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Scottie Works 12-25-2011 07:15 AM

My League Of Legend Fanarts [with Sexy Pics ;)]
7 Attachment(s)
First 3 drawn and colored through MS Paint. :3

Caitlyn hand drawn, edited and colored via Photoshop.

Last 3 hand drawn. :P

Scottie Works 12-25-2011 07:48 PM


MrTacoNinja 12-25-2011 11:12 PM


Dakili 12-26-2011 11:12 PM

**** you got some skills even in Ms paint!!! Love the MF :P

Samiam22 12-27-2011 12:45 AM

Dat Sona.

Scottie Works 12-27-2011 07:08 PM

Thank you for the kind comments!

I'm planning to draw the sexy versions of the following:
Talon, Garen, Katarina, Caitlyn and Jarvan IV

Please keep the comments coming! :3

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