleamed brightly in his memories, and then the image set upon Tristana’s smiling face. The memory started to melt as Tristana’s own melting face started to repeat. “We can’t see each other anymore. Goodbye. We can’t see each other anymore. Goodbye. We can’t see each other anymore. Goodbye. We can’t see each other anymore. Goodbye.”
“O dear God…” Thought Teemo as his tears started streaming down, and he held his hands up to his face.
The music stopped. Teemo looked up to see Sona looking back at his grief ridden face. She held a hand up to her worried face. They looked into each other’s eyes for a brief second. Sona started to stand, and Teemo disappeared from sight.
“Run,” Teemo thought to himself, “Leave, and Go away, I have lost the reason to be here.” He ran as fast as he could through the empty halls.
“She has Veigar now,” he whispered to himself and soon he reached the golden entrance way.
Just as the gates automatically swung open for him, Teemo had a brief flashback.
“Hey Tristana, are you sure you want to be… here?” Said Teemo as they walked up the stairs outside the Institute.
It was a bright sunny day and the two yordles were outside the League, they were not League Champions yet, but because of a soon to come decision they would be.
“Of course,” She replied as she gazed upon the large gates. “Someday I’ll make a big boom and show everyone what I can do!” She looked back and saw Teemo standing hesitant behind at the bottom of the stairs.
“Worried?” Tristana said as she walked down to him.
“Yea… Kinda, I’m not sure I can be with those strong champions like you.” Teemo put his hands together and he seemed to shrink in hesitance.
Tristana clasped his hands with hers and said
“Teemo, I’m sure you can do it, we’ve worked together for so long, I know you can!”
Teemo smiled at the compliment.
“Plus Captain Teemo has to protect his pretty companion Tristana righhhtt? Teased Tristana, and Teemo blushed.
“I’ll try…” Said Teemo.
“Don’t worry Teemo!” Assured Tristana and she gave him a hug “You said it earlier today right? You’re only going to the League because of me. I need you to protect me! And because of that; I’ll stay by your side all the way!”
The last sentence boomed in his chest “I’ll stay by your side all the way!” “I’ll stay by your side all the way!” “I’ll stay by your side all the way!” “I’ll stay by your side all the way!”


“Liar.” He cried as he burst through the gates into the heavy rain.
“The rain drops pelted him like diamond shards.
Teemo’s feet gave away and he fell down the stairs and hit the ground.
All one could see was a tiny wet ball of fur sobbing at the bottom of the stairs, in the exact same place Tristana made the promise.
It was painful, and cold, but the rain wasn’t the cause of it. Teemo was hurt and on the ground sobbing.
“You’re a liar! A big mean liar!” *sobsobsob*
Tristana was the reason Teemo went so far as to join the League in the first place. Bandle City may have chosen him, but he chose Tristana. And now…
“She doesn’t need me to protect her anymore. She has someone else now. And now… *Sob* I can’t even be with her anymore *Wahhhhhhhhhhhh*.”
Teemo started bawling, his emotions that he kept inside him for so many years finally burst out. Teemo cried, and cried, and cried, and finally he quieted down.
It was cold, and his body was in pain.
“If the other champions saw me like this what would they think of me… What if she saw me…” Teemo thought to himself “It doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever happens to me doesn’t matter; I’ve lost the reason to be here… I’ll quit tomorrow and go back home… For now… Just let me sleep.”
Teemo’s vision started to blur. His body felt tired, and refused to move.
But just as he blacked out, he felt his body being lifted from the ground by a warm pair of gentle hands.

Painfull awakening

Slowly, Teemo’s mind started to pull itself together, and like a good little scout, Teemo was awake within seconds. But something he didn’t switch on like he usually did. Teemo didn’t look forward to the day and didn’t have any hopes. He was going to start his resignation letter today.
Teemo then realized that he was in a very peculiar environment. He was tucked under a very splendid looking blanket, and lying on a bed suited for a human. The room smelled of home and there was a table with assortments of female accessories. Beside that table was the peculiar instrument known as the Etwahl. Teemo froze. That was Sona’s instrument. There were two doorways, one was no doubt the exit and the other was towards another room similar to this but bustling with activity.
“Oh my… what’s going on…” Thought Teemo as he started to remember his blackout and…
“O yea… I got rejected…” Teemo sighed. And he hopped out of the tall bed.
“Owwww…” Teemo looked at his body; there were bandages all over them. His knees were wrapped up and hurt when he put pressure on them, and his hands were also covered in bandages.
“Oh… I feel down the stairs.” Teemo was in a bit of pain but he felt even more horrible when he thought about it.
“Great, I was a burden even to another champion… I better leave before I cause any further trouble.” Thought Teemo as he walked toward the door. Just as he was getting ready to leap for the handle a voice spoke out in his head.
“Wait! Stay a while!”
Alarmed, Teemo turned around to see Sona standing at the other doorway. She had a tray laden with food and looked at him, worried.
“Oh... Hi Sona… Thanks for helping me…” Said Teemo, He felt ashamed that a League Champion would have to burden another like this. “It’s ok I’ll just get out of your way. Sorry for bothering you.” Teemo started to reach for the door handle. His legs and hands ached and throbbed but he did not want to show it by wincing.
“I know you’re in pain.” Said the voice in his head. Teemo remembered that Sona communicated with her thoughts as she was mute. He turned around.
“It’s nothing.” He said with a weak smile, “I still have things to do and I don’t want to bother you.”
Teemo reached for the door handle again.
“O dear…” Thought Sona “His wounds haven’t healed yet, I need a way to make him stay longer.”
Teemo heard Sona in his head again,
“Surely the captain wouldn’t an invitation to side down from a fair lady?” Teemo stopped, he paused and sighed. Slowly he returned to the bed side and tried to get back on. But when he tried, his legs shot with pain and he fell down.
Teemo opened his eyes and he was once more on Sona’s bed. She had been spoon feeding him the soup she made. It tasted heavenly.
“Are you feeling alright?” Sona started saying in Teemo’s head. She inspected the wounds. When She touched them Teemo winced.
“No…” lied Teemo.
“It’s okay. To feel pain is normal.”
“A Captain isn’t supposed to though.” Sniffed Teemo.
“He’s just like a child.” Thought Sona as she resumed feeding him. Teemo tried to hold the saucer to feed himself but Sona pulled away.
“I can do it myself.” Said Teemo as he blushed.
“Not with those hands” Replied Sona. Teemo looked down at his bandaged hands.
“Why do you refuse my help?” Asked Sona as she fluffed Teemos pillow. Teemo paused and looked down.
“Because I’m a big yordle now.”
Sona looked at him. She was genuinely worried about the little Yordle lying near helpless in her bed.
“But it is considered normal to request help from time to time.”
“No…” Said Teemo in a small voice.
“Explain please. In your condition you are barely even capable of feeding yourself. You fell from stairs that were four stories high.”
“A scout does not cry,” Began Teemo, He sounded childish and on the verge of tears. Sona had no idea what Teemo was crying about but she felt a deep scarring in Teemo’s mind.
“A scout does not get hurt” Teemo’s head started to sink and he started to shake. He was thinking of Tristana.
“A scout does not cry…” Teemo’s eyes started flowing with tears. Then without warning Teemo was bawling.
“Wahhhhhhhhhhhh” Teemo bawled like a child. A rejection from Tristana was hurtful. But forcing a promise no different than a restraining order was finally enough to make Captain Teemo revert to his original child-like personality. Teemo was scared, hurt, and in his own mind hopeless. The tears kept flowing down his cheeks and no matter how hard he tried to hold them back it just kept running down.
Teemo felt arms and hands wrapping around him, and he looked up to see Sona pulling him towards her and giving him a full hug. She pushed his head against her chest. Teemo was frozen in shock and was nearing a nosebleed.
“Wait- Sona-” squeaked Teemo and started struggling
“Just Listen.” Commanded Sona, as she laid her face against the top of Teemo’s furry head. “And close your eyes.” Teemo stopped squirming and did as he was instructed to, tears were still rolling down his eyes, but they gradually stopped.
“Do you hear that Teemo?” asked Sona as she continued to hold him. There was a slow, but strong beat.
“Yes” replied Teemo, “It’s your heart.” Sona smiled as she kept nuzzling Teemo’s head, He like the feeling.
“You have one too don’t you?” said Sona.
“Teemo, having a heart means one will have feelings, and from those feelings one will occasionally get hurt by the obstacles in life. Getting hurt simply means that you have a heart.”
Teemo looked up to with tear-stained eyes, and Sona started to run her fingers through his hair while continuing to speak.
“Within that heart is courage, kindness, generosity, and love, which I know you still have lots of. When you get hurt all you need to do is get over that hurdle and keep looking forward, because that’s what life is about.”
Teemo sniffed, and smiled up at Sona.
“Of course,” Began Sona, “Having friends to help you over that hurdle can be beneficial too!” Sona started to tickle Teemo and he began giggling and squirming likes a child.
With dinner finished Teemo laid in bed with Sona holding him like a Teddy bear. It was nearing night time.
“Thank you for the help Sona, but you don’t have to let me stay overnight.” Said Teemo as he moved to get out of bed.
Sona stopped him before he hurt himself.
“What kind of hostess lets her guest go home with injuries?” said Sona as she tucked him back into bed with her.
Just as they got settled down to bed Teemo asked Sona “Um Sona?”
Teemo hesitated but after a pause he spoke “I’m gonna do something tomorrow and I need your thoughts.”
“What is it?”
Teemo put his head close to hers and whispered in her ear. He pulled back.
For a few seconds Sona looked crestfallen, but she slowly smiled and said,
“If it is your wish,”
Teemo smiled,
“But I have one request” said Sona. “Will you approve?”
“Anything” said Teemo, “What is it?”
“I will tell you when you finish your task. For now let’s sleep.”
“O-*Yawn* Okies” Said Teemo as he smiled at Sona. Sona turned to blow out the candle.
“… Thank you.”
Teemo fell asleep
Sona smiled and kissed him on the foreheard.
“You’re welcome” and she blew out the candle.


The corridor was dimly light as Teemo scurried down the hall carrying a sealed envelope in his paws. He was looking for a certain High Councillor by the name of Vessaria Kolminye. Out of all the Councillors she was more insightful on certain matters. He was hoping that she would let him have his way without much trouble. He pattered down the golden tiles and finally arrived at a large gate-like door.
*Sigh* Teemo pat his cheeks with both hands.
“I can do this!” Teemo knocked with his furry little paw and there was a tiny “tink, tink.” At first Teemo thought she didn’t hear the knock, but then the gates parted silently.
The room that was revealed was magnificent. It was circular and seemed to shine with brilliance. There was a large chandelier made up of crystals that shone with gold light, the tiles on the floor also reflected the light. And bookshelves lined the walls. There were also orbs of light and metal contraptions here and there that moved and spun on their own. Vessaria sat in the middle of the room beside a small table sipping a cup of tea. She was a beautiful woman but Teemo already had someone growing in his heart. As magnificent as Vessaria’s quarters was, Teemo still preferred to be in Sona’s room. It was quaint and cosy, it smelled heavenly and there was always a lovely person there to greet him and share his heart.
Nevertheless Teemo walked in.
“Greetings Swift Scout, I’ve been waiting.”
“Oh… Um…” Teemo remembered that he needed to speak up more. “Hi!” he said as stood there with the letter behind his back.
“Come.” Said Vessaria, “Sit with me.”
“Ok.” Teemo tucked the letter in his backpack and scurried onto a chair. Vessaria poured him a cup of tea.
“I know why you came.” Began Vessaria.
“You do?” Said Teemo. “Well then this should go smoother then I thought. Thank you for understanding.” Teemo started to pull the letter out of his pocket.
Vessaria smiled, “Of course! You’re looking for a boost on the battlefield. Well then let’s get started! Which artifact do you need?”
Teemo stopped, after a pause he held back his timid urges to go along with Vessaria and pulled out the letter.
“Well” Continued Vessaria, not noticing the letter, “We have some armour that partially reflects dark matter, we can also let you replace your usual clothing with a Null-Mantle or better yet a Negatron Cloak.”
“Huh?” Thought Teemo as he still held the letter.
“But would you like something to increase the potency of that blowgun of yours? I’m sure the Hextech scientists can figure something out.” Vessaria noticed the list.
“What’s this?” She said as she approached Teemo, He held out the letter with both arms outstretched. He looked like a cute little child giving a wish list to his mother.
“Oh! You made a list” Said Vessaria,
“Oh oh thought Teemo, as he opened his mouth to explain.
“Good boy!” Said Vessaria as she patted him on his head, “This will make things much easier.”
Teemo’s Timid feeling came back and he shrank back into his chair. Vessaria opened the letter and began reading it… She froze.
“Teemo… What?... Why?”
“I’m sorry,” Said Teemo “I have no purpose here now.”
“Of course you do!” Said Vessaria as she kneeled down in front of him. It was like a teacher trying to console her hurt student. “You’re the swift scout! You’re a captain! You can’t get let down just because you got dumped.”
“I know but- Wait what? How did you know?!” Exclaimed Teemo as he blushed madly.
Vessaria giggled when she saw Teemo’s childlike reaction. She recomposed herself and then she frowned.
“Veigar likes to boost.”
“Oh…” Well now Teemo knows why Vessaria kept suggesting items that provided Magic resist. “Well, who else knows?”
“Most of the High Council and all the Champions…” Said Vessaria, “With the exception of Mundo… Mundo is as oblivious as he pleases.”
“Oh…” Teemo felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper into the chair, but then an image of the lady that shared her heart with him came into his mind and his own heart was uplifted.
“It’s okay.” Said Teemo as he smiled, “I still have to go nevertheless.”
“But of course not!” Said Vessaria as she tried to cheer him up, “We still need you!”
“Really?” Said Teemo, “Are you a hundred percent sure about that?”
“Yes.” Stated Vessaria.
“Then how come I never get picked by high ranking Summoners?”
“How come when I do get picked it is always by a smurf or some beginner Summoner who wanted to battle with me because I was cute? Then only to find out I can barely do anything other than to annoy other champions with shrooms!”
“Those shrooms are pretty deadly.”
“But almost all the summoners never want to associate with me because they realize I can’t do anything! My blowgun doesn’t go far enough, my poison barely hurts anyone, and my dart is only useful against less than 20% of the champions I fight against! Not to mention almost every time I go into a bush to plant a mushroom I meet Demacian Roflcopter!”
Teemo sighed, and Vessaria could not think of anything to say.
“I just have to face the truth; I can’t do anything useful to my team unless I’m against people who build Attack damage on Soroka-”
“Actually,” Began Vessaria, “Attack damage Soroka can be deadly-”Teemo starred at her with a raised brow, and she stopped.
“Teemo what about all the help you gave us when you are in the Institute?” Said Vessaria, “We always love it when you take so much time to helped us.”
“I have that much time because no one summons me.” Said Teemo bluntly.
“You mean,” Said Vessaria as she looked slightly down, “You didn’t help us because you wanted to? But was bored?”
“No! Of course not! Said Teemo as he pipped up, “I love helping others!”
Vessaria smiled.
“So will you stay?”
Teemo stopped and looked down again.
Vessaria sighed. “Are you really sure about this Teemo?”
“Tristana doesn’t need me anymore, and I’m just a liability to her and whoever I team up with.” Said Teemo, “I don’t want to drag her down. Veigar will probably be able to help her much better than I can.”
There was a long pause between the two. The room was still animate with orbs of light and metal contraption, but the two beings in the middle of the room were motionless.
“Ok.” Said Vessaria as she smiled weakly. “Do what you please.”
“I’m not Mundo.” Said Teemo jokingly as he smiled back, and Vessaria chuckled.
“Promise me you will come back to visit your friends as much as you can.”
“I’m sure that lovely lady you spent the night with would want you back.” Whispered Vessaria as she looked at him slyly.
“Wha!?” Teemo exclaimed again, “Does everyone know about that too? We didn’t do anything we just hugged and slept!”
“No one but me you and Sona knows.” Assured Vessaria. I was surveillancing the League grounds when the institute sensors barely picked up a target moving at incredible speeds (Teemo blushed at the compliment), rocketed off the stairs. Then as I was going to call for help and go get you I saw Sona come pick you up. She carried you into her quarters and that was it.”
“Phew!” Teemo felt relieved.
“Well,” Said Vessaria slightly crestfallen, “I’ll get to work on the resignation. I should have it down by tonight.”
“Ok.” Teemo hopped off the chair and moved towards the door. Vessaria looked at him like a worried mother. She turned to start on the paper work.
Just as Teemo walked out of the closing gates, Vessaria heard a very small but sincere voice.
“Thank you for everything."
She smiled.

The Departure

Teemo walked down the main halls towards the entrance of the League. Summoners and Champions gathered as he moved towards the main gate.
Almost all the champions were there, except Mundo (Oblivious). Tristana and Veigar were together at around the end of the hall near the exit. Tristana looked crestfallen and nervous, Veigar looked like he had just won the lottery.
Teemo saw out of the corner of his eyes that Sona was standing at around the back of the crowd looking at him.
He had once again spent the night with her as she comforted him. He was crying again but with Sona close to him he managed to overcome his fears, worries, and distress. Because of Sona’s love, he could walk down the hall under the presence of almost all the League Champs without much fear.
Tryndamere, Olaf, Swain, as well as a few other notorious champions were standing in the front of the lines.
As he walked past them he heard them whispering to each other.
“Just because he got rejected,”
“Well at least I won’t have to deal with missing my shots anymore, just Heimerdinger: Hah!”
“With that tiny girth of his he wouldn’t measure up to anything anyways, less annoyance for us!”
“No more useless feed.”
“Hasn’t even lost the ability to walk let alone talk, and he is already asking for relief.”
They hurt…
“Well,” though Teemo as he got closer and closer to the exit “At least I’m doing the right thing by leaving.”
The champions barely knew Teemo because he was rarely summoned. His influence in the League was nearing the lowest of the low, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.
He felt tears slowly swell up and roll down his eyes.
Slowly and slowly he got closer to the light outside the gates, but then they were blocked.
Teemo looked up and a gentle hand started wiping away his tears.
Sona was knelt down in front of him as she kept drying up his little tears. She smiled at him.
The crowd watched in a stunned silence; the two champions were never known to have connections. Champions that made fun of him were now gaping at the couple, and Tristana was wide-eye and had her hands covering her mouth.
Veigar looked like he just got permanently silenced.
“My request.” Stated a voice that was recognized as Sona’s spoke in Teemo’s head.
Teemo remembered that Sona wanted him for keep a promise the moment he was going making his choice.
“Anything” said Teemo as he looked deep into her eyes. They both smiled and Sona made her wish.
“Come see me as much as you can, keep yourself safe, Never forget me, and once last thing.”
Teemo waited and listened, the hall was watching, no one dared to move a muscle.

Sona started moving her lips.

“I love you.”

With both hands on Teemo’s cheeks Sona bend forward and gave Teemo a full kiss on the lips. The crowd behind them gasped, shocked at Sona’s actions.
With her eyes closed and lips firmly planted against Teemo’s, she held him tight. Teemo saw tears rolling down her eyes. With his heart beating madly he kissed and held her back. The feeling ran through his entire body, ridding it of all the pain and stress lodged inside.
Teemo closed his eyes, He was happy, and in love.

After a pause Sona slowly pulled back.
Teemo reached up with his hands and wiped the tears off her face.
“I promise.” He said as he smiled at her. Sona smiled back and they both looked to the light outside the League gates. Sona gave Teemo a little nudge forward.
“You’re over one hurdle, now to go confront the next.”
Teemo smiled and walked outside where he was greeted by Vessaria and a Magic-drawn carriage. Sona and the rest of the crowd followed.
“This carriage will take you where ever you please, as far as it is allowed.” Said Vessaria formally as Teemo got into the cart, ”Where would you like to go Swift Scout?”
Teemo smiled and looked back at the crowd. Sona stood in front looking at him with affection, she then put one finger on her Etwahl and sent single musical note which struck Teemo square in his chest. He felt reassured as Sona’s presence placed itself within his own.
He grinned and stated his destination.
“To Icathia.”
The High Counciler and Sona smiled as the rest of the crowd exclaimed in shock.
“Why? How is he?-”
“Why there? What does he want there?”
Teemo smiled and the carriage began move.
Just as the carriage was about to blaze off into the distance Teemo heard a Gentleman’s voice send him off.
I hope you have a fulfilling trip my dear boy!”
With that Teemo disappeared into the distance.

Magister Gir 12-29-2011 12:13 AM

hmm this seems like an interesting story to be honest..... but I'm not sure of the pairings, Teemo and Sona, but you made me believe in Koggy and Morgana so I say give it all that you've got and I look forward to the read ^_^

GypsyReborn 12-29-2011 06:12 PM

tristana and veigar?! IMPOSSIBRU!!!

but srsly sona + teemo? meh.... shes floating 100% of the time so teeemo just HAPPENS to wander underneath her.

Magister Gir 12-29-2011 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by GypsyReborn (Hozzászólás 19105715)
tristana and veigar?! IMPOSSIBRU!!!

but srsly sona + teemo? meh.... shes floating 100% of the time so teeemo just HAPPENS to wander underneath her.

no no no not wander underneath *stands still turns invisible, Sona floats over there's a bloody mass of blood but no body then Sona turns around and thinks it's vlad for ever swearing vengeance on the field for this humility and Teemo was found dead a day later by a hungry Kog'maw... needless to say there was no body*

Aria Sachou 12-29-2011 09:21 PM

First few chapters are out!
I'll be writing both Kog/Morg and Teemo/Sona Stories.

Magister Gir 12-29-2011 09:39 PM

hmm so far so good and I'm interested in this story but I still hold my opinions upon Sona and Teemo hmm I guess I'll have to wait and see to the very end! *es excited for next ch.*

Aria Sachou 12-30-2011 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Magister Gir (Hozzászólás 19113005)
hmm so far so good and I'm interested in this story but I still hold my opinions upon Sona and Teemo hmm I guess I'll have to wait and see to the very end! *es excited for next ch.*

Almost out! Finishing the touches for maximum drama and cuddles



Teemo’s little feet scurried across the desert sand dunes. He had to hurry his steps or he might risk falling into a mass of quick sand, which was frequent this deep into the desert.
As a scout Captain Teemo always prepared the right things for the right environment; Head coverings, sufficient water, dried food, his blowgun, darts, and a very large amount of Mushrooms. Both to eat, and for… other uses. Of course along with the basics he was told by his benefactor to bring a few more things. A cloak that was provided for Teemo, as well as a small letter sealed with glowing wax. He was told that these were two things that were needed.
“One to be a part of you, the other to let you through.” As the benefactor has said.
The carriage stopped after arriving at the entrance of the Shurima desert. The rest of the trip had to be carried out on foot.
“I’ve been gone for about two days now,” Thought Teemo as he scampered over the sand dunes, “I wonder if Sona’s doing alright.”
Teemo continued to travel, the searing heat of the Shurima sun was blocked by the cloak, he was glad he brought it.
Days passed as Teemo continued to journey through the harsh land. He passed the Floating Pyramids, and ever so further, but he never seemed to reach his goal.
Teemo was out of food, and had very little water.
But he kept walking, his mind thinking about the one waiting for him back at the League, and that alone kept him moving. He had to go back, he promised, and what scout Captain Breaks his promise?
Sona floated down the halls of the League Institute. She just received a request from the high councillor to play at the Champion’s Social Banquet and was on her way to meet with the organizers of the banquet. She needed to know where she had to play, and what type of music the people wanted.
But Sona’s mind was in a state of worry, both for herself and Teemo. She feared that Teemo might run into trouble and get hurt. And she also had to worry about the suitors. News had spread quickly that Sona accepted a companion, and that the companion had left. As a result, noblemen, young and old, from Demacia and Noxus sent letters to seek an audience with her. Sona did not know what to do.
She had begun filling her schedules with Champion “meetings”. Morgana and Kog’maw already agreed to help hide her if need be, and Gentlemen Cho’gath promised to drive the nobles off and provide Sona with lodgings as well.
All she was worried about now, was how Teemo was faring, and how father time would treat their fate.
Teemo was out of food and short on water. It has been almost a week since his departure, and his benefactor seemed to have betrayed him. He brought his supplies in the amount that he was instructed to bring, he took the road that he was instructed to take, and now he was lost in the middle of a sandy ocean.
Thirst became weakness, and weakness became fear, and fear became hate.
“Why doesn’t anyone one help me!”
Teemo’s voice echoed out as he screamed out helplessness.
“Left by the one he loved, shunned by his colleagues for being so weak and finally tricked to go onto a blazing death trap that was the Shurima desert.”
His legs collapsed on him and he fell onto the crackling sand. His fur singed as it made contact with the searing sand.
“I’m sorry Sona.”
Teemo’s body seared with the heat. The cloak stopped working and almost seemed to sink into his skin. The sand began to drag him under, and his body felt like it turned into dust.
Just as his eyes faded out, a shadow blotted out the heat.
“Life is part of a cycle; yours must continue.”


Teemo’s vision slowly returned in a blurry haze. He was lying on a softly padded cotton sheet that was spread over sandstone.
Teemo looked up and found himself in a well-light room. The room was relatively large, with torches on the walls. Teemo sat up and saw a plate of food, and-
“Water!” Teemo squeaked with joy, and he dunked his head in the bucket that held the water. The coolness flowed through his body and the memory of the searing heat washed away with his thirst.
He then turned his sights on the plate. It had an oddly shaped piece of bread.
Teemo hesitated, although he was hungry, it looked quite odd. It was lumpy, and oddly coloured
“That is pita bread.” Said a voice behind him.
Teemo whirled around.
Standing at the doorway of the massive sand stone room was a tall being. It had brown skin, and it wearing a golden chest plate around its neck, it was holding a green bird shaped staff, and its own face was of a canine.
Teemo recognized him when he saw him occasionally in Summoner’s rift. He was always at the top lane hitting things with that glowing stick of his. While it seemed funny at first, Teemo soon found out the value and devestation the staff could inflict when he once saw Nasus blow away a golem in one hit.
“Pita bread,” Continued Nasus, “is a staple source of food for the people of my dimension. It is filling and contains the many nutrients needed to replenish a body, especially on that have been out in the desert for too long.”
Teemo slowly nodded and took the bread.
“Although the bread sometimes contains rocks from the grinding stone needed to make the-“
Too late.
“Oww” whimpered Teemo as he picked a stone out of his mouth, “My teeth.”
“My apologies, I should have informed you.”
Teemo looked up at Nasus and then around the room.
“So you found me half dead in the desert huh?” Teemo felt so helpless and weak. Even his Scouting Captain skills seem to have failed him when almost everyone else he trusted did.
“Yes, I found you struggling in under the heat of the Sun.” Said Nasus, “But you have made it on time.”
“On time?” Said Teemo, he didn’t understand what Nasus had met.
“Wasn’t I supposed to go to Icathia?” Asked Teemo.
“Your benefactor sent you on purpose,” Explain Nasus, “There is something here that you must first obtain and realize before you continue.”
“Oh.” Teemo realized that his benefactor did not believe he was ready yet. He ached to move onward.
“You seek power do you not?” asked Nasus. Teemo nodded.
“I cannot grant you power.” Said Nasus and the flames of the torches went out.
The room went dark as Teemo’s eyes widened.
“But then why am I here?”
“I cannot give you what your heart desires.” Stated Nasus.
Teemo looked down at his hands. He remembered all the times he lost to his fellow champions. His failures within and outside the arenas of the League.
How Tristana refused him, how every battle he would hinder his team and receive the blame, how no matter how much he tried, he could not overcome the obstacle that was his own being.
Teemo’s inner conscience started to burn and smolder with hate. Hate for everyone, and for his own weakness.
But then an image emerged from his heart.
It was Sona and himself lying in bed. They were talking and laughing with each other. Teemo smiled and giggled when she held him tight, and they both feel asleep in each other’s arms.
Teemo looked up at Nasus through the blackness.
“My heart has what it desires.”
The torches started to flicker
“Guide me to what it requires.”
The torches burst into flames, and Nasus grinned.
“You have passed.”

The Scale

Teemo and Nasus made their way through tall sandstone corridors. Teemo scurried after Nasus trying to keep up with his long strides.
Along the walls were pictures and markings, depicting the past events of the Shurima desert.
There were pictures of humans who bore the heads of animals, and held rods of symbolic power. Just like Nasus.
After what seemed like an eternity, they finally arrived at a large chamber.
Unlike the other rooms and corridors, this one was well lit. Torches lined the walls the polished sandstone seemed to reflect every flicker of the torch flames.
At the center of the room was a large golden scale. It was around the size of Nasus, and the plates seemed the perfect size for humans and yordles alike.
“Here,” Said Nasus, “Will be your gateway.” He motioned towards one end of the scale.
“The scale weighs the deeds of the soul, against the morals of this plane. It is also known as the Weighing of the Heart.
Nasus pointed at one end of the scale, it held a feather.
“If your heart is balanced with the feather, then you may journey on towards the afterlife, or in this case, gain what you seek.”
Teemo starred at the feather, “How am I supposed to weigh the exact same as a feather?”
“If your heart is out of balance,” Continued Nasus as if he did not hear Teemo, “then you will not be worthy of the afterlife, or what you seek.”
Nasus beckoned Teemo towards the empty plate of the scale.
“I can’t be perfectly balanced with a feather!” Protested Teemo, he felt as if the world was turning against him once more.
“The feather weighs your deeds, how you have lived your life, your morals.”
Teemo hesitated, He remembered his fellow scouts often whispering of Teemo’s “Other Side”, the side that was the cold killer that Teemo was originally famous for. He never remembered much of the missions where he mercilessly slaughtered his targets, but he knew they were committed by him when he grew aware if himself standing in the midst of a fresh death spree.
Teemo sighed and moved towards the plate.
“Let’s just get this over with.” Teemo knew he was not going to pass.
Teemo lifted himself onto the scale and sat motionless.
Slowly the scale started to teeter, Teemo was lifted up, then down, then back up, and once more back down.
Then to Teemo’s surprise, it grew to a slow stop: perfectly balanced with the feather.
Teemo was bewildered and overjoyed, he passed!
But as rapidly as his victory came, it left.
The scale started to heave rapidly up and down, the plates chattered as they were lifted up and down.
Teemo started to sweat, what was going on?
The scale settled down, resuming a perfectly balanced position, but then it started to teeter once again.
Teemo hopped off the scale, and the scales instantly stopped moving.
He looked back at Nasus.
Nasus stood motionless in front of the scale, analyzing the situation he just witnessed. Slowly he turned his head towards Teemo.
Teemo shrank under his gaze.
“As we predicted.” Said Nasus, and slowly he left the room.

Magister Gir 12-30-2011 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by Aria Sachou (Hozzászólás 19144176)
Almost out! Finishing the touches for maximum drama and cuddles

HURRY!!!!!!! I'm gone in 2 and a half days!!!!

Aria Sachou 12-30-2011 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by Magister Gir (Hozzászólás 19145021)
HURRY!!!!!!! I'm gone in 2 and a half days!!!!

? Where are you going? lol Back to your university? Wouldn't you have your own comp there? I'm writing from my laptop lol

FelixKam 12-31-2011 04:48 PM

Nah, shes getting shipped into the military. Or at least that's what I believe.

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